AST 2192 - Only a Mature and Thoughtful Woman Would Like

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2192 - Only a Mature and Thoughtful Woman Would Like…

Since they were free, they made some grilled food. Beihuang Fan did not eat, and she sat alone in the corner thinking about something.

Qing Shui, Beihuang Yu, the Hill Moving Battle God, and the Diamond Battle God sat together and talked. They were reminiscing on the past when they were young and had a happy conversation.

“I'm curious, was there really nothing in the Yu Emperor Temple?” Beihuang Yu said while eating.

“There was nothing. How could there be something? The Demon Gate and the rest were there. Why would everyone leave so easily if there was something?” The Hill Moving Battle God shook his head as he replied.

“I reckon there was something, perhaps somebody took it previously,” Beihuang Yu said casually.

“It is hard to say since it only opens once every five hundred years. For example, if we take something away this time, people would gain nothing when they come five hundred years later,” said the Hill Moving Battle God.

“That makes sense. In that case, we need to be fast. Every time people come in, they will only linger around here as nobody dares to go further, or else they have to stay here for five hundred years if they can't make it out…” Beihuang Yu sounded surprised.

“Everyone knows about this, but you've seen it yourself. Even a terrifying being like the Diamond White Tiger King has appeared previously. Even if we can make it further quickly, we have to own the abilities to brace against the danger,” The Hill Moving Battle God said and shook his head.

Beihuang Yu sighed helplessly and said, “It seems like I can only take what's left.”

Qing Shui planned to try his luck since he had the Nine Continents Steps. Besides, he could always leave the Demon Gate behind.

Beihuang Fan did not join but sat quietly in the corner. Nobody thought she was lonely sitting there; she seemed graceful and elegant with an unapproachable sense of beauty.

As he caught Qing Shui looking at Beihuang Fan, Beihuang Yu smiled, “You're a lucky kid, my aunt fell for you.”

Qing Shui smiled, “Do you want to try calling me Uncle?”

Beihuang Yu was speechless; he was upset about this. Previously, they had met twice and confirmed their brotherhood, but this progress was out of his expectation. His ‘brother’ was betrothed to his own aunt. Although some rules were not to be broken, it was so wrong to even address him differently.

“Wait until you marry my aunt. By then, I will change the way I call you,” Beihuang Yu sounded lethargic.

“Why? You don't like your aunt marrying someone?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Nonsense! As long as my aunt likes it, I will accept and treat you nicely even if you were a bastard. I trust my aunt. Moreover, she rarely likes someone; I wonder how happy my grandfather would be…” Beihuang Yu smirked.

Qing Shui felt the wonder of this world. It was surprising that this would happen to a goddess like Beihuang Fan…

Qing Shui once again looked at Beihuang Fan’s beautiful figure. She was extremely pretty, graceful, and subtle. Men would not be impulsive to go wild for her, but she was admirable and adorable, making people want to hug her and take care of her. It was the kind of gentle pampering which people wanted to give her, as if she would get hurt with a slightly stronger pat.

She had an otherworldly aura. Qing Shui knew that many people could not approach her because of that. They didn’t dare to pollute her purity and pursue her.

Qing Shui had some contacts with this woman without any intentions before this. Also, he felt surreal now.

At the same time, there was also another person staring at Beihuang Fan.

The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master!

He was definitely a genius among geniuses. He stared at her with affection; he took Beihuang Fan as his woman all this while, and she had to be his own. Despite the opposition, he believed that she still belonged to him. In many stories, the opposing couple would still be together eventually.

So he believed he would too.

But now, he realized how wrong he had been. Someone had appeared, A Battle God from the Divine Palace which was the closest to the Taiyi Immortal Palace. And they seemed to be very close now. He heard that Beihuang Fan’s father wished that she would marry Qing Shui. As for Beihuang Fan, she seemed to be close to Qing Shui, and she was even willing to die for him last time.

A woman willing to die for the sake of a man without any blood relation. Many lifetime couples could not even do that! Thus, his heart was completely shattered this time.

He knew he had no hope, but he was hurt while looking at this beautiful lady. He wanted to hug her, give her shelter, and live with her. He could forfeit everything for her, including the status of the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master. He could also leave the Demon Gate to live with her.

The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master thought he was too narrow-minded. He was not as foppish as other rich sons; he had only one woman now. He was indeed very restrictive in love affairs. Except for the training period, he would indulge in worldly pleasures after many days of training. His woman held a very respectable status in the Demon Gate. She was the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master’s woman, and everyone knew she was the only one.

This woman was brilliant and understanding. She never asked about the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master’s business and never tried to probe what she was not supposed to. She would not be proud just because she was the only woman of the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master. She was friendly and quiet. She knew he liked a quiet woman.

The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master looked at Beihuang Fan and Qing Shui. He envied this guy; he wanted to be with his love but he could not. As the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master, he could have everything, but his heart was in pieces now.

He stood up and walked to Qing Shui uncontrollably.

Qing Shui looked at the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master as if he had discovered something. Looking at this cool and handsome face, he smiled. This man is not compatible with Beihuang Fan at all. Look at his personality, they could never complement each other.

Beihuang Fan saw the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master coming, but she did not raise her head.

“Why are you here?” Qing Shui did not get up; he continued grilling his meat. He looked at the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master and asked with his head lowered.

“Why does she like you instead of me?” The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master sounded hoarse as he spoke.

Qing Shui perplexed, he answered shyly, “Perhaps… perhaps, I'm better looking.”

Beihuang Yu burst into laughter as he saw Qing Shui's expression, then said, “Brother, although you're not ugly, there are a lot of people who are better looking than you. And he indeed looks better than you, so do I.”

Qing Shui looked at Beihuang Yu and said, “You are not handsome; you are just a gigolo that knows how to act cool. Only a mature and thoughtful woman will like me. Hmmph, you guys look like clowns to her.”

Beihuang Yu was critiqued to silence; he gaped with his mouth opened wide. Not only him, but the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master also. They felt helpless at once. The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master was just someone who cheated innocent young girls with his looks, the Taiyi Immortal Palace Junior Sect Master was just a cute boy…

Looking at their expressions, Qing Shui continued, “Frankly speaking, I would rather look like Elder Brother Yuwen or Elder Brother Diamond instead of looking like you guys.”

“Great minds think alike,” Diamond nodded seriously.

Beihuang Yu and Demon Gate Junior Sect Master wanted to puke blood now.

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