AST 2213 - Baiyang Clan’s Inheritance, Demon Hound Disease

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2213 - Baiyang Clan’s Inheritance, Demon Hound Disease

The Tribulation Evasion Pill was done. Although there were only two of them, one would be sufficient if the effects were strong.

Feeling mostly curious, Qing Shui examined the Tribulation Evasion Pill.

Tribulation Evasion Pill, used in False God Tribulation and Divine Tribulation. Able to lower the lightning in the air by 80% while increasing the success rate of overcoming the tribulation by 80%. Eighth grade.

Qing Shui got a little excited as he saw that. Initially, he thought it was to evade a tribulation, such as being able to skip the tribulation this time. In actuality, it was used to evade the power of lightning by 80%. With that, it could lessen the power of tribulation a lot.

At once, Qing Shui thought of the Treasure Basin and Hundred Treasure Chest as the eighth grade crossed his mind. He wondered if he could upgrade them, for example, upgrading to the ninth or even tenth grade. Would that further lessen the power of tribulation?

Qing Shui acted instantly. Unfortunately, he soon found out that it was not possible. Previously, the items were already improved, so he could not do it now.

Qing Shui did not give up and refined another batch at once. This time, he did not upgrade them in the Treasure Basin and the Hundred Treasure Chest before refinement. However, the two Tribulation Evasion Pills produced were only at the sixth grade, which meant they could only lessen the power of tribulation lightning in the air by 60%.

Then, Qing Shui put them in the Treasure Basin and upgraded them to the seventh grade. Next, he put them in the Hundred Treasure Chest and upgraded them again to the eighth grade.

Feeling satisfied, Qing Shui kept the Tribulation Evasion Pill. Though it was not a hundred percent, if he was still unable to go through the tribulation after being reduced by 80%, it was a waste to use the Tribulation Evasion Pill.

All those Redcloud Fruits and Tilted Moon Branch collected in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal were turned into Tribulation Evasion Pills.

Besides, there were Ninth grade Tribulation Evasion Pills. For each refinement, Qing Shui added the water imbued with the Great Sacred Buddha Stone, Spring of Life, and the extremely precious items.

The cost of making the Tribulation Evasion Pill was so great, it was intimidating. After all, the Spring of Life was too valuable and each refinement required one drop of it.

There was still a little bit of time so Qing Shui prepared the ingredients of the Fragrance Wine. He had to make it only when he entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal next time.

Qing Shui roughly modified the recipe of Fragrance Wine based on its foundation. Essentially, he added some other items like spices. For example, the Spring of Life and some precious herbs which were aged more than 10,000 years.

About noon, many people suddenly appeared in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. They carried a dead man and made a tearful scene, claiming that he had died after being treated by the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

These people were in a large group and almost surrounded the entire Imperial Cuisine Hall.

“Quack, come out! I want you to pay for my dad’s death.”

“Isn’t the physician here very good and skilled? How would he cause someone’s death?” Someone said.

“Even the Miraculous Physician would mistreat and kill someone. This isn’t a big deal. Any clinic would lose several lives,” Somebody continued.


Qing Shui was in the backyard initially. Zhang Yue walked in with a hurried look, “Master, I have mistreated and killed someone.”

Qing Shui surprised by Zhang Yue’s words. Judging from Zhang Yue’s Art of Healing, this should not have happened. He replied calmly, “Tell me. What happened?”

“Baiyang clan’s elder had caught the Demon Hound Disease. I only made an examination and he passed away,” Zhang Yue sounded upset.

“This is not your fault. They are purposely making trouble here. Let’s check it out.” Qing Shui led the way out as soon as he finished speaking.

The Baiyang clan. Qing Shui had heard about it. It was one of the several top clans in the Northern Emperor Domain. However, it had not approached the Divine Palace nor the Taiyi Immortal Palace in all this while. It was a rather mysterious force. He wondered what tricks they were up to all of a sudden.

It was already very crowded as Qing Shui came out. Many people were waiting to see how the Imperial Cuisine Hall would deal with it.

The current Imperial Cuisine Hall was very popular. Extremely famous, one might say. Yet, someone had died here and the others could not make any comments even if they wanted to. In fact, many people wanted to speak out for the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

“Ask the person-in-charge of the Imperial Cuisine Hall to come out. If he doesn’t, I will ruin this place.” 

Qing Shui did not speak. When he came out, the place became much quieter. However, not long after that, someone said, “The Miraculous Physician Qing from the Imperial Cuisine Hall came out!”

“Quiet down. Let’s see what the Miraculous Physician Qing has to say.”

Qing Shui had a look at the dead old man. It was indeed the Demon Hound Disease. This kind of illness had a rapid course and would be deadly in a split second. This dead man had the inherited Demon Hound Disease. Once activated, it was extremely agonizing as if the person were on fire. The blood would be boiled up and a virulent toxin would be produced instantly. There was a high fatality rate.

This illness was inherited, but it was not an absolute trait. Yet, anyone from this bloodline would be infected by it. It could be passed down to the next generation or more, up to several tens of future generations. The risk of activation was low, not even 1%.

The dead old man was Baiyang Tong who was a rather significant man in the Baiyang clan. Qing Shui felt troubled to meet an incident like this. For the moment, it did not seem like a deliberate scenario. Yet, it was very hard to defend himself now.

Qing Shui analyzed Baiyang Tong for a while and looked at the infuriated man standing beside the old man. He said, “There is an inheritance of the Demon Hound Disease in your clan; you should have known the situation at that time. He died before Zhang Yue finished examining him. I can confidently say this. Due to the time constraint, the old man could never escape this disaster.”

“You’re still trying to make excuses after killing your patient. What kind of Miraculous Physician are you? How are you considered kind-hearted?” The man said in rage.

“Correct. Everyone, look at him. This is his real face.”

“Yea. Everybody, look at this big liar.”

“But, we weren’t cheated. Instead, we received something that we can’t even pay back if we spend our entire fortune.”

“Indeed. It could be different from what we see.”

Some people spoke out for Qing Shui’s injustice.

“I knew it! He treated you guys like this for the sake of today’s incident. Did you guys see that?”

The man made many people go silent. It could be true. After all, nobody could be sure of an individual’s vicious mind. There were too many hypocrites.

Qing Shui shook his head helplessly while looking at the surroundings. He flicked his finger and a stream of Origin Qi tapped on an Acupoint of the Baiyang Tong’s child. Then, the opponent spat out foam at once as if he was having an epileptic attack and tore his own clothing.

Qing Shui noticed the dormant illness in this man and knew for sure that he could activate that. Thus, the man ended up this way in split seconds.

“Ah, the Baiyang elder was exactly like this just now.”

“It really was the Demon Hound Disease that was inherited in the family.”

“This disease doesn’t have a high risk of attack, so how come two cases happened today? Plus, they are father and son.”

“Indeed. It is so confusing. It is really unfortunate when things go the wrong way.”

Qing Shui stepped forward and took out the Gold Needles. He spent a tremendous effort to cure the man. Of course, he made an effort to show the whole process to the others.

The man was muddle-headed as he woke up. He looked at Qing Shui and the elder. Immediately, he felt lost, not knowing what to do. This Miraculous Physician had saved his life just now. If he kept clinging onto this issue, he would be regarded as unappreciative. Furthermore, if he suffered an attack like that next time, he would probably die.

However, if he didn’t pressure the Imperial Cuisine Hall, his entire clan would be doomed. He wondered what he should do.

The man was perplexed and looked stagnant.

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