AST 2193 - You Are a High-class Pretty Boy, Sensitive Ears

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2193 - You Are a High-class Pretty Boy, Sensitive Ears

Beihuang Fan heard their conversation for sure while sitting just beside them. The corner of her lips lifted and formed a beautiful curve without realizing it. She could not help but feel relaxed; she enjoyed listening to him talking about something annoying.

“Maybe I'm too righteous and common. She likes something unique,” The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master said softly. He drew a conclusion from that.

“Qing Shui, do I really look like a pretty boy?” Beihuang Yu said seriously while touching his own face.

“Definitely, I can't be sure of others, but this is for sure. Not everyone who has fair skin can be a pretty boy,” Qing Shui said seriously.

“Then how am I a pretty boy?” Beihuang Yu asked humbly.

“Do you think you're handsome?” 

“Of course, I am. I'm not being narcissistic but I'm really handsome…”

Qing Shui was thinking, that was actually narcissistic. However, he really had the quality to be narcissistic.

“You tell me then, have most of the girls pursued you?” Qing Shui asked.

“Hmm, naturally!”

“Did you get intimate with no strings attached and pay them? I’m sure that they even made food for you,” Qing Shui said seriously.

“You knew it,” Beihuang Yu felt proud. A man like him would feel proud wherever he was. After all, women would come to him, and they were all pretty women. This could satisfy his vanity.

“Alright, you are indeed a pretty boy. A pretty boy has a crooked mind and is a nuisance; more dangerous than a whore master,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Beihuang Yu was stunned; that was the meaning of a pretty boy? In his opinion, a pretty boy had his living expenses covered by a woman. Pretty boys should have no dignity and status. Contrarily, Beihuang Yu was surrounded by women and living like a king. He did not think that he was a pretty boy himself.

“How could I be a pretty boy?” Beihuang Yu argued.

“Got it, you are the extended version of a pretty boy—the high-class pretty boy. You are a successful one, you made a great improvement in this career and brought advancement to all pretty boys.”

“If I could fight toe to toe with you, I would beat you up, ”Beihuang Yu said while panting angrily.

“What is my weakness, why doesn't she like me?” The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master asked again.

Qing Shui’s previous answer did not make sense, so he asked again.

“Didn't I say it? You just don't look good. This is heaven’s decision, you can't blame others,” Qing Shui said.

“I want to fight with you again,” The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master said.

“Let me tell you why no woman likes you,” Qing Shui said.


“You are just a brutal man, you only know about fights. Meanwhile, I know something else. I know how to cook and am absolutely the best at it. I know the Art of Healing, and I can heal someone at his final breath. I know how to paint, play the instrument, refine medicines, tame the beasts, massage…” Qing Shui realized that he knew a lot of things while talking.

The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master was perplexed. This man really knew the Art of Healing and had good culinary skills. He was unsure of the other stuff, but it was probably true. He reflected on his skills; he did not know how to cook and treat illnesses. But many people did not know that either. Painting? Was it something that a man should do? The same applies to playing instruments…

“If you want a woman to like you, you have to be capable and talented. Otherwise, it is so boring to be with you who only thinks about fights. Unlike you, I can paint, play an instrument and refine a Youth Retaining Pellet for her. When we are free, I can massage her and make her happy…”

Beihuang Yu kept quiet and looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. He was similar to the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master who wasted most of his time in training to achieve his current level. After all, a genius relied on 99% of hard work and effort too.

“An Ace! Really an ace! Teach me, I don't want to be just a pretty boy!” Beihuang Yu exaggerated.

The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master indeed was different from Beihuang Yu, but he pondered silently. Perhaps, Qing Shui was right. However, you could not master two things at the same time. He would never give up on martial arts, so he stopped asking for a battle with Qing Shui. Instead, he stared at Beihuang Fan for a while and walked away.

Beihuang Fan did not raise her head to look at anyone, but she knew everything. She knew that the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master had stared at her. She knew from the beginning that their relationship was impossible. Not only because she did not like him, but they also would never work out considering their identities.

After Qing Shui appeared, she realized that she had endless meetings with him, and this guy conquered her mind and soul.

Qing Shui tapped on Beihuang Yu’s shoulder, “You must take relationships sincerely. A great man said, ‘any relationship without a marriage plan is a gangster’s act’.”

After saying that, Qing Shui sat beside Beihuang Fan, “Woman, I chased away the man you disliked.”

“You are good in boasting. Do you really know all those skills that you mentioned?” Beihuang Fan smiled and said.

Qing Shui mentioned a lot of things previously, and she knew he was mostly right. For example, the Art of Healing, culinary skills, and painting.

“Of course!” Qing Shui was certain.

“I was in a rush that day. Come, I'll teach you how to play a song, and I believe you'll like it.” Qing Shui took out the Phoenix Tail Zither and played a song of the Phoenix form.

Along with Qing Shui’s strength improvement and his upgraded realm, the power of his music was daunting.

Qing Shui found a charismatic and empowering song. Beihuang Fan had a higher Heavenly Dao realm than Qing Shui’s; thus, the song suited her very well. She was obsessed with the song as soon as she heard it. She had a zither too, a very good one. She practiced along with Qing Shui.

Saying her talent was good was an understatement; even her foundation was well-built in playing an instrument. Yet, she needed some time to learn Qing Shui's song. Qing Shui ended up sitting behind her while sitting with their legs crossed. The zither was placed on Beihuang Fan’s lap. Qing Shui played the song once from her back in a hugging posture. Beihuang Fan closed her eyes and allowed her mind to go with her heart.

She felt good. Qing Shui's masculine scent and natural aura made her realize how a man’s scent could be this pleasant.

Beihuang Yu was happy to see Qing Shui and his aunt, but the Demon Gate Junior Young Master watched from afar and felt even more depressed. His heart sank to the bottom and was unable to rise again. He tasted the feeling of a broken heart now, looking at the woman he liked lying in another man’s arms.

Qing Shui nearly placed his head on Beihuang Fan’s shoulder; they looked very intimate. Her fresh fragrance made Qing Shui hard again. Luckily, he was just sitting, and he would not press on Beihuang Fan’s body.

After playing the song, Qing Shui wanted to leave but his body would not ‘allow’ him to. As he pulled his head back and saw the pretty and fair ears, he blew on her ears accidentally.

Next, Beihuang Fan trembled at once, and her neck was flushed red. Qing Shui smiled when he found out that this woman was very sensitive, or at least one of her ears was.

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