AST 2211 - Got a Godson, Tai Yijian

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2211 - Got a Godson, Tai Yijian

“Yijian, don’t be rude,” The woman said softly at that time. She was very gentle even when she scolded her child.

Qing Shui smiled and said it was alright. Then, he looked at Tai Dashao, “You seem like a good father.”

Tai Dashao showed an awkward smile and replied, “It’s his mother that is good.”

Qing Shui recalled that he had collected some Growth Pills, Aptitude Pills, and Potential Pills. He took out some and handed them over to the young man, saying, “This is my gift to you.”

Tai Yijian looked at Qing Shui. Then, he looked at Tai Dashao and his mother.

Tai Dashao smiled, “Quick, say thanks to your uncle. He is the strongest Alchemist your father has ever seen.”

“Thank you, uncle!” Tai Yijian said happily.

“Do you want to become a strong warrior?” Qing Shui looked at the young man and asked.

“I want to! Very much!” Tai Yijian said with a straight face.

Qing Shui remembered the orphaned siblings as he saw this young man. They came and joined the Qing clan and now, they had become very strong as well. They treated Qing Shui like their own father. However, they had yet to figure out their own origin.

“You have a great aptitude. The Taiqing Immortal Palace would not be short of ways to breakthrough. The only thing that worries me is your foundation. Let me teach you some fist techniques. Every morning, you will spend two hours for training. Can you do that?” Qing Shui asked.

“Yes!” Tai Yijian was determined.

Qing Shui then taught him the Taichi Fist and the Yu Emperor Fist. He did not forget about Tai Dashao and the woman.

“Sister-in-law, you shall know by now. This is a great thing, but it requires a solid understanding of it. You can teach this to anyone. In fact, there are some people who already knew about this technique, but there aren’t many of them. However, there would probably be a lot of them in the future,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Thank you. I got it,” The woman said and nodded.

“Younger brother, I guess I’ll only be at my current level for my entire life; I won’t become a strong warrior. However, I do have a request. Can you promise me one thing?” Tai Dashao thought and said in a serious tone.

Qing Shui was surprised by Tai Dashao’s straightforwardness but he quickly nodded, “Say it. I’ll promise you if I can.”

Qing Shui remembered the Star God Pendant. As long as it was not something too difficult, he would agree.

“I want you to take Jian`er as your godson,” Tai Dashao sounded solemn.

Qing Shui was perplexed. Even the woman was taken aback. The woman stared at Qing Shui intensely at this moment. She knew her man very well. Though he was foppish, he was very rational. Although his strength was just moderate, he had some perspectives. It seemed like this man was extraordinary, given that her husband held him in such high regard.

“You trust me that much?” Qing Shui asked.

“Haha. I may have no other abilities, but my eyes are fine,” Tai Dashao smirked.

“You won’t have any regrets?”

“Surely not,” Tai Dashao replied in all seriousness.

“Alright, I promise. I have more than five godchildren and a few students. It’s true that people trust me. They will meet each other when they grow up later,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Tai Dashao smiled. He said, “It seems like there are many others who have eyes as bright as mine.”

“Jian`er, meet your godfather. Next time you see him, treat him the same way you treat me,” Tai Dashao turned around and said to Tai Yijian.

Tai Yijian lived in a big clan and was experienced. At that time, he bowed to Qing Shui earnestly. After the kowtow session, Qing Shui carried him up, “Jian`er, from now onwards, you are my godson. I don’t care how you act in your clan, but I wish you will remember something in the future. Have a kind heart and don’t do any unethical things that cross the line.”

“I will,” Tai Yijian’s said solemnly; his young face looked tensed up.

Qing Shui patted his head, “Don’t be so tense. The rules are quite loose. This is for you. Take it as your welcome gift. However, remember not to rely on it and only use it if you’re in grave danger.”

The gift was the Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring. Previously, Qing Shui got a large piece of it. Now, Qing Shui made some rings from the stone and now, Tai Yijian owned one. Qing Shui also told him how to use it and advised him not to be dependant on it too much.

Tai Yijian was very bright; he got used to the way of using it soon. Again, he told Qing Shui seriously, “I won’t rely on it.”

Tai Dashao appeared hopeful and full of aspirations. This item was very rare. Even the Taiqing Immortal Palace did not have such a good item. Nevertheless, he said nothing despite his interest in the item. It was the most pleasant thing that his son could obtain one since Tai Yijian would rule the Taiqing Immortal Palace in the future. If there were no accidents, he would become the head of the Tai clan.

“You don’t have strength so take one to protect yourself. I don’t have many. I can’t give you any more than this,” Qing Shui cordially said and gave one to Tai Dashao.

Tai Dashao did not accept, “It is too precious and you’ve said it yourself. You don’t have many. You have already given one to Jian`er. I’m not taking this. Plus, since my strength is weak, nobody would bother to touch me.”

“Stop the nonsense and take it when I give it to you. Remember to take every advantage possible. Otherwise, you won’t get it next time,” Qing Shui stuffed it into his hand.

Tai Dashao looked at Qing Shui gratefully, “I have nothing for you in return. I guess you won’t even want the ones that I have.”

“The pendant that you gave me last time is now with Beihuang Fan. It is comparable to this ring. Now, you can be assured,” Qing Shui said.

“Don’t say that just to comfort me,” Tai Dashao retorted.

“Fine. Then I’m comforting you no more. Give it back to me, I’m not giving you any more,” Qing Shui held out his hand and said.

“Forget it. It is already in my hands. If I return it to you, you will be upset. I’ll keep it.” 

Tai Dashao was delighted after getting it. Qing Shui gave some training items to Tai Yijian, including a pair of clothes and weapons for forging, and some books on the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique. Qing Shui told him to choose the one that he liked the most and try his best in a week’s time.

Then, Tai Dashao dragged Qing Shui to meet the rest of his family.

Tai Dashao was the only son in his generation. However, there were many daughters, somewhere around a hundred or less of them. That was after many of them had died. In his father’s generation, there were about thirty members. Besides, they were all strong warriors. Around thirty of them had managed to survive until now.

In his grandfather’s generation, there were more than ten members. On top of that, there were three more generations. Yet, only about ten members were still among the living. These members were the actual pillars of the Taiqing Immortal Palace. Usually, they did not take part in the social affairs unless there was an unresolved issue in the Taiqing Immortal Palace.

Tai Dashao led Qing Shui to meet his father, a cultured and middle-aged man. He was very mature-looking. He somehow seemed to be younger than Tai Dashao.

This situation was not a big deal. It was very normal in the Main Continents.

“Nice to meet you, uncle!” As a junior, Qing Shui greeted him.

“Don’t be too formal. Treat this place like your own house. It is Dashao’s fortune to have a friend like you.” The man was very hospitable as he gestured Qing Shui to have a seat.

After a while, a beautiful lady entered the room. It was Tai Dashao’s mother. They greeted each other again.

As for Qing Shui, Tai Dashao’s father seemed to know about him. The Taiqing Immortal Palace should have known what kind of person Tai Dashao was in touch with.

“It is the fortune of both parties to be friends. There isn’t anyone who is more advantageous. Otherwise, the friendship won’t last long,” Qing Shui smiled as he replied.

“You’re right, but it is hard to make friends these days. It is a luxury to have one true friend in one’s entire life. In fact, many people don’t even have a true friend in their whole lives. When you are at your peak, you might have a bunch of friends. Once you fail, it is considered fortunate if they don’t strike you while you’re down,” The man said emotionally.

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