AST 2224 - The Golden Yaksha’s Tribal Characters

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2224 - The Golden Yaksha’s Tribal Characters

“There were too many who wanted to kill me, but I'm still alive and kicking while they've turned into dust,” Qing Shui said as he voided the old man’s attack and used the Buddha Wisdom Seal.

Qing Shui's current defense was overwhelming. It exceeded 160 billion Dao and was definitely exceptional. That was Qing Shui's greatest skill.

Buddha Bright Seal!

Qing Shui used the Buddha Seal and a golden light filled up the air on the opposite side. In a split second, an identical Golden Yaksha appeared and clashed with the Buddha Seal. The figure was frozen but did not disappear. Next, two Golden Yakshas dashed towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was startled. That was a great battle skill. It was even greater than the one used by the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master. 

The real shadow!

Qing Shui was extremely cautious; he sealed his hands quickly and used the Windwhisk Willow to pass through.

Buddha Diamond Seal!

Qing Shui used the Nine Palace Laws Gravity Technique subsequently.

In the Nine Palaces, Qing Shui was the King. Once entered, anyone would get distracted unless he broke the Nine Palaces.

The Elder Golden Yaksha was slowed down to the maximum. If it were not for his selection of abilities, he would have been killed by Qing Shui.

The real shadow lasted for around one minute before it finally vanished. Qing Shui used the Dragon Capturing Hands at once.


A violent dragon roar was followed by a stunning enormous dragon which dashed towards the Elder. Qing Shui wanted to see if the real shadow could be used again.


He did not use it this time which caused Qing Shui to wonder if he could not or chose not to. At that moment, Qing Shui used the Stellar Transposition.

A soft, white beam struck at the right timing on the Golden Yaksha who was still dizzy.


A distinct and clear voice was heard as blood oozed out from the Golden Yaksha’s mouth corner, while he was thrown back far away. Qing Shui was surprised by the power of this old man that he somehow did not kill. He was only badly injured and would recover within a week if he was put under rehabilitation.

Qing Shui regretted his action and was perplexed by the opponent's strength. However, little did he know that the Golden Yaksha was even more taken aback. It was a world-shaking moment for him. He had never experienced something like that before.

The Golden Yakshas were renowned for their strong bodies and many warriors of the same level could not break their defenses. This Elder was a great man among the Golden Yakshas. However, he was severely hurt by a young man just a moment ago.

The Golden Yaksha had to battle with a lower battle strength if he continued, but he would regret immensely for the rest of his life if he stopped there. His cultivation would also be halted. Thus, he had to kill Qing Shui.

He wiped the blood stain on his face. The golden fork gave out a striking golden beam in his hands, especially for the first two forks. They were shining brightly like a little sun.

God’s Blessing!

A golden beam lit up on his body again and violent energy arose. Qing Shui frowned, acknowledging that this old man was extraordinarily strong. Since he had already tasted Qing Shui’s attack and dared to continue, he must be capable to withstand the Stellar Transposition now.

Next, the Golden Yaksha shrunk one-third, returning to his original size. Yet, the golden beam was shining even brighter. Some mysterious symbols and characters hid in the golden beam. They were lingering around his body, giving out a powerful and ancient mystical energy.

Tribal Characters!

Qing Shui looked depressed. No wonder the Golden Yaksha swore to kill him today. The Golden Yaksha had found the Tribal Characters.

Not every tribe had Tribal Characters. Only the ancient and powerful forces owned them. Plus, not every one of the tribe could find the characters. Only the genius could do it. The power of characters was related to their own strength as well. The stronger a person was, the stronger the power of characters.

Mysterious characters were displayed on the golden fork. Qing Shui was stunned by the Golden Yaksha’s strength. How could he get through this alive?

“Go to hell!” The Golden Yaksha rushed to Qing Shui suddenly. His strength and speed increased tremendously in the process.

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Qing Shui used the Heavenly Vision Technique and was perplexed. There were characters everywhere under the golden sky, except for two places. Qing Shui did not think twice and jumped to one of the places.

It was surprising to the outsiders, seeing Qing Shui evading the Golden Yaksha’s attack. Even the Golden Yaksha was stunned. The energy consumption for the activation of characters was great. He would use up all his Origin Qi within a quarter hour.

Hence, he had to finish the battle as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would have to give in to others.

The Heavenly Vision Technique was magical. Besides seeing through the real and fake, it could also recognize this kind of shadow. Qing Shui was confident now. He recognized that the Golden Yaksha was only quick initially and now appeared ordinary.

Qing Shui saw a spot using the Heavenly Vision Technique when he evaded. He used the Divine Weapon Flying Sword at once.


Then, the Golden Yaksha’s left shoulder was penetrated directly.

“What's that?” Many people doubted their own eyes.

“Younger brother, it's a surprise that you have such a great sword, a Flying Sword…” Yunlong sounded a bit perplexed.

“It is not about the Realm. It's an actual weapon,” Beihuang Yu said in astonishment.

The Golden Yakshas were shocked too. They wondered what was the thing that had penetrated the shoulder of a strong Ye Clan warrior. If it had penetrated the brain instead, he would be instantly killed.

Gouging Strike!

Qing Shui made his strike once again.

Returning sword!


The big head of the Golden Yaksha was chopped off by the Flying Sword. As it entered the neck of the Golden Yaksha, Qing Shui made the Flying Sword wider and larger.


The huge head fell onto the ground and made a dull noise. Everything was in complete silence now. It was so quiet that it made people anxious. Qing Shui had killed the leader among the four and the other Golden Yakshas were frightened. That sword was deadly. It could slash and kill a super capable warrior of the Ye Clan easily.

“Let's go! Kill him!” The remaining three leading men exchanged looks. Though they were frightened, they understood that they could not let this young man live. They had to go all out in order to kill him. Otherwise, it would be disastrous for the Golden Yakshas in the future.

Besides them, the rest of the Golden Yakshas behind made their moves as well.

The three of them were as good as the Golden Yaksha which was killed by Qing Shui. If they combined their strengths, Qing Shui could hardly win. Furthermore, people around him could never withstand that. Qing Shui used the Emperor’s Qi and the Art Of Pursuing instantly. He enclosed the whole region with Area Dominance.

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