AST 2210 - Young Master Tai’s Women

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2210 - Young Master Tai’s Women

“You have such a nice thing and you’re interested in my wine recipe?” The woman was confused.

“Let me put it this way. I have at least three types of wine that can compare to your Fragrance Wine. However, I just want to expand my collection. Also, I can improve your recipe after getting it. I can add in some other things which should make it better than before,” Qing Shui thought and said indirectly.

The woman looked at the Plum Blossom Wine in her hand. There was only less than half a glass of wine remaining. She held it close to her lips and drank it. Qing Shui felt wonderful watching the crystal clear liquid running down the moist and pretty lips.

“I can give you the recipe. Forget about your own. But, can you let me taste it when you make the Fragrance Wine later?” Nalan Qing stared at Qing Shui and said.

“This is not a demand. I will give as many as you want by then. Ask for something else; I will fulfill your needs as long as they are within my limits,” Qing Shui said seriously.

“I don’t desire anything else. This is the recipe. Go away, I want to be alone,” Nalan Qing said as she put the recipe in front of Qing Shui and left.

Qing Shui had a look at the recipe; the ingredients stated could be easily found. Yet, there were some requisitions such as to be exposed under the sun for certain length of time, a measure of exposure to be air dried, what the ratio was and so on.

After obtaining the recipe, Qing Shui and Young Master Tai left the Fragrance Shack. They were upset and wondered if they had just been chased away.

“Younger brother, since we are here, we shall visit my place no matter what!” Young Master Tai said to Qing Shui at that moment and he walked out of Nalan Qing’s.

Qing Shui initially wanted to go back, but after listening to Young Master Tai, he thought and nodded, “Alright, sorry for troubling you.”

“What are you saying? Regardless of how you see me, whether as a foppish man or a useless son of a rich man, I will still treat you as my brother. I said it before; I will return the favor. Don’t think that I’m unrealistic. There is no unconditional love or hate without reasons in this world anyway,” Young Master Tai sounded serious.

Qing Shui never thought that this fellow could say something factual like this. This statement was very true, just like how a man likes a beautiful woman. A woman’s beauty could be a valid reason, even though it was superficial and brutal. This was just an excuse.

“Alright, let’s go then. I will have a friend in the Pure Domain next time,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Haha, okay, I have a friend now too! You are my first friend,” Young Master Tai said seriously.

Qing Shui gave Young Master Tai a perplexed look.

“Don’t give me that look. Disreputable friends, those who enjoy the good moments with you, there are many of them. After all, I’m just a young master without much power. Those friends don’t actually treat me as a friend and we all know that very well. I don’t have genuine friends. Although I have a good background, maybe because of my own ability, I can’t get real friends. You are my first actual friend.”

Qing Shui understood. This fellow was the only son of the family after all. Great warriors would be protecting him. Qing Shui could sense that. Usually, without a real life threat, these people would not show up. As a warrior, one could not break through without experiencing dangers and obstacles.

Taiqing Immortal Palace!

It required a certain foundation to be able to bring the title of Taiqing in the Pure Domain. Taiqing Immortal Palace was one of them. In the Pure Domain, Taiqing Immortal Palace was in the top ten. The top ten knew each other personally despite being opponents or competitors. As for the name of a Sect, if one could claim the name of Taiqing, nobody would question it.

Yet, without strength, they would not dare to carry the title even if it was given to them. In general, a force carrying the name of the domain indicated that it was able to represent the whole domain. It would face some external challenges such as the threats from the powerful forces around it.

The Taiqing Immortal Palace had been standing for ages. It was definitely an enormous thing in the Pure Domain. However, it was a great challenge for them in the Young Master Tai’s generation. It was difficult to get over this generation. Young Master Tai’s children were growing up too. They needed the next few generations to compensate for it.

The connection at Young Master Tai’s level was nearly broken. It required several subsequent generations to compensate for the loss. The Main Continent emphasized on inheritance. It could not be stopped. The biggest responsibility of Young Master Tai in his life was to pass on the generations.

Qing Shui felt amused whenever he thought about this issue. If it were in the past life, countless people would be envious of his life.

Taiqing Immortal Palace was extremely magnificent. It was Qing Shui’s first time seeing such a big sect. Previously, Qing Shui had seen many big sects, but they were still different from the Taiqing Immortal Palace.

It occupied more than half a mountain range. It was the Taiqing mountain range, and the Taiqing Immortal Palace occupied more than half of it. The enormous mountains had their summits flattened out. Some only had a small part of it flattened, some had a large portion of it flattened. Mountains were generally in a conical shape; the bottom would be wider and the top would be narrower. If a smaller part of the summit was flattened, it would be taller but there would be less land available for construction. If a bigger part of the summit was flattened, there would be more land for construction and activities.

“The higher up the mountain, the higher the status of the person who stays there,” Young Master Tai said casually. Then, he led Qing Shui flying towards the highest mountains.

It was one of the highest mountains in that place, and it was the house of Young Master Tai. Although it was very high above the ground, the floor space was wide. There were several hundreds of houses. Besides, there were gardens, river streams, bamboo forests, and so on.

After entering the compound, many women were seen. To Qing Shui’s surprise, these women were all Young Master Tai’s wives. All of them were beauties and there were several tens of them at once.

There were some kids who were young in general, about five to six years old. There were also ones who were two to four years old; the eldest looked like eight to nine years old.

These women were obviously stunned after seeing Qing Shui. After all, it was the first time Young Master Tai brought someone to his house. Furthermore, it was a young and unfamiliar guy.

“This is my brother Qing Shui. They are all my women and these are my kids…” Young Master Tai introduced.

Qing Shui’s women did not stay together. Plus, Qing Shui did not have so many women. They were several times less than his. Qing Shui greeted these women with a smile. He took out some Beauty Pellets to hand them as gifts. Women liked this the most. Qing Shui had many Beauty Pellets and he could not finish them all by himself anyway.

These women were indeed happy. They greeted Qing Shui before leaving shortly after. However, one did not leave. This woman looked mature and decent. A little boy stood beside her, around eight to nine years old. He had a slim and lean body; he looked beautiful and had a fit body.

This woman was quite the beauty; Qing Shui knew she was Young Master Tai’s legal wife without even thinking. At that moment, she made a pot of tea and served it to Qing Shui and Young Master Tai, “Don’t be formal in your own house.”

“Sister-in-law, let us help ourselves,” Qing Shui took over the teapot in her hands. Since he became Young Master Tai’s friend, he had to treat people around Young Master Tai better. Treating them well showed that Qing Shui respected him and looked highly upon him.

“This is your own house, no worries. Yijian, come and meet uncle,” The woman smiled and said. She did not argue with Qing Shui and let him take the teapot.

The teenage boy looked at Qing Shui curiously, “Are you very great?”

“Why do you ask so?” Qing Shui asked in response.

“A person who can make my father bring him home cannot be an ordinary person. Do you have some special abilities?” The teenage boy asked again.

“Yijian, don’t be rude.” The woman said softly at that time. She was very gentle even when she scolded her child.

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