AST 2214 - Nine Continents Names, Nine Continents Food Residence

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2214 - Nine Continents Names, Nine Continents Food Residence

Qing Shui was not an ignorant child. He had some experience. He definitely noticed the different expressions of this guy. Yet, Qing Shui did not force him but waited to see if the guy deserved his help.

Qing Shui did not mind to be doubted. It was not his first time being in this situation. A wise man is aware that he knows nothing, so Qing Shui watched the man and waited for his next move.

“Look, guys. The Miraculous Physician Qing cured him. If Baiyang came earlier, he might have been fine. This was fated.”

“Indeed. Miraculous Physician Qing has saved so many people. If he cared about money, why would he insist on treating the poor and even suffer a loss from the medical fees?”

“Yaya, it is not hard for a person to do something good, but it is hard to be persistent. Miraculous Physician Qing helped so many people after all these days. If he really did it in order to gain fame, he would not need to help so many people.”

“To gain popularity, why would Miraculous Physician Qing do that? Does he still need to gain popularity with his strength and the dishes of the Imperial Cuisine Hall?”



“Miraculous Physician Qing, I’m sorry, and thank you for saving me. My father came here but failed to hold on till you came,” The man said in a depressed tone.

“I hope you’re consoled. After all, your father died after the pulse taking here. Regardless, the Imperial Cuisine Hall is responsible. How about this? In the future, I can see ten patients from your Baiyang clan at any time and make them healthy,” Qing Shui proposed.

“Perhaps, there is no chance anymore. I have a guilty conscience, Mr. Qing. You have to be careful. Someone is targeting you. My Baiyang clan is only a little pawn at the front line. If the pawn can’t advance, it will be sacrificed next,” The man said bitterly.

Qing Shui was not surprised as he knew this situation would appear. If the man from the Baiyang clan still wanted to go against the Imperial Cuisine Hall, Qing Shui would not bother. For sure, Qing Shui would not get blackmailed either. For instance, he could activate the demonic dog disease in his body and refuse to treat him.

However, this man was very kind and did not persist. He even told Qing Shui that somebody was going against the Imperial Cuisine Hall, so Qing Shui decided to help him.

“If you trust me, I can help you. I will deal with those people. I can definitely keep your Baiyang clan safe,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

The man hesitated.

“Now that it has been done, what are you hesitating for? Just settle today’s issue like this. You’ve just said that your Baiyang clan is going to be finished. In that case, what is there to be undecided? Perhaps, I can help you. Is there anything worse than seeing your clan crumbling?” Qing Shui continued.

At once, the man exhaled a long breath. He nodded and said, “Let’s talk somewhere else.”

Qing Shui led the man back to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. The crowd dispersed since there was nothing to watch anymore.

In the backyard, Qing Shui and Baiyang Dian sat by the stone desk. Qing Shui poured a cup of tea, but Baiyang Dian had no interest in drinking it. Slowly, he spilled the beans.

“Mr. Qing, have you heard of the Nine Continents Food Residence?” Baiyang Dian said.

“Nine Continents Food Residence? No.” Qing Shui had never heard of it.

“Neither did I initially, but now I know that besides the Nine Continents Food Residence, there are also the Nine Continents Restaurant, Nine Continents Bank, Nine Continents Clinic…”

Qing Shui did nothing but listened quietly.

“This is a force which has achieved the top in a certain field, such as the Nine Continents Food Residence. They own strong warriors and these warriors are protecting the food residence. Their food residence is the Nine Continents Food Residence. That is the name of their headquarters. Yet, I don’t know what the names of the food residences under them are. The Nine Continents Food Residence liked the dishes of the Imperial Cuisine Hall, leading to an event like this.”

Qing Shui recalled that there was a very huge food residence in the Northern Emperor Domain, it was called Northern Emperor Food Residence. They sent someone here before and they seemed to have offered a price to buy the recipes. Naturally, Qing Shui did not sell it to them. Then, the issue was settled. Qing Shui couldn’t help but ask, “Does the Northern Emperor Food Residence belong to the Nine Continents Food Residence?”

Baiyang Dian nodded, “Yes. In fact, I only approached the Northern Emperor Food Residence. As for the Nine Continents Food Residence, I can never reach them.”

Qing Shui only discovered such a big network in the Nine Continents now. That was the core of the Nine Continents world. As for now, he felt it was an entry point today. Perhaps, he was really going to enter the main core of this world.

“How is the strength of the Northern Emperor Food Residence? How well do you know about it?” Qing Shui thought and asked.

“The Northern Emperor Food Residence is not any weaker than the Divine Palace. Yet, I heard there are a few strong warriors here now. They came for the Imperial Cuisine Hall’s matter. Mr. Qing, they are really very powerful. You have to think properly. These people are all the best. They have huge family backgrounds and forces that you can’t imagine.” Baiyang Dian sighed.

“No worries, I said I won’t allow anything to happen to the Baiyang clan and I will surely do it. I will check out the Northern Emperor Food Residence and solve this issue. I will try my best not to involve too many people.” Qing Shui stood up. If he decided to do it, he would do it as fast as possible. He reckoned the opponent was watching his actions carefully.

If he was not mistaken, the opponent should have known that Qing Shui was aware of their existence.

Baiyang Dian did not know how to convince Qing Shui. He heaved a sigh and left the Imperial Cuisine Hall. His heart was struggling. He was a kind man. He wished that the Baiyang clan would be safe and he also wished that the Imperial Cuisine Hall would be safe. If any accidents were to happen to the Imperial Cuisine Hall because of his clan, he would be very upset.

Previously, he was forced. All they wanted were just some recipes. Thus, he could only do so out of desperation.

Qing Shui saw Beihuang Fan as he went outside. She seemed to be waiting for him.

“What are you going to do?” Beihuang Fan asked.

“You are already trying to control your husband even before marriage.” Qing Shui looked at Beihuang Fan.

“Be serious.” Beihuang Fan did not smile.

“I’m going to the Northern Emperor Food Residence,” Qing Shui replied.

“I’m going with you.”

“What are you going for?” Qing Shui asked.

“I could ask you the same thing.” Beihuang Fan looked at Qing Shui. Even though she did not know why, she knew there must be something on his mind. She knew that the Northern Emperor Food Residence was very strong. Apparently, they were stronger than the Divine Palace and the Taiyi Immortal Palace.

Because of that reason, Beihuang Fan wanted to go together with Qing Shui.

“Alright. Let’s go then.” Qing Shui led the way out.

Qing Shui knew where the Northern Emperor Food Residence was. The Northern Emperor Food Residence was popular in the Northern Emperor Domain. There was only one Northern Emperor Food Residence in the Northern Emperor City. It was similar to the chain stores in his past life, but there was usually only one in each city here. Yet, there was also an exception.

There was only one Northern Emperor Food Residence in the Northern Emperor City, so there would be no mistake. Using the Nine Continents Steps, they arrived at a place near the Northern Emperor Food Residence. Soon, they saw the Northern Emperor Food Residence.

It was a huge compound of pavilions. This was a vast land with many buildings and courtyards. Many people went in and out of this place. Above the main entrance, four big words were stamped in gold.

Northern Emperor Food Residence!

Many luxurious beast vehicles were at the entrance. People came in and out continuously. There was a rich aroma of dishes wafting about. From the entrance, there was a wide and straight path which was very, very long. Many beast vehicles entered using this access point. Those who made the entrance should have some sort of status. This was the most high-class food residence and restaurant in the Northern Emperor City.

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