AST 2196 - Divine Weapon, Thirteenth Grade of Realm, Daunting Strength

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2196 - Divine Weapon, Thirteenth Grade of Realm, Daunting Strength

It was already late night after the training, but everyone was still so excited and could not sleep. Although they were all adults, the temptation of martial arts was the biggest. At the same time, they were thankful to Qing Shui for generously sharing the good stuff with them; not every single man would do that.

Though they did not say it out, they remembered Qing Shui's kindness, especially for the Hill Moving Battle God and the Diamond Battle God. They wouldn’t be able to make use of the pagodas if Qing Shui was not around.

Apart from that, they already forgot about the previous rumors from the Demon Gate. Now, they would never believe anything from anybody else. They remembered what the old Golden Battle God had said as the elderly had better judgments.

Subconsciously, Qing Shui made people around him acknowledge his presence. Even Beihuang Yu felt inferior to Qing Shui now and took him as the leader.

Initially, when they first met, he did not take Qing Shui seriously. After some time, he realized that he was far behind Qing Shui in a lot of aspects. As the saying goes, one had to win people by virtue, yet the martial ability was vital to some extent.

Qing Shui went back to his tent and entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

After training, he checked out the Divine Continent Magical Stone. Its grade doubled in the Treasure Basin and was now equal to two hundred Divine Square Cauldrons. However, he wondered if he should use it directly. If it could only be used after being refined into Divine Square Cauldrons, it would be troublesome.

After trying, Qing Shui was contented. He could use it directly; Qing Shui upgraded the Divine Weapon Flying Sword instantly without further ado.

Currently, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword needed many Divine Square Cauldrons for each upgrade. Since the Divine Continent Magical Stone equaled two hundred Divine Square Cauldrons, he upgraded the Flying Sword to the thirteenth grade, leaving behind one-third of the Divine Continent Magical Stone.

The twelfth-grade upgrade required sixty-four Divine Square Cauldrons while the thirteenth grade required a hundred and twenty-eight Divine Square Cauldrons.

Originally, the Treasure Basin could only strengthen an item. But Qing Shui had the Hundred Treasure Chest too, so he could strengthen that particular item again. The Hundred Treasure Chest changed its ability: it would double the grade of the treasure if only one item was placed. When two or more items were placed, there would be a transformation, engulfment or destruction of one or more items.

At present, the Divine Weapon Flying Sword achieved the thirteenth grade, and Qing Shui's realm increased again.

Big Dipper Sword, Flying Sword Divine Weapon!

Thirteenth-grade realm!

Able to reduce 10% damage caused to all members of the same team, lasting throughout the battle.

Increase 13% of existing recovery speed. Increase all attacking and defensive power by 2.6 billion dao. Increase extra damaging power by 2.6 billion dao and can deflect 2.6 billion dao of extra damage. Reduce the enemies’ damaging prowess by an extra 13%.

Divine Weapon Seal: Open, able to mount the Talisman Stone.

Increase attack and defense by 5%, increase evasion and recovery by 5%, increase endurance and speed by 5%, increase resilience and Critical Strike by 5%. The Talisman Stone would increase the existing attack and add up into the actual battle ability.

5% was from the Divine Weapon’s 2.6 billion dao. It was a small increment, but it was better than nothing.

Qing Shui's strength improved greatly now.

Qing Shui's current strength was 5.4 billion dao (2.3 billion dao base strength, 2.6 billion dao from the Flying Sword, 0.3 billion dao from ten Potential Pills which increased attacking power by 10%, and 0.2 billion dao from the grade two Yu Emperor Fist). So, he could explode with 5.4 billion Dao Force worth of power.

His current base defensive power was also 5.4 billion dao, and then added with the amplification of 10x from the Foolish Loyalty, it turned up to be 54 billion dao. 

Counting the effect of his Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda of Defense, which increased 20% of his existing defense, Qing Shui's defense was around 64.8 billion dao with it.

Last but not least, Qing Shui had the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda with the 5.4 billion dao blocking power. Therefore, he had roughly 70 billion dao of defensive power in total.

This time, his strength increased a lot, especially for the defensive power. Qing Shui's Stellar Transposition also became much stronger. And with the Buddha Diamond Seal, it could cause a maximum damage of 70 billion dao. Plus, it was an unmitigated attack! Although it was only applicable in every several minutes, it was sufficient. It was adequate enough to use it once when the opportunity arose.

Qing Shui looked at the Divine Weapon Realm. The fourteenth-upgrade of the Flying Sword required two hundred Divine Square Cauldrons and fifty Divine Weapon Crystals.

And that was the required amount after using the effect of the Treasure Basin; it would be more than these otherwise. It went on without saying that the Flying Sword possessed extraordinary power, ability, and performance, but it had its own shortcoming which was the increased difficulty in upgrading its realm. The damaging prowess of the opponent would be greatly reduced with every upgrade it had. Now, the Flying Sword could even reduce 23% of the damage, it was terrifying! Besides, it had the extra blocking power and could increase the recovery rate of the user.

The Divine Weapon, Flying Sword could increase the recovery rate of Qing Shui by 13%; this was crucial in sustaining his battle capability.

It was already bright outside of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. The others already woke up as Qing Shui was coming out. The Hill Moving Battle God and Diamond were practicing the Yu Emperor Fist. Beihuang Yu was honing his Windwhisk Willow, while the three elders were practicing another fist technique and were about to finish.

After a while, Beihuang Fan returned. She had trained in a quiet place.

For today, they decided to try their luck nearby. Though they had explored far enough in this trip, they still carried on with high hopes, knowing that it all depended on luck. A treasure hunt was different from a raid, where the strength was the most vital thing to possess. Of course, some treasures were guarded by the Guardian Beast. In that case, strength would have a role to play.

The group walked along the path into the mountain. Qing Shui knew there were no powerful demonic beasts here anymore, as the two stronger beasts were already killed by him. Hence, he was not too worried. And besides, he was stronger now that the Divine Weapon had already achieved the thirteenth grade. It was faster, greater, and more destructive than ever. He had tried it in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

Fire Roots!

Qing Shui saw a blazing red, grass-like object on the wall; it grew along with the wind and had a strong determination to survive. Qing Shui moved it into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. This was the spiritual grass with fire attributes; it could be added into the medicine refinement or become the ingredient of some pills.

There were many herbs in this place, and they were quite decent despite not being the greatest treasure. In fact, they were very useful for Qing Shui.

Qing Shui went to take a look at the nest of the two demonic beasts which he had killed earlier. He wanted to see if there was something good inside but failed to find anything precious after searching for some time. Thus, he gave up.

The nest was very big and spacious, and so, the group decided to stop and take a rest there. Qing Shui, all of a sudden, saw four demonic beasts and was stunned. These demonic beasts were exactly the same as the two big fellows from before, but they were the mini-version of them. He realized now that the two big fellows were actually a pair. These small demonic beasts were obviously their children and unable to protect themselves. When they saw Qing Shui and his gang, the four small demonic beasts turned to watch them cautiously.

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