AST 2183 - Formation? Riches Dwelled In Danger

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2183 - Formation? Riches Dwelled In Danger

Right now, Qing Shui, Beihuang Fan, and the others had already entered the Yu Royal Gate.

The view here was great and upon entering, they could feel refreshing air gushing over. Qing Shui looked around. This was a totally independent space, and the view was so wide that one couldn't see its ends. There were places with mountains and forests.

Qing Shui was very curious about some of the things in this Nine Continents World, for example, some of the independent spaces here. Although they didn't seem to be too big here, would there be another bigger world that would appear? Qing Shui wasn't sure. What if this space was so big that it was even bigger than the world of the nine continents?

Qing Shui couldn't even begin to imagine this. However, he seldom encountered spaces, and most of them would be relatively small. Also, this space didn't seem to have life forms like humans.

In the world of the nine continents, to enter an independent space would be like entering a mountain cave in his previous life. It was just that this cave would disappear and then reappear after a certain amount of time had passed. This cave was just a little big, and one could see the sky. It was more apt to describe this place as a paradise using the terms from his previous life.

They only entered now. No one would attack at this moment. After all, the Door of Energy had yet to close, so no one would want to take action so soon. It would be very hard to survive here if they were to take an injury to their Origin Qi.

Most people would choose to make a move on the way back. Not only would they be able to attain their goals then, but they might even be able to get their hands on the treasures from the others.

This time around, Qing Shui was the one taking the lead. Even the three elderly men listened to Qing Shui. The primary reason they were here was to protect them and wouldn't interfere much in any other things.

"Qing Shui, which direction should we head to?" Beihuang Fan asked.

"Any direction would do. It's not important." Qing Shui looked around and smiled, saying.

"Should we avoid them?" Beihuang Fan was referring to the people from the Demon Gate.

"There's no need to avoid them intentionally. There are some things that are meant to happen and there's no way to avoid them. If the things aren't meant to happen, there's no need to avoid intentionally either."

Qing Shui didn't see the Demon Gate's Junior Sect Master. He was stunned a bit, as by right, he should come for something like this.

Qing Shui had started to feel doubtful when he saw someone coming out from the Door of Energy. It was the Demon Gate's Junior Sect Master whom Qing Shui had fought with before.

Right now, the Demon Gate's Junior Sect Master had also seen Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan. He frowned, but cooly chose to ignore them and disappeared in one direction.

The direction, which the Demon Gate's Junior Sect Master chose, was different from the Qing Shui's. However, it also seemed to be different from the direction which the other Demon Gate’s members had headed to. The earlier group from Demon Gate had taken the same direction as those from the Five Tiger Immortal Palace.

Time passed by slowly, Qing Shui and the group continued to progress without being anxious. Right now, the Door of Energy had already closed and even if there were fightings and killings inside, the people outside wouldn't know. However, with so many people continuously passing by, no one would choose to take action right now, nor would they choose to make the first move here in case that other people take the opportunity to reap the benefits. 

The place that Qing Shui chose was one that didn't seem to have mountains or forests. Many people would choose to head toward the mountains or the forests as they would think that treasures could appear very easily in those kinds of places. Therefore, even if it was to try their luck, they would choose to head to places with mountains or forests.

Another reason was also that they could easily hide, escape, or launch sneak attacks in those places.

The reason Qing Shui chose this direction wasn't because there were any treasures. In fact, he had no idea why he chose this place either. He had just casually chosen a direction.

Beihuang Fan and the others didn't show any reaction. Beihuang Liefeng had said that they were to listen to Qing Shui's biddings.

The Hill Moving Battle God and the Diamond Battle God were both in great admiration toward Qing Shui. Although they appeared to be stronger than Qing Shui, they admired Qing Shui's abilities. With Qing Shui around, they could easily defeat people who were one time stronger than themselves. Even if the opponent was twice as strong as them, it wouldn't be impossible to clinch a victory.

There were both Beihuang Fan and Qing Shui around with them. Beihuang Fan should be the strongest around them. Her strength was definitely terrifying, and only Qing Shui knew that Beihuang Fan had a powerful Sun Phoenix. With the reinforcements from Qing Shui's abilities, that existence would definitely be even more terrifying than Beihuang Fan.

After half a day passed, to the group's surprise, they found a mountainous area with rivers.

"Why didn't we see these earlier? Why are there mountains now?" Beihuang Yu said in astonishment on seeing the things that appeared before them.

Qing Shui gave it some thought and said, "We've been walking downhill all this while."

Qing Shui even suspected that this unique space could be a sphere or that this was how the terrain was like—being on the downhill all the way, but they might even reach flat land or uphill terrain if they were to continue walking on.

This mountainous terrain wasn't very big, and the mountains weren’t very tall either. However, they were definitely mountains and were densely packed together with heights approximately 100 to 500 meters. Although they weren't tall, the mountains here were very elegant and refined. The plantations on the mountains were also densely packed, but they could not sense any auras of living creatures.

There weren't any demonic beasts nor wild beasts. There weren't even small birds around.

If they were in the outside world, people would definitely find this place eerie. Even though they were in this place, it still gave off a weird vibe.

They walked to the foot of the mountain and came to a stop.

Qing Shui looked at this place. Even if the plantations here had great toxins, there should still be venomous beasts or bugs and things like those. Therefore, it felt extremely strange that there were nothing here.

Qing Shui wasn't the only one to realize what was strange about this place. The others could also tell. Beihuang Fan asked in a soft voice, "There aren't living things in the area. If there are, we should see if we can enter this place."

Her words made Qing Shui smiled. He nodded, "Alright, let's give it a try."

There were many living creatures in Qing Shui's Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He let out a Jade Emperor Bee and got it to fly toward the mountains. However, Qing Shui couldn't see anything and his brows furrowed tightly. He could already tell that there was a formation here, and it was a great formation.

Qing Shui felt that he was skilled in formations, but he wouldn't dare to say that he was skillful in all formations in this world. Moreover, formations were extremely dangerous. Most people wouldn't dare to attempt going into formations they didn't know of. Many Formation Masters were pushed to reach the heights they were at, for example, they might encounter some lesser known formations. There were rarely any people who would barge into formations at the risk of their own lives. People who did that were fools who would die an early death. It was impossible for a person to be lucky forever. Once they fail, they would die.

When a forest was big, there would be all kinds of birds in there. There were no shortages of crazy people in this world, and a few of them could come out lucky. Moreover, some of them were people with actual capabilities.

Since there were formations, there should be something inside. But Qing Shui was still hesitating if they should enter.

If they wished to break the formation, they had to go in. Riches dwelled in dangers and after a brief though, Qing Shui decided to give it a try. He was confident in his own capabilities.

He sensed that this formation should be a type of Maze Formation. Of course, this didn't mean that it wouldn't have any dangers. Maze Formations could trap a person to their deaths. There were also some which could cause people to lose their minds, see illusions, and enter a state of frenzy.

"I'll go in and take a look. You guys stay here and wait for me." Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

"I'll go with you." Beihuang Fan indifferently said.

"I'll go too." Beihuang Yu quickly followed.

Qing Shui looked around. This place didn't seem very safe either. Did he have to set up a formation here? However, if he were to get into trouble, the others would be doomed as well. There were some people who would definitely not let them get away from here. Of course, even right now, it was the case. It was just that these people beside him knew of his abilities well and Qing Shui felt that with him around, the chances of them getting out would increase a lot.

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