AST 2182 - Gathered at the Great Yu Mountain, Entered the Yu Royal Gate

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2182 - Gathered at the Great Yu Mountain, Entered the Yu Royal Gate

Nuolan was not going as she still needed to monitor the news on the outside. Moreover, not many members of the Divine Palace would go, and Qing Shui did not plan to bring Yin Tong and the rest along with him. Thus, that reduced the number to less than ten people.

Beihuang Fan told Qing Shui as soon as she arrived, “It is freaky dangerous to go the Yu Royal Gate this time.”

Qing Shui smiled, “How did you know I would go?”

“Open once every five hundred years, you will surely go as you won’t want to miss this chance.” Beihuang Fan sounded certain.

“If you disappear there, there won't be any traces left. The next time it opens, everything would have changed.” Qing Shui smiled.

“I heard many people were lost and left in there forever.” Beihuang Fan was not afraid, she was just stating a fact.

“Are you afraid?” Qing Shui asked.

“No, are you?” Beihuang Fan asked while looking at Qing Shui.

“I'm not afraid. I'm just worried that if something happens to you, I won’t know how to be responsible to your father,” Qing Shui said half-jokingly.

“Don't worry, life and death are fated. If someone is to die, he would die in the safest place. If someone is to live, he would survive in the most dangerous place,” Beihuang Fan said seriously.

“You are really big-hearted. I like to be free and easy too. How about being sworn brothers with me?” Qing Shui proposed.

“Do I look so much like a man?” Beihuang Fan was not mad.

Qing Shui observed her seriously. Her flawless and beautiful face, her fair skin was so soft and hydrated as if you could squeeze water out of it. She had a vague and fresh scent which was comforting to smell. Her beautiful eyes made people feel inferior. They were like black gems, shining brightly. She had a sense of serenity and extraordinary aura which made people feel helpless.

Beihuang Fan lost her peace when Qing Shui stared at her from three feet away. She couldn’t help but avoid his eyes.

Qing Shui smirked as she turned away, “Miss Fan, I'm sure you are a woman. You would probably become my little woman in the future.”

“You want to die right now?!” Beihuang Fan turned her embarrassment into anger and glared at Qing Shui.

A beauty was still beautiful when she got angry. In Qing Shui's opinion, she seemed more approachable when she got mad. He always felt speechless when she showed no emotions and stayed quiet. Hence, he would try to irritate her, even though that was quite mean of him…

“Do you want to kill me?” Qing Shui sat down and served the tea.

Beihuang Fan sat across the table and sipped her tea. After a while, she said, “Yu’er wants to go too. Initially, I didn't plan to bring him along, but he insisted and dad agrees to let him go as a form of training.”

“Let him go then.” Qing Shui said calmly while sipping the tea.

“He is considered quite good among the younger generations, so I’m pretty sure that someone else will want to kill him,” Beihuang Fan sounded worried.

“Hmm. In fact, those who would want to kill you will be greater in number than Beihuang Yu’s,” said Qing Shui after pondering for a second.

“Really?” Beihuang Fan was curious.

Qing Shui looked at Beihuang Fan and he said, “However, usually men wouldn't do this to you, maybe the women could.”

“Alright, it's off topic now. Do you have the confidence to protect Yu’er?” Beihuang Fan asked in a serious tone.

“There is no definite answer to everything. We don't even know how we are faring against our enemy with our strengths. We can only hope to compete against the younger generations. Just like the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master, we could fight him if we combine our strengths. In case of a life and death battle, I could also drag him with me before I die.”

Qing Shui said that seriously; he had the final killer move that he had almost forgotten about. The Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm! It could kill an expert if it went unnoticed.

Plus, Qing Shui had another formidable hidden treasure, his flying sword. He could threaten the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master with the flying sword. It might not kill the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master with its current speed during an open battle. However, with proper utilization and skill, that wouldn’t necessarily be the case.

Beihuang Fan remained silent. Qing Shui looked at Beihuang Fan and thought for a while, “I can only try my best. If it is hazardous to even both of us, there is nothing I could guarantee.”

Beihuang Fan nodded, “Hmm, alright. Since my dad made this decision, I will trust him.”

Qing Shui smiled. He was quite positive although he could not fully guarantee Beihuang Yu’s safety. In his view, it was great to let Beihuang Yu go and experience more challenges.

In total, there were four men from the Taiyi Immortal Palace coming in this ‘trip’. Excluding Beihuang Fan and Beihuang Yu, there were two powerful elders who were the Elders of the Taiyi Immortal Palace. These two elders were ex-Elders who no longer handled the Palace’s affairs. And this time, Beihuang Liefeng asked them to accompany his daughter and grandson since he was worried.

As for the Divine Palace, the Hill Moving Battle God, the Diamond Battle God, and an Elder came. He was the Great Elder of the Divine Palace and just a casual old man. He did not care about the world’s affairs now and enjoyed his remaining lifespan peacefully. This time, he would be coming to ensure the safety of Qing Shui and the rest.

All in all, there were eight persons including Qing Shui.

At the third day of travel. Qing Shui, Beihuang Fan, and the rest arrived at the Great Yu Mountain. They could see the huge number of the crowd, yet still did not know how many people were entering. A good thing that the old Golden Battle God and Beihuang Liefeng sent them to the Great Yu Mountain personally.

Qing Shui only knew the meaning of merriment as he arrived here. His spiritual sense told him that there were many existences who were stronger than him in this place. However, stronger in terms of strength would not guarantee victory over someone weaker. If the discrepancy was small, it would be hard to tell in an actual battle.

Demon Gate, Five Tiger Immortal Palace, Firecloud Palace, and Blazing Fire Immortal Palace. Qing Shui knew four of them were here. The Divine Palace and Taiyi Immortal Palace along with other unknown forces were around too. Many of them were as strong as the Demon Gate and Five Tiger Immortal Palace.

Qing Shui was stunned; it was so merry here. The Nine Continents and Ocean Domain were so unpredictable. There were a lot of daunting forces in the Northern Emperor Domain and the Northern King Domain. No one knew how deep the Haohan Continent was, nor did Qing Shui know how far he could go. As for now, he still settled in the Northern Emperor Domain and would not advance in the near future.

People had a mutual understanding here, including the Demon Gate and Divine Palace. Their eyes were indicating their will to do something in the Yu Royal Gate. Their gazes were saying ‘wish you good luck’.

They were judging each other. If too many of the strong opponents entered, they would make some adjustments and send stronger members to minimize the gap. Otherwise, it would be chaotic both inside and outside.

The Demon Gate sent their men in after Qing Shui and the group entered. They were slightly stronger than Qing Shui's men... It was hard to tell if anybody else could enter via other ways. The Yu Royal Gate was only open for two hours. Then, it would only reopen after half a month.

Half a month was not a long time, but it was adequate for many incidents. There was so much good stuff in this Yu Royal Gate; however, they were hard to find. It was more like a training ground.

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