AST 2175 - You have no right to talk. Kill

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2175 - You have no right to talk. Kill

The Nine-Headed Mystic Snake was a clan, but not every Nine-Headed Mystic Snake was born that way. Instead, the increase in strength that they had would correlate with an increase in intelligence. They were only considered to be truly strong when they had nine heads, after which the number of heads they had no longer increased. However, the strength and size of their existing heads would still change. Therefore, the ones that were truly dangerous were the ones with different sized heads.

The males with those charming eyes stared for a while before saying: “You guys killed my people and took over their land.”

His voice wasn’t charming. It also wasn’t masculine but instead, a little feminine and yet still had a certain strength to it, so it wasn’t hard to hear. This man had kept his gaze on Qing Shui the entire time.

“Then they should have died,” Qing Shui’s voice rang out.

When the man heard what Qing Shui had said, he furrowed his brow, this was the first time that he really took a good look at Qing Shui, and did so curiously: “Who are you to say such things?”

“A stupid idiot!”

Qing Shui said this without thinking. This guy was taking himself too seriously, thinking that he wouldn’t have the authority to speak like this.

“What did you say?” the man looked up at Qing Shui with his furrowed head.

“I said that I was a stupid idiot. What do you mean I don’t have the license to speak? In my eyes, you’re just a piece of garbage, neither a man nor a woman.” Qing Shui said with a wry smile.

“You dare call me an idiot, as well as insult my humanity? Then you deserve to die. Don’t you know who I am? Insufferable child, you will die a painful death.” The man screamed angrily.

Qing Shui looked at this young man, seeing that what he had said struck a wrong nerve, or that he didn’t want to show any vulnerability in front of the women. This was a fault that made him really easy to provoke.

“I don’t care who you are, but I advise you to get out of my sight. Otherwise, this little paradise you call life will no longer exist.” Qing Shui said without backing down.

The man before got mad once again. Qing Shui already knew that he was easy to provoke, and deduced that he was one of the princes of the Water Dragon Gate. The Golden Battle King Crab should be one of his people.

“Haha, there is no one who would dare say things like this to us in the Beiyun River. You clueless fool, I will not only kill you but I will even make you become my toys and make you wish for death every day!” The man’s face showed a glint of sadistic intentions.

“If you’re looking to die, you’re not the first to come to my woman to do so. Everyone that has come before has died, and so will you,” Qing Shui threatened as he reached in front of his body with a palm, straight into one of the deep parts of the body.


A large sound rang out and Qing Shui used his Dragon-capturing Hands to catch the neck of this young man, who could do nothing to escape no matter how much he resisted.

“You… release me! Otherwise, I will kill all of you.”

Pa pa pa!

Qing Shui then slapped his face three times, immediately beating his teeth out, and his face into one of a pig’s.

“You dare hit me?” The man said, scrounging for any pride he could still have.

“Release my lord or the Water Dragon Gate won’t let you go.”

“Please let my lord go, you unknowing person.”

“We are of the Nine-Headed Mystic Snakes of the Water Dragon Gate. Anyone who hurts my lord will be killed.”

Once they saw their lord being seized, the facial expression on the rest of them changed. Even if their lord died, they could stand there, terrified.

“I said that you were an idiot, and you still said otherwise, and even threatened me.” Qing Shui rose his leg and kicked the man’s leg.


His bones cracked under the pressure, and he shrieked at the same time.

“My leg! How dare you break my leg?! I will break your legs. Mark my words!” The man was angry, seeing how their lord was being bullied.


Qing Shui then shattered the man’s other leg, “Now do you know where you’re wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have gone after your women.” The man finally became soft, knowing that this was someone he shouldn’t mess with. Even though he had brought out the Water Dragon Gate, there was no effect. He also didn’t want to die at this time, and knew that he couldn’t scare him anymore. He resolved to come back when he was free with a much stronger force.

“I don’t care if you threaten me, but you dared threaten the people around me. People like you have no moral underlining, so you will die today.” Qing Shui gripped tightly when he finished, and broke the man’s neck.

The man’s face wasn’t sweet, but everything seemed to go slowly. He previously had claimed that he wouldn’t let Qing Shui go and that he would go after his family, his friends, his women...

The man was dead and the rest of them were in panic. At this time, there was no use for them to run, so they all rushed toward Qing Shui. They knew they were dead anyway so if they had any chance at killing Qing Shui or surviving, they were going to take it.

Unfortunately, the strength of these people was far apart from Qing Shui’s. They were all defeated within a few seconds. Qing Shui continued to use his Primordial Flames to cleanse the place, burning it so much that even the ashes were no longer present, not even a trace of smell. It was as though nothing had ever happened.

“I’m going to pay a visit to the Water Dragon Gate and resolve this business.” Qing Shui announced his next move.

“Would it be too dangerous?” The women were worried.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t have faith in.” Qing Shui smiled confidently before disappearing from their eyes.

The Northern Sea Water Dragon Gate!

The Nine-Headed Mystic Snakes did have a bit of Water Dragon blood in them, but if there were to be a contest, they were pretty even in strength. The bloodline didn’t really matter for this.

The Water Dragon Gate was in the deepest part of the Northern Sea and wasn’t very far from the Baiyun River, which was a little area in the deepest area of the Northern Sea.

The Water Dragon Gate was a large mountain stream. In the middle of two large mountains were sculptures large as arch bridges, spanning the two mountains. On it was the likeness of a large Water Dragon, but it didn’t look right.

This Water Dragon had nine giant dragon heads, but the rest of the body was that of a snake, and didn’t have claws either.

This must be the Nine-Headed Mystic Snake!

There was no door under the mountain stream. But there were two guards standing near, both water demons.

When they caught sight of Qing Shui, they rose their water forks, saying: “Who goes there! Anyone trying to infiltrate the Water Dragon Gate will be killed.”

“Notify your superiors that if my time is wasted, the price might be a little too high to pay.” Qing Shui said immediately.

“Identify yourself,” They responded.

Qing Shui’s words had a bit of an effect. Anyone who dared try to come to the Water Dragon Gate was at least slightly powerful, so they didn’t want to fight him.

“Just say that someone claiming to be from the Water Dragon Gate was killed by me when he came to attack the Beiyun River.” Qing Shui replied.

That person shivered before he hurriedly left.

After a short while, a large middle-aged and dark-skinned man came: “Who are you to have killed Lord Dong?”

“Since he used the name of the Water Dragon Gate to come and attack me, I need an explanation from you guys.” Qing Shui knew that in these situations, the first to make a move was in the better position, and he felt that they needed to hear how angry he was about this before pressing further.

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