AST 2194 - Strange Feeling, a Beauty Under the Moon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2194 - Strange Feeling, a Beauty Under the Moon

Beihuang Fan stood up shyly while keeping her head lowered. She didn’t dare to look at Qing Shui. She had a strange feeling which she couldn’t describe when he blew on her ears. A chill ran down her spine, and her brain froze up. Her heart beat fast and wanted to be hugged tightly by this man.

This feeling made her confused and flustered. She had never experienced something like this before. When she looked at Qing Shui and noticed him smiling at her, she felt like a thief caught red-handed and extremely embarrassed.

Qing Shui remained seated; his body ‘changes’ made him unable to stand up.

The rest were still indulging in the melody.

“I'll check out the deeper places, if it's safe I'll bring you later,” Qing Shui said to Beihuang Fan.

“It's dangerous. Let's not go, I think we have gained enough. We can just check out nearby, the distant places might not have any treasures,” Beihuang Fan said.

“It opens once every five hundred years. And I don't know how it will be like when I come next time and I wonder if I will still be alive by then. Since I'm already here, I'll just try my best!” Qing Shui smiled.

“Be careful then. Come back if it is dangerous,” Beihuang Fan advised.

“No worries! You are not my woman yet, and we are going to have many kids. So, I won't die now.” Qing Shui finished his line and left using the Nine Continents Steps, without even giving a chance for Beihuang Fan to scold him.

Qing Shui noticed the silence in the surroundings as he arrived. It was a large valley with strange peaks and stones. There were thick greens too. Qing Shui even sensed two terrifying and powerful existences here.

Roar roar!

Two loud and soaring roars were heard, and Qing Shui saw two huge demonic beasts.

Qing Shui was sure that he had never seen these demonic beasts before. They looked similar to the T-Rex in the Jurassic era, only a lot larger. They could soar in the sky and roll on the ground. Their huge heads were more ferocious than the T-Rex’s, and their teeth were sharp and shiny.

Qing Shui thought his Golden-scaled Dragon Elephant was better looking than these big fellows.

As Qing Shui was taken aback, the two huge demonic beasts dashed towards him. Qing Shui stepped back and used the Emperor’s Qi.

Art of Pursuing!

Area Dominance!

Qing Shui upgraded his existing strength to the max. The two demonic beasts approached Qing Shui; their thick and strong forelimbs were like the fists of a martial arts champion instead of looking small like the T-Rex’s.

Another demonic beast whipped its huge tail towards Qing Shui with a daunting aura.

Buddha Bright Seal!


Qing Shui evaded the forelimb attack but was hit by the tail whip. He was shaking as if he were an ordinary man being hit by a car. At once, his mind was blank.

It was too violent.

Qing Shui called upon the Diamond White Tiger King and boosted his abilities immediately.

The Diamond White Tiger King was indeed powerful. With Qing Shui's assistance of formations, Battle God Halo, Buddha Diamond Seal, and Divine Weapons, it could withstand the attack without getting harmed. Besides, the Diamond White Tiger King had its own Diamond Seal too. It could only apply it to itself, and its defense would be greatly increased.

With that, Qing Shui had no worries anymore and used the Stellar Transposition.


The gigantic demonic beast shivered. The ability to cancel the defense caused great damage to the demonic beast. It was nearly severed. However, it did not affect the demonic beast’s short-term fighting spirit.

Qing Shui studied more about his situation. After confirming that there was no one around, he used the flying sword instantly.

The Divine Weapon Flying Sword flew towards the gigantic demonic beast.

The speed was so fast, Qing Shui thought.


The flying sword penetrated the giant demonic beast. Qing Shui felt dizzy; the demonic beast was so big and strong that it consumed too much of his energy. Qing Shui was satisfied with the outcome. He reckoned it was his limit to fight like this up to ten times.

Qing Shui was satisfied with the power of the flying sword. Besides, it was the first time he used it. He was not familiar with it yet and consumed a lot of spiritual energy. After getting used to it, he would save one-third and even half of the spent energy.

Qing Shui penetrated the thickest part of the big fellow’s body without enlarging the Divine Weapon. The bigger the target, the more energy was consumed. A bigger Divine Weapon was better against a huge demonic beast. If it enlarged previously, the demonic beast would have been cut off.

However, it was fine to be small. The smaller, the sharper it was. It could aim at the brain and penetrate it easily. It was a deadly weapon.

The penetrated demonic beast was getting worse now. Although the Divine Weapon was small, a wound like that would be deadly... It was as if a man were sliced; only his skin was wounded. But if a man was penetrated, every targeted part of the body would be crushed, the inner organs, bones, marrows, essence, soul…

Next, Qing Shui controlled the flying sword again. The opponent was strong but slow, thankfully. It could not evade the flying sword after Qing Shui had reduced its speed.

The brain was easily pierced through and then died.

Qing Shui checked his surroundings and made sure it was safe. Then he settled down the two demonic beasts and went back to his previous place.

Beihuang Fan stood at the same place waiting for Qing Shui. As she saw Qing Shui from afar, she felt much relieved. Qing Shui did not leave for long but they were still worried. After all, death only happened within seconds.

“How was it?” Beihuang Fan asked.

“You can go, but I'm not sure if there is a treasure. The place is quite safe,” Qing Shui checked out the area and did not realize any potential danger.

“Shall we go then?” Beihuang Fan hesitated.

“Let's go, let's leave them behind,” Qing Shui smiled.

After grabbing some food at night, they rode on the birds and flew to the north. Once Qing Shui left, the others packed and followed. Qing Shui smiled. After a while, he vanished from their sight completely.

The Demon Gate Junior Sect Master could not believe his eyes; he could not even sense them with spiritual sense. However, he had a premonition that Qing Shui headed to the north. Thus, he decided and headed north.

Yet, the North Yang changed a direction. They were not at an advantageous position to go against the Demon Gate now, so they skipped the hassle.

It was already night when they arrived at the big valley again. They lit up the fireplace and built the tent, getting ready to find some treasures on the next day. It was not ideal to begin the journey now as they were still unfamiliar with the place.

The moon was big and round in the sky; it was as bright as a silver dish. Under the silver light, the beauty was standing right beneath the moon. This beauty was outstanding; she looked so stunning at that moment. Beihuang Fan stood beside Qing Shui while the rest stood far away to give them more space while they were developing their relationship. Beihuang Yu avoided them too.

“You are really beautiful. Not the kind of beauty that ruins the nation, but something even better than that,” Qing Shui smiled and held her hand. It was soft and tender, as fair as the jade, and the smooth texture was so enjoyable.

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