AST 2203 - Powerful Heavenly Magic Stars

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2203 - Powerful Heavenly Magic Stars

When Qing Shui placed his hand on Beihuang Fan’s body, she trembled slightly. He knew she was actually very anxious. As for the reason she agreed to Qing Shui’s massage, it was not for the sake of opening the Quemen Acupoint. Instead, she wanted to have more contact with Qing Shui and make their stories richer.

Women were more sentimental in love. They were not as impulsive as men. Of course, there would be some women who were very impulsive and worse than men but generally speaking, the men were more impulsive and more easily affected visually.

Soul Charming Soft-Tendon Hand Technique!

Qing Shui's fingers pressed, rubbed, squeezed, and twisted on her back.

The Nine Yang Force worked out from his fingers. It was warm. Beihuang Fan's body gradually softened. She felt very comfortable and calmed down. Closing her eyes, she tried hard not to let out a noise.

The Soul Charming Soft-Tendon Hand Technique was great. It could make a person feel as if they were floating. However, that took some time to work out, or else, it would have been an ultimate technique.

A cozy feeling came and flooded her mind. It was hard to keep herself silent. Beihuang Fan bit her lips but she couldn’t stop herself from letting out a soft moan. This nearly made Qing Shui strip off Beihuang Fan's clothes.

The Quemen Acupoint was open now. Qing Shui moved his hands on Beihuang Fan's back as if he were playing the zither. He tapped lightly and Beihuang Fan became feeble. An indistinguishable comfort gushed to her stomach.

It continued downward from the stomach. The sudden pleasure blanked her mind out. Then, she felt a blooming feeling as the comfort came to a satisfying end. At the same time, she made a subtle, seductive moan. She figured out what happened; she reached a climax.

She did not doubt Qing Shui as he really was just massaging her without doing anything else. Still, it was too comfortable and she had…

She was extremely embarrassed and feared that Qing Shui would find out. She was burying her head in the pillow. Though she had never been a real woman, she knew why some loose women would find men frequently. A sense of fragility ran down her entire body as she thought of that.

At that moment, she immersed in a floating sensation, with pleasure flowing continuously throughout her body. She dared not to look at Qing Shui but Qing Shui was experienced. He knew what she had experienced. Thus, he slowed down. The amazing moan and the rhythmic shiver of her body kept triggering him.

Beihuang Fan felt moist on her bottom and became even more bashful. She dared not stand up. She said softly, “Qing Shui, you can go out first.”

Qing Shui knew what she wanted to do but he could not just walk out like this. He asked, “What do you need? Let me help you.”

“No, no. I'll do it myself. Can you go out first?” Beihuang Fan sounded exceptionally seductive.

Qing Shui knew that she was afraid of him discovering her embarrassment.

“Tell me then. Was it comfortable?” Qing Shui smiled and whispered by her ears. The breath blew on her sensitive ears and made Beihuang Fan shiver again.

“It was.” Beihuang Fan replied breathlessly.

“Your moan was so pleasing to hear. How about you moan once more and I'll go out?” Qing Shui’s lips almost touched her ear.

“Get lost. Leave faster,” Beihuang Fan panted angrily.

“Call me ‘Darling’, or else I won't go out. This is not over just yet,” Qing Shui giggled.

“Save your words,” Beihuang Fan knew this fellow would not leave until he got something out of this.

She knew the meaning of ‘Darling’ now, but she had no choice. She uttered, “Darling...”

She sounded very inexperienced as if it took all of her energy to say the word.

“Mm, Little Fan Fan, good girl. Come here and let me kiss you,”

Qing Shui said and kissed on her slightly red ear before hurriedly running out of the room.

Qing Shui studied the Heavenly Magic Stars again. After a long time, Beihuang Fan finally came out. She looked a bit alluring after the massage and her skin was fair but so lively. She slightly evaded Qing Shui's eyes.

“Let's go somewhere and help your Sun Phoenix increase some abilities.” Qing Shui knew he could not keep teasing her. He had to take things slowly for when the opportunity appeared later.

They arrived at a familiar summit. Qing Shui took three drops of blood from the Sun Phoenix, divided them and added into the Heavenly Magic Stars in five times. A striking halo came from the Heavenly Magic Stars which then became smaller, converged into a beam, and entered the Sun Phoenix's body.

“What was added?” 

“The attacking flame’s damage increment will be permanent, adding a 30% passively from now on.”

When the Sun Phoenix's attack was at grade one, the increment was 0.3. As the attack was at grade two, the increment was 0.6. It varied according to the attack increment.

This ability was daunting. The Sun Phoenix was very happy. It had benefited a lot ever since it followed Beihuang Fan. Today it had gained yet another great reward.

Beihuang Fan was delighted as well. She smiled and said, “I have obtained a lot of good stuff from you.”

“When you appeared between me and the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master last time, I knew you would never leave me for my entire life. I can give everything to you,” Qing Shui said casually. The affection in his eyes shook Beihuang Fan's heart.

Even her father had never said something like this to her. She kept calm and avoided his sight, “Sweet talker...”

Qing Shui felt this woman was becoming more and more like a normal woman now. Perhaps, owing to the previous incident which caused a big impact on her. After all, it was mind-boggling to release once in so many years. A smart woman like her must have known that it was because of Qing Shui and not her own fault, but she would never confront Qing Shui about it.

Qing Shui called out the Dragon Slaying Beast and took one Heavenly Magic Star. He wished to increase either the speed of the Dragon Slaying Beast or the sharpness. Even if it didn’t increase its sharpness, it would be fine as it was already sharp enough. It would be a waste and meaningless to increase the might of its defense.

Qing Shui became satisfied when he managed to increase its speed by 30%. It was the same increment achieved by the Sun Phoenix.

Qing Shui reckoned these Heavenly Magic Stars increased the most prominent ability of the demonic beast. The Dragon Slaying Beast was good in sharpness and speed. Perhaps, there was no increment of the sharpness so it was replaced by the speed.

The Sun Phoenix prided itself in attacking power and about being the most violent. It gained a 30% boost. That was significant.

There were three Heavenly Magic Stars left. Qing Shui called out the Diamond White Tiger King. As Qing Shui expected, the defensive power was increased passively and permanently by 30%.

The Dragon Spider had its resilience of spider silk increased by 30% as well as its existing defense. Qing Shui was surprised that there were two abilities. He tried to figure it out but failed. Still, it was great so he stopped thinking too deeply about it.

There was another one left and Qing Shui did not know which demonic beast should use that, being torn between the Dark Phoenix and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Thus, he saved it temporarily and planned to see which one of them needed it the most. It would not make a big difference to boost any of them for the moment since they were equally good. On the other hand, the Dragon Slaying Beast, the Sun Phoenix, the Diamond White Tiger King, and the Dragon Spider were different. The resilience of the Dragon Spider was what Qing Shui looking forward to the most. Unsurprisingly, the defense was increased by 30% as well.

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