AST 2190 - Yu Emperor Temple, Battle Between The North Yang Palace and Five Tiger Immortal Palace

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2190 - Yu Emperor Temple, Battle Between The North Yang Palace and Five Tiger Immortal Palace

Soon, the group walked for three days and met several demonic beasts which could be defeated easily. They did not walk very fast, as there were many others who had chosen this route previously. But they hardly met anyone except for the Blazing Fire Immortal Palace.

“The North Yang discovered this Yu Emperor Temple, anyone else is prohibited!”

Just as Qing Shui and the gang moved forward, a soft voice came out from the left. It was so quiet in the surroundings, and they had great hearing, so it was easy to catch that.

“Yu Emperor Temple, It must be related to the Yu Royal Gate. Let's check it out! Oh yes, what's the North Yang?” Qing Shui was curious.

Beihuang Fan replied, “North Yang is not a thing; it is a strong force to the north of Northern Emperor Domain with the name of North Yang.”

“Let's go and see then, perhaps we can have a share,” Qing Shui thought and said.

Previously they might not have the confidence, but with the Diamond White Tiger King and the newly found treasures, their strength had increased substantially. 

“Alright, we have to find a treasure in the Yu Emperor Temple this time. Don't make my visit a waste,” Beihuang Yu nodded.

“It's not a waste for you. You are just idling if you don't come anyway.”

The group saw the Yu Emperor Temple while chatting and laughing. It was on the higher ground with only a lone hall on top. The hall looked ordinary and worn out, but the words on the signboard were very clear—Yu Emperor Temple.

At that time, several tens of people appeared. About twenty of them stood in front of the Yu Emperor Temple. They were all wearing golden robe embroidered with a red sun. Standing there, they were sparkling with gold and red colors. It was bright and eye-catching.

The opposing team was men who wore attires embroidered with different tigers; there were about thirty of them. Beside them, there were also more than ten ugly men who were tall and muscular.

Golden Yaksha!

Five Tiger Immortal Palace and those in golden-colored attires must be from North Yang.

Qing Shui felt weird that the Golden Yaksha was here.

Apart from these, there was nobody else. It was reasonable; there would be an audience outside, but the bystanders here would be finding troubles.

Qing Shui and his men’s arrival gained some attention despite their small number of people. As they noticed Qing Shui, the eyes shone with a natural reflex.

“You are here to add trouble?” A deep and profound voice from a middle-aged man was heard.

It was a man from the North Yang. He was handsome, mature, and elegant. Her golden robe made him look noble and graceful as if he were a God of Sun.

“There are already so many people, so it's fine if we join in. Furthermore, they are a team. Don't you feel a little lonely?” Qing Shui was saying that the Five Tiger Immortal Palace and Golden Yaksha were an alliance.

“Just a group of clowns, they can't do anything even if they have more people. I don't want to kill; I'm here for the treasures,” The middle-aged man sounded unbothered.

Since the middle-aged man said so, Qing Shui found it unnecessary to team with theNorth Yang. They were too arrogant, but still inadequate to do so.

“Wait until we kill them; we won't be a bully. But we found this place, and we are not letting anyone take the piece of our cake,” The middle-aged man looked at Qing Shui and stated.

“North Yang is too arrogant and ignorant. If we start the fight first, somebody else will grab the opportunity during the chaos,” An Elder from the Five Tiger Immortal Palace scolded.

“Hahaha, people like you wouldn’t be able to take anything away. You overestimated yourselves,” A man from North Yang laughed.

The Five Tiger Immortal Palace had never been looked down like this. Despite knowing the necessity of staying calm, he could not help but get mad, “Fine, I would like to see what you've got to be such a snob.”

Qing Shui was amused that both of them were so impulsive, and they began the battle.

The Golden Yaksha joined in too.

The North Yang had decent strength. They were using the techniques of fire attribute which were very violent. Moreover, they mastered their techniques well; their attacks were ferocious.

In a single round, the Five Tiger Immortal Palace lost one man, and two were injured.

The elder from the Five Tiger Immortal Palace was infuriated. In a violent and fierce tiger roar, a hand extended several meters and penetrated the chest of a North Yang warrior. He was killed on the spot.

The battle was ignited, but some of them still watched over Qing Shui to prevent him from sneaking in. After all, the Five Tiger Immortal Palace and Golden Yaksha noticed Qing Shui as their enemy.

The Five Tiger Immortal Palace scolded the North Yang as morons, but they did not seem to care. Apparently, they were happier the more they were scolded. They attacked furiously at that moment and increased the destruction of the Five Tiger Immortal Palace’s alliance.

The Golden Yaksha was relatively more ferocious than the rest. They were big and strong, their resistance power was great too. Now, they had to fight their best as it would be depressing to be crushed by the North Yang. Hence, they fought endlessly without minding about Qing Shui anymore.

After a while, North Yang suffered intermittent damages too.

The North Yang had fierce offensive prowess but just a normal defense. During the battle, the Five Tiger Immortal was relieved temporarily with Golden Yaksha’s assistance. Thus, they countered with a barrage of attacks.

Qing Shui watched the battle casually and happily. It was really a battle of tigers; one of them was a tiger anyway. Qing Shui held no likings for the Five Tiger Immortal Palace and Golden Yaksha at all. He would definitely fight against the Five Tiger Immortal Palace one day for the sake of Tantai Lingyan. As for the Golden Yaksha, they would not let him go either.

Life and death only took seconds in a battle of capable warriors. In a short while, both sides suffered some damages. The Five Tiger Immortal Palace only had twelve men standing, the Golden Yaksha only had six men left, and the North Yang got twelve men in the end. Both teams had lost half of their men.

The leading man of North Yang was soaked in blood; he was outraged at that moment. They did not expect the Golden Yaksha to go all out, as they would not have endured such a tragic loss otherwise.

The Five Tiger Immortal Palace was stressed out too. They were anxious now since the subsequent battle might leave everyone from both sides dead. Perhaps, there would be only three or two men left by the end of the battle.

Both sides stopped and calmed down. A battle like this would only benefit others. They would never make it through the Yu Royal Gate like this even if Qing Shui was not here.

“Eldest Senior Martial Brother, someone is rushing over here. There were more than thirty of them,” A man whispered to the leading man of North Yang.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed instantly, thinking about the upcoming trouble.

At this time, Qing Shui looked at a distant place. A group was hurrying over here.

“The Demon Gate is here,” Qing Shui saw the newcomers, the leading one was the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master.

Qing Shui knew that it would be very merry here. Previously, they fought with the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master and were both badly hurt. This time, he wondered if they would fight again. Beihuang Fan might be an equal of the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master now that she had the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda and the Windwhisk Willow. Their last battle was an accident, so it was hard to tell who would be the winner of the next battle.

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