AST 2197 - Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear, the Lightning Fruit Is Here

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2197 - Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear, the Lightning Fruit Is Here

As they say, smaller things are more appealing, and this also applied to these little demonic beasts. Although their little heads looked a little ugly, they were also kind of cute. However, when Qing Shui looked at them closely he saw what was different from before.

Using his Heavenly Vision Technique, which didn’t need to be used consciously, things that weren’t visible to most people were clear to him.

And that was exactly what had happened. The four little demonic beasts had a weird mutation in their blood, just like the one of the Blood Addicted Bear from the legend. Although the name didn’t seem too impressive, one of them was able to fight against quite a number of ancient dragons.

One of the little bears had a high purity of Blood Addicted Bear’s bloodline, around 70%. It meant that it would get more powerful the more it fought. The all-out attack before a Blood Addicted Bear died, could even kill an opponent three times as powerful as itself.

It also had a unique ability of its own race. During a fight, where it was hurt, it could absorb parts of the damage and use it to restore its own strength, increasing its own power.

The two large Demonic Beasts that Qing Shui had killed must have had the blood of the Blood Addicted Bear, but it just wasn’t high enough for him to detect.

Out of the four, only one had such a strong gift. The rest of them had less than five percent of the bloodline, but they still had the blood of the Blood Addicted Bear.

Qing Shui looked at Beihuang Yu, “Didn’t you say that you haven’t gotten something good all this while? If you believe me, then tame the little ones.”

Beihuang Yu was stunned, but seeing Qing Shui’s serious expression, he decided to let it be. Qing Shui handed him the Sacred Beast Pill, which was actually a Super Sacred Beast Pill. It not only was able to tame Demonic Beasts, but it could also increase their strength, making them even more useful to their masters.

After they were tamed, the little ones grew a little larger. Two of them were now as large as an elephant but were still nowhere near the size of their parents.

At this time, the little one seemed to undergo a peculiar change, and it seemed to be stronger. Then, Qing Shui took out a few things related to enhancement. For example, the Aptitude Pill, Growth Pill, and etc. After it was all done, the little one seemed to be older by about twenty years.

The lifespan of Demonic Beasts was very long, thus, their immature years were about twenty. In this instant, they had grown to maturity, and their bodies had grown to more than twenty meters, making them even stronger. The most important thing was that although their character was a little mischievous, they possessed straightforward nature.

The longer Qing Shui looked at them, the more they looked like bears. After thinking for a bit, he took out the Ancient Demonic Fruit and fed it to the one with the purest bloodline.

This beast’s constitution was pretty good, being able to expedite the growth of the pill which made the beast grow once more. Now it seemed to be like a large bear, dark fur covering its body with stature as large as a small mountain.

It was about 50 meters tall with two thick arms and thighs. And from head to foot, it emanated a scary killing intent, a blood-addicted atmosphere. At this time, when Qing Shui looked at this beast again, its bloodline had reached 93%.

It even had the name, Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear!

Qing Shui was stunned; Beihuang Yu was very lucky, being able to get the most horrifying of all the Blood Addicted Bears.

The Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear was the most horrifying of all the Blood Addicted Bears. It had no obvious weakness with extremely sharp claws, a stunning speed that was four times faster than the other Blood Addicted Bears’, and being able to just casually kill anything.

Although the Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear hadn’t matured yet, it was already very horrifying. As Qing Shui was being bewildered, the air filled with a large amount of lightning elements.

After that, Qing Shui saw the roaring thunder fill the sky, engaging and striking down continuously just like the thunder-filled waterfall. The Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear remained steadfast under the pressure, roaring continuously, filling the sky with its earthshaking voice.

The Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear didn’t seem affected by the first few strikes of the tribulation and continuously absorbed the thunder, increasing its strength rapidly. At the same time, its roars also weren’t short, which Qing Shui took as a sign of its strength rising like a rocket.

The Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear’s body was also growing bigger gradually, as the lightning continuously rained down. It was only after a long time that the Bear began to avoid being struck by the lightning because of how large it had become.

Now its size had increased by more than 20 meters and was monstrously stronger. This imposing presence was brimming with force and intensity. Being totally dumbstruck in this instant, Beihuang Yu also knew what kind of monster he had gotten.

In other words, everyone present knew that it was the Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear, each one of them becoming a little envious. This was a good thing, as it was a prestigious Demonic Beast that really increased the status of the owner.

Beihuang Yu was so moved that he had the urge to cry, but now he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to control it.

On the bright side, this torrent of lightning continued for six hours straight and could be counted as one of the longest thunderstorms, all in all, from False God Tribulation to Divine God Tribulation. Every trace of the energies was absorbed by the beast and after being hit so many times, its strength had reached a horrifying level.

Seeing the Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear go under so many strikes of lightning, Beihuang Yu was exceptionally happy. Now, the beast was able to fight alongside with him, and it was all thanks to the benefit from its bloodline. After experiencing the rushed growth, it had almost reached the stage of adulthood.

The mainland had many pills that were used for raising the beast. For example, Qing Shui’s Cultivation Pill as well as the generic and common Experience Pill, they were also put under this category.

However, it was rare for those pills to be able to match Qing Shui’s. With the effect of his potent medicinal pills, in addition to the fact that the Bloodthirsty Spirit Bear had been alive for about five years, the growth of the Bear was efficacious. Otherwise, it would have been hard for it to reach this level so quickly.

In order for the beasts to grow properly, they needed to be nurtured with medicinal pills. Without those pills, their growth would be limited. Fortunately, Qing Shui had plenty of Constitution Nurturing Pills.

Beihuang Fan didn’t really understand this person, but she was very happy.

At this time, Qing Shui was stunned because he found something that he had been looking for all the time. He saw three trees around the tribulation when the lightning was raining down, each of them shimmering with electricity. On them, the snow white fruits that were imbued with electricity could be seen.

Thunder Fruit?!

Suddenly, Qing Shui understood. This was how the Thunder Fruit was formed. It wasn’t some sort of special fruit, but as long as the fruit was struck by lightning, it had the possibility to become Thunder Fruit. In his excitement, he immediately took one of the Thunder Fruit plants into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. After checking that there was nothing wrong, he brought in the other two.

The surroundings had been hit by the lightning multiple times before, and all that remained was nothing ordinary. The three trees that Qing Shui obtained this time were the Devil Iron Fruit Trees. There used to be a whole forest here, but all that remained, were those three trees which had become the Thunder Devil Iron Fruit Trees, each having a few tens of Devil Iron Fruit that weren’t ripe yet. But then they could be called Thunder Fruits now.

Qing Shui was happy because he was able to create the ancient pills in a few days. They would be useful in the future. Qing Shui was strong in the medicinal arts, but he still didn’t have the ability to help others pass their Tribulations. However, that was something that could be changed with the Tribulation Evasion Pill. He could even create many strong warriors with it. All in all, many warriors had died as a result of these tribulations. The False God Tribulation alone already killed nine of ten warriors, and the Divine Tribulation was even more frightening. Each level would have an increased mortality rate of 90%. That was why a tribulation was a big deal, as it was rare for a warrior to be alive after it. And those who were, had to pass many more challenges afterward.

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