AST 2225 - Beihuang Fan Could Help Qing Shui to Break Through?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2225 - Beihuang Fan Could Help Qing Shui to Break Through?

Qing Shui sensed a chill when he saw all of them coming together. After a moment of thinking, he reckoned it would be better to step back for the moment. He had already killed one of them so they were worried and angry. Hence, he brought his men and returned to the Formation.

The opponents were surprised to see Qing Shui retreating, but they would not back off right now. If they did not kill Qing Shui now, the Golden Yakshas would lose their dignity. Plus, they had burning hatred within them now.

“Their realm is too high, probably at the Cave Realm now,” Beihuang Fan said softly beside Qing Shui.

“Cave Realm?” Qing Shui was confused.

“When you reach a certain level and achieve the Divine Connection Realm, the Cave Realm is the next level,” Beihuang Fan elaborated.

Qing Shui was only at the Half-step Divine Connection currently while Beihuang Fan was at the Peak Divine Connection. Qing Shui was her key to breaking through and attaining the Cave Realm. The moment she falls in love with this guy, she would instantly breakthrough to the Cave Realm.

Qing Shui did not realize the huge discrepancy of realms between them until now. He would never break the defense without the Flying Sword and the Stellar Transposition. Fortunately, he had a strong soul. The Nine Yang Body and Nine Yang Dragon Soul prevented him from being crushed.

Strength was essential but the realm was even more vital. The realm could improve the strength greatly up to several folds. The higher the realm, the greater the improvement and the bigger the discrepancy.

The man that Qing Shui had killed previously was only at the Peak Divine Connection Realm with strong raw strength. Qing Shui was at the Half-step Divine Connection, so he could hold his own to fight in general. However, Qing Shui had a strange feeling of the remaining three men. He reckoned he would be at a disadvantage even if he went one on one. Thus, he backed off.

Against the Cave Realm, Qing Shui felt that his Flying Sword and the Stellar Transposition would be ineffective. He reckoned the Stellar Transposition could hardly harm them and the Flying Sword would be evaded and neutralized.

Qing Shui realized the actual gap between some strong warriors and himself now. The difference in realms was like the ranking system in the past life. Unless the raw strength was much greater than the opponent’s, many techniques would seem weak and pale.

The violent body of the Ancient Pure Breed Desolate Beast could probably break through the realm. For example, if Qing Shui achieved the level of the Ancient Pure Breed Desolate Beast, he could murder all the opponents with a lower realm.

It was difficult to upgrade the realm because it relied on fortune. Qing Shui was satisfied with his realm before this, but now he realized that the actual geniuses were much greater. For instance, Beihuang Fan had surpassed his strength substantially. Yiye Jiange and Tantai Lingyan were at the Divine Connection Realm as well, but they had not attained the Peak Divine Connection.

Beihuang Yu and the Demon Gate Junior Sect Master were at the Divine Connection while Beihuang Yu was at the middle stage of the Divine Connection Realm. Previously, he was at the beginner stage. After a Divine Tribulation, his realm had been upgraded.

Qing Shui was sometimes envious about others experiencing many tribulations while he had not. When you gained some, you lost some. The others might be avoiding the tribulations, but he was longing for them.

Qing Shui was lost in his thoughts. Beihuang Fan saw Qing Shui and touched him. She asked, “What are you thinking?”

“Nah, the fellows want to break the formation.” Qing Shui noticed the three Golden Yakshas attacking the great formation together.

Mighty waves beat the shore, the water splashed as if a huge dragon was there. The violent energy almost overturned the underwater ground. However, the formation remained still. Qing Shui was confident in the seven-fold increase by the Formation Eye Stone. If it was broken by force, Qing Shui would have thrown away the Formation Eye Stone.

“Little bastard, come out if you can. It's not good for a man to hide!” After a long while, the opponent tried to provoke Qing Shui when their attempts to break the formation failed.

“Such a shameless group, and you still have the audacity to criticize me. You are physically big but mentally slow. You can't even break a formation when there are so many of you,” Qing Shui replied slowly and calmly.

“Come and fight with me if you're a real man,” The Golden Yakshas were frustrated and one Elder said.

“I'm still young. My weapon is sharp and bright. Although you still have yours, unfortunately, it's useless now. I heard you have found a few young women recently but couldn't satisfy them. I wonder if it's true,” Qing Shui was talking nonsense.

Beihuang Fan was speechless. This guy would really say anything...

“You, you crap! I can satisfy them just fine.”

Qing Shui was stunned. It seemed like this old guy actually had a few women. The Golden Yakshas were highly reproductive, so Qing Shui simply made a statement. After all, it was normal to have a few women for a man with power and status.

A man could accept having a not so powerful cultivation but could never accept being criticized for his sexual ability. Men would never succumb to the aging process. This also went for the Golden Yakshas, especially for the men's pride. He was an excellent leader who was experienced and consistently great. He could not help but answer to Qing Shui.

He was irritated by Qing Shui and lost his mind. Not only did Qing Shui’s men laugh, but also several Golden Yakshas could not hold back their laughter as well.

“I will kill you.” The Elder was enraged.

“Break my Formation first. Let's go back and have some tea in the meantime.” Qing Shui led his men back to the Sea King Palace.

“Everybody, enjoy your meal. Leave them be for two days.” Qing Shui headed to the backyard; he wanted to be alone.

Realm. He needed a higher realm. Only via breakthrough and achieving the Divine Connection could he be confident in cleaning the mess outside. Or else, the old Golden Yakshas out there would be able to kill all of them.

Qing Shui had one of his feet in the realm now. After all, he was at the Half-step Divine Connection at the present. There was only a little bit of improvement left before the actual Divine Connection Realm.

The difference of this half-step was great. After making the improvement, a lot of Qing Shui's abilities would be enhanced and he would not get oppressed. Qing Shui had a strong output power, but some stronger warriors could still control him. For example, his Stellar Transposition at the Divine Connection Realm of 150 billion dao would be reduced to half or more. Contrarily, the opponent would have vital energy increased up to several times. Hence, the ability to cancel attacks would be lost.

Besides, the strength would not increase without the realm upgrade. A frog at the bottom of a well was destined to be limited for life. It felt like it traveled the entire world, but it had only walked around the bottom of a well.

The Divine Connection Realm was divided into beginner, middle, late stage, peak, and the Half-step Cave Realm.

Beihuang Fan was almost at the Half-step Cave Realm.

At that moment, Beihuang Fan came forward and asked, “Are you thinking about the Realm?”

Qing Shui looked at this overwhelming beauty and said, “It is difficult for a smart woman to get married.”

“I have ways to help you break through to the Divine Connection. However, I can't help you in breaking through to the Cave Realm,” Beihuang Fan continued.

Qing Shui's eyes brightened. She could help him break through to the Divine Connection! As soon as he attained the realm, he could handle the people outside and he would not get oppressed himself. In the warriors’ world, it was a natural law for the higher realm to oppress the lower realm. It was a fixed and unchanged rule.

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