AST 2202 - You Are a Female Hooligan

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2202 - You Are a Female Hooligan

Ever since Beihuang Fan arrived, Nuo Lan was rarely seen in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Qing Shui felt that this woman was trying to give Beihuang Fan and him some privacy.

Qing Shui even recalled that Beihuang Fan liked Nuo Lan. Nuo Lan and him had acted for very long as if nothing had ever happened. Even though they had not met in a very long time, it still felt all too familiar.

When Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan came back this time, Nuo Lan was present. Upon seeing Qing Shui, Nuo Lan appeared to be very happy and said,” You guys came back! Mm, seems like there was a fast progress.”

“Nuo Lan, do you like him? If so, you should go for it as there is nothing going on between us. Besides, he already has many women throwing themselves at him. I am sure he would not mind one more,” Said Beihuang Fan as she laughed silently.

Qing Shui was speechless. This woman could have such an aggressive side to her at times. Truly aggressive. It wouldn’t have crossed his mind that she would have said such things.

“Princess, I would really like to pursue him. However, it is a pity that the person he has feelings for is you, not me,” Nuo Lan said with a trace of bitterness in her tone.

“Don’t all men like pretty girls? I simply do not believe that he does not fancy you at all,” Beihuang Fan said and looked at Qing Shui afterward.

“What are you girls up to? Trying to put my determination to the test?” Said Qing Shui earnestly. He left immediately after speaking his thoughts.

In face of such a situation, Qing Shui still walked out tactfully. Nothing good would come out of arguing and discussing a matter like that with these women anyways.

“You have seen it for yourself. He does not like me,” Said Nuo Lan.

“However, I do know for a fact that you like him,” Beihuang Fan said in a serious tone.

“How are you so sure about it? Nuo Lan laughed as she asked Beihuang Fan.

“I do not know. There is just something different about the way you look at him compared to other people.”

“Right now, liking someone is not about insisting on getting to that very stage. Sometimes, advancing to that stage may ruin these types of feelings and turn into extravagant hopes instead. He may possibly like me, but he will not love me. He did save me, but I can feel that there is this indescribable distance between him and me. If I am not able to surmount this distance, even though he may want me, I will not be able to stay by his side,” Nuo Lan offered her opinion.

“How complicated. I simply do not understand. Right now, I do not feel as though I need to stay by his side. I shall wait until I feel that I cannot bear to be away from him. Then, I will marry him,” said Beihuang Fan after some thought.

Nuo Lan laughed unexpectedly; she looked at Beihuang Fan and said,” Big missy is still the most dominating one. This is the real example of being domineering. Actually, I have always felt that women like you will never have the seven emotions and six desires.”

“Why?” Beihuang Fan was confused.

“Because you are too perfect, always feeling that no man is good enough for you. Big missy, just thinking about the men who just want your body makes me feel like they are not good enough,” Nuo Lan laughed mischievously.

“Ah, you are such a hooligan, only knowing how to spew nonsense.”



Qing Shui was now examining the Heavenly Magic Star given to him by the two middle-aged men. This was a six-tip star. It was simple and unadorned, but that was what made it look nice. Qing Shui was able to see the usefulness of this item.

It could be used instantly, allowing beasts to refine it by using strength and gain a kind of passive ability. This kind of passive ability was roughly about 20%. It was a certain kind of promotion.

Another type would be the refining of the blood essence. However, that would require a certain amount of discipline before one could proceed to the process of refining. This method can also result in an increase in one’s passive ability but on regards to extent, it could roughly reach about a 30%.

Eventually, there would be nothing left. However, this was definitely something valuable. While he was looking at the star, Beihuang Fan walked in and stood beside Qing Shui.

Because Qing Shui was sitting down, he had to tilt his head to look at this woman. The more he admired her, the more he felt a kind of unattainable feeling. There was, however, this wonderful curved line, especially at the upright pair in the chest area. Qing Shui could not help but think of himself slapping those a few times, which would feel pleasurable. 

Beihuang Fan naturally saw where Qing Shui was looking, but she knew that she would not be able to argue with a man like him.

“I remembered what you said. If I can defeat you, then...” Qing Shui stood up and walked towards Beihuang Fan until there was only a small distance between them.

“Oh? Did I said that?” Beihuang Fan said seriously.

“Oh, so you are acting dumb. Then I am not afraid of you anymore,” Said Qing Shui as he laughed and rubbed his hands together.

“You can't bully me.” Said Beihuang Fan.

“Why can’t I bully you?” Asked Qing Shui in return.

“It was so hard for me to find a man willing to give himself wholly to me. Being the case, if you were to bully me next time, I am afraid that I might not like you anymore. Then, I might not ever be able to get married,” said Beihuang Fan with a straight face.

Qing Shui was surprised. What did this mean? Did this mean she only wanted to marry me? If that was the case then Qing Shui would be embarrassed if he bullied her. But he should still discuss some interest, so he reached out his hand and wrapped it around her lower waist.

Beihuang Fan stood still and looked at Qing Shui silently. She did not even blink those stunningly beautiful and pure eyes of hers. She felt that she could not bring herself to let Qing Shui do naughty things to her. He laughed awkwardly and said, “I really do think that I am not good enough for you. At least, I also feel that other people are not good enough for you either. Since nobody is good enough, I want to make you mine.”

“What a preposterous argument,” said Beihuang Fan as she had a chuckle.

Being together with this man, be it anger, blissfulness or shamefulness, there was always a feeling of happiness. She trusted how she felt and she knew that after many years, only one man would be able to make her feel this way. Hence, she would not let such a man slip through her fingers.

This was also why she did not try to kill Qing Shui despite him grabbing her sensitive areas. This was the first time a man dared to treat her so inappropriately.

“Do you want me to give you a massage? My massaging skills are rather brilliant. Your area down below may not be open, but after the massage, it will be,” said Qing Shui. His heart had a bit of a different kind of thought and he wanted to listen to the joyful sound of this woman when she was comfortable.

Upon seeing Qing Shui appearing to be so serious, Beihuang Fan began to feel suspicious.

“Why don’t you believe me? It is not as if it is a full body massage. There is no need to take off all your clothes. It is just a simple shoulder massage.” Qing Shui’s hands gently brushed across her shoulders, causing her body to shudder slightly. However, this comfortable feeling was starting to spread throughout Beihuang Fan’s entire body.

“Fine, but if you even dare to play any dirty tricks, I will disappear forever,” said Beihuang Fan as she laughed.

Even though she was laughing, Qing Shui knew for a fact that she was not lying. She might very well do it.

Qing Shui nodded and then he hugged her by surprise.

“What are you doing?” Beihuang Fan was astonished.

“Our chests are already touching. You do not have to react in such a dramatic way when I am just hugging you. I will not do things that cross the line,” Qing Shui chuckled as he looked at the most beautiful woman in his arms.

“You are not allowed to say any vulgarities.”

Qing Shui let Beihuang Fan lie onto the bed. The snow-white bed sheets had really set the mood. The image of Beihuang Fan in her snow white outfit, lying on the bed emulated a beautiful painting. It was a hundred times more beautiful than any other piece of art that existed in the world.

Her curves were soft, yet her waist and bosom had a very seductive curvature. Her well-rounded bosom area was not too big and yet, it was outstanding and well-rounded. Qing Shui was not able to describe the beautiful form well enough.

Beihuang Fan said in that instance,” What are you doing?”

Qing Shui’s hands were on Beihuang Fan’s back but Beihuang Fan did not turn back to look at him.

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