AST 2191 - Yu Emperor Fist, You Are Unethical

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2191 - Yu Emperor Fist, You Are Unethical

When the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master arrived, the Five Tiger Immortal Palace was excited. They looked at the North Yang as if they were dead.

North Yang showed a terrified expression, a man said, “More people means nothing! Let's crush them!”

“Yes, Eldest Senior Martial Brother. We’ll crush ‘em all.”

The Eldest Senior Martial Brother held his right hand up and gestured them to keep their calm. He looked at the opposite serenely, trying to see what their motives were.

“You have lost the ability to compete here in the Yu Emperor Temple. Leave now, I'll let you go,” The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master said.

The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master looked at Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan instead of looking at North Yang as he said that. His eyes showed a complicated look; there were worries and indistinctive feelings in those eyes.

The Eldest Senior Martial Brother of North Yang noticed it and was confused. Could it be that the people standing on the opposite of them were very strong? He blamed himself for being arrogant and didn’t accept their offer of alliance. He did not want to share with others previously, and now, he wouldn’t be able to fight together with them even if he changed his mind.

“North Yang will never step back! Come on, brothers! A battle to the death! Kill all you want!” The Eldest Senior Martial Brother of North Yang sounded determined.

“We won't back out, the North Yang won't step back.”

The North Yang had a high fighting spirit. This challenged the Demon Gate a little. Though there were only half of them surviving, these people were obviously a lot stronger than the rest. If they went all out, the Demon Gate would still suffer a great loss. Moreover, the Divine Palace and Taiyi Immortal Palace were just standing right there.

There were only several men of the Divine Palace and Taiyi Immortal Palace, but Demon Gate didn’t dare to be careless. Qing Shui's previous blow had terrified the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master. He had been severely injured; thus, he was intimidated by Qing Shui now.

“I guess it is better to stop fighting now. If there is nothing in this Yu Emperor Temple, then it will be a waste. What about we check it out first and fight later if there is something nice? Otherwise, the survivors would be frustrated to lose so many men and find nothing,” Qing Shui smiled.

Qing Shui's words were convincing. Nobody could guarantee the presence of treasures in this Yu Emperor Temple. As he said, if there was nothing, the fight would be meaningless and infuriating.

This time, nobody spoke out and stopped anyone. The presence of treasures was unsure anyway, and they would have to fight again if they tried to stop anyone. If there was something precious, it was indeed worthwhile to have a battle later.

The North Yang entered first, followed by the Demon Gate, Five Tiger Immortal Palace, and Golden Yaksha. Qing Shui’s group was the last.

From the outside, the Yu Emperor Temple appeared small. Yet, after entering, it was spacious enough. There were plenty of stone pillars, and the most prominent thing was the stone statues.

Qing Shui realized that he gained much insight from these stone statues, including god and Buddha statue in the Nine Continents. Now that he saw a Buddha statue, he was excited. He used his Heavenly Vision Technique.

Qing Shui discovered something.

In the Buddha statue, a tall figure performing a fist move could be seen. There were some paths of practicing on it. Qing Shui looked at the next stone statue. It was also a fist move.

These drawings were stationary. Qing Shui looked at them one by one until he reached the last one. Then, Qing Shui combined them together to form a fist technique, the Yu Emperor Fist.

The posture in the drawings was similar to the statues, but Qing Shui could see the ways of them connecting via the Heavenly Vision Technique.

The others could not see that.

Qing Shui had no idea what was the usage of this Yu Emperor Fist, but it seemed to be a skill of exerting force. The exact effect was unknown; however, Qing Shui reckoned it was the greatest treasure in the Yu Emperor Temple. He did not see any good stuff other than this.

The Demon Gate and North Yang were depressed and looked at Qing Shui. He was right; they wondered if they should thank him or simply get frustrated. The damage from the previous fight was frustrating enough.

Beihuang Fan did not see anything too, she told Qing Shui, “This is just a broken temple, there is nothing here.”

“Ya, let's go!” Qing Shui said casually and headed out.

“Let's go too!” The Eldest Senior Martial Brother of the North Yang said as well.

The North Yang left, and the Demon Gate did not stop them this time. There was no treasure, hence, there was no need to fight. Only fools would fight for nothing.

Qing Shui led his man towards the north, and the North Yang and Demon Gate headed this way too. Qing Shui smiled, as they were advancing together while keeping a distance from each other.

“If that was the case. Qing Shui, you should’ve let them fight and allow the remaining few to die out of anger,” Beihuang Yu said languidly.

“Do you really think they would fight?” Qing Shui smirked.

“Hard to tell,” Beihuang Yu said.

“Be it Demon Gate or North Yang, they are not fools. They wouldn't start a fight while we were still around. The Demon Gate knew it; they would lose although North Yang had only a few men left. Plus, they didn't feel like fighting, and we were there to restrict them, ”Qing Shui knew they would not fight after seeing the eyes of the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master.

“Unfortunately, I still haven't found my treasure. I can't be here for nothing,” Beihuang Yu was depressed.

“The same line... it's a matter of character, do less bad things next time...”

“What are the bad things that I've done?” Beihuang Yu was upset.

“Did you have affairs with a married woman? Although she wanted it herself, you brought shame to that man. This is unethical! Even though it had yet to hurt anyone...” Qing Shui said seriously.

Beihuang Fan was right beside, staring at Beihuang Yu. He felt awkward and looked at Qing Shui in sorrow, “Couldn't you just not mention it in front of my aunt?”

“Ah, Miss Fan is here. I forgot your aunt is here…” Qing Shui watched Beihuang Fan in surprise.

Beihuang Fan knew Qing Shui did it deliberately, but she could do nothing. She looked at Beihuang Yu, “Could you act smarter now? Forget about the previous you... now that you're alright, you can pursue the woman you truly like and marry her. You should treat the girl well, what kind of nonsense is this?”

Beihuang Yu looked at Beihuang Fan in surprise; his aunt changed. She had never cared about his love affairs, but she actually preached today. He nodded happily, “I will, I will……”

Qing Shui smiled, “Let's take a rest, we will continue to move later.”

Everybody agreed. The North Yang rested not too far away without joining them. The Demon Gate also found a distant place to rest. The Demon Gate, Five Tiger Immortal Palace, and Golden Yaksha were together, forming a close triangle shape barricade and resting.

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