AST 2226 - Ancient Drawing Of Divine Realm, A Good Item

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2226 - Ancient Drawing Of Divine Realm, A Good Item

Qing Shui looked at this wonderful woman. Her eyes were like gems and the prettiest stars in the sky. Her skin was fair and alluring that tempted him to have a bite. Her silky black hair was tied up casually with a red hair tie. Her neck was slim and her breasts were full and rounded. They were so captivating and perfectly shaped, making people thirst for a touch.

“I haven't touched them for so long. I’ve missed them so much...” Qing Shui moistened his lips while staring at her without blinking. He almost made his move.

“If you're not interested in the breakthrough then I'll leave.” Beihuang Fan turned around and walked away.

Qing Shui grabbed her hand quickly and tightly, “I want to! How do I do that?”

“Truthfully, you could have achieved the breakthrough in realm much earlier. You just haven't had the opportunity to. I have a painting here. You can have a look. Perhaps you can break through.” Beihuang Fan gave a drawing to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui opened the scroll. It was an ancient painting with mountains and a lake on it. There were woods and flowers, birds and fish, beasts and insects…

The drawing was lively. There was a vaguely human figure on the distant mountain. The figure had a distinct charm but a blurry shadow, unable to identify the gender.

Qing Shui rested his eyes. He sensed a magical rhythm just now. This painting was magical which gave him a strange feeling and stirred his emotions. This painting might really help for his breakthrough.

“What painting is this?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

“This is the Ancient Drawing of Divine Realm. It is only helpful to those below the Divine Connection Realm,” Beihuang Fan smiled and said.

“Most people are below the Divine Connection Realm. This is really a good item then.” Qing Shui looked at the drawing. It was full of spiritual energy.

“The Ancient Drawing of Divine Realm has different grades too. There is a better one which is effective for the Cave Realm warriors. That item is invaluable,” Beihuang Fan explained.

“Even this one is invaluable. Aren't you afraid that I would not return it to you?” Qing Shui smiled.

“You have already given me too much. I'll give it to you if you like it.” Beihuang Fan knew Qing Shui was joking but she still thought it was a bit low.

“Yeah, right. You belong to me, so this belongs to me as well,” Qing Shui said happily.

“Anyway, take a look at the drawing. I have to leave first.” Beihuang Fan filtered some of Qing Shui's words. She skipped the argument since this guy would not stop and she would lose eventually.

Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and studied the drawing diligently. There was strange invisible energy on the drawing. It was neither spiritual energy nor spiritual Qi. It was a bitter sense as if one was staring down from the peak of a mountain. Looking at the people below from a higher ground, it was a feeling beyond description.

The Realm could only be experienced, but could never be put into words. The Realm was a journey, just like comparing a great and established event host with someone who had never been on stage. The difference of realm was an understatement.

Qing Shui gazed deeply at the drawing. Suddenly, the scene changed and he saw his previous battle. He saw the Golden Yaksha performing and the thoughts during the battle. The scene changed again; this time it was about two people in the battle. The entire ground was shaking and the mountains were breaking.

Soon, the scene changed again. Two demonic beasts were fighting now. A gigantic vicious monkey which was dark and hairy appeared. Its black hair was more than a meter long and very thick. Its opponent was a big demonic beast with an elephant’s head and a lion’s body.

Dong dong dong!

The vicious monkey pounded on its chest crazily and the dull and loud noise seemed to come from the ground. It sounded like battle horses galloping. Next, an insane roar was heard, as if it was going to pierce through the heaven.

The gigantic Elephant Lion Beast let out a terrifying roar. The roar turned physical and brought a huge cyclone, dashing to the vicious monkey. It was as fast as a tornado. The Elephant Lion Beast pressed on the vicious monkey with its mountain-like body.

Bang bang…

The loud crashing sound was ringing like a big drum. Dust flew around, stones and sand were brought up in a whirl. Both of the strength-driven demonic beasts kept on running into each other. The Elephant Lion Beast had two ten meters long tusks which were the most imposing and threatening killing body parts. In a blinking light, a golden beam shone ten meters away. It dashed to the vicious monkey.

The vicious monkey dared not go against the scary long tusks despite its strength. It made a huge leap and evaded the attack.


The Elephant Lion Beast destroyed a small hill behind the vicious monkey.

The vicious monkey fell from the sky, a muscular leg stepped on the huge Elephant Lion Beast’s body.


The Elephant Lion Beast arched its back, letting out a great and loud roar.


The lingering Origin Qi could be seen dispersing and a jungle nearby was flattened as a result.

The vicious monkey was extremely agile. It was suddenly holding a huge stick, seeming like a fire-plow but much bigger. It was as thick as the waist of an adult man and ten meters long. It fitted just nice in the vicious monkey’s hand.

The Elephant Lion Beast swiftly raised its forelimbs. It bent its huge head back, piercing its sharp tusks at the vicious monkey.

The vicious monkey did not go hard on the Elephant Lion Beast but drifted swiftly. The black stick was smashed abruptly with a heavy force.

It was not over just yet. A strong wind blew out all of a sudden. A Dragon Horn Lion which was several hundred meters tall emerged and dashed over. Its huge claw blew off a summit easily. It was stunningly strong. Next, it pressed down the Elephant Lion Beast.


A big elephant head was spit out of its mouth and the Elephant Lion Beast was killed instantly. Opening its mouth again, shining lights were flashing all over. That was a shiny and attractive sword which was thrown at the vicious monkey. The vicious monkey was in turn glowing with black light. While swaying its black-colored stick, it was backing off simultaneously, showing that it was afraid of this enormous demonic beast.

Sharp fangs were blinking in the Dragon Horn Lion’s huge mouth. A whirlpool was formed and Qing Shui watched as the Elephant Lion Beast and the vicious monkey were flying towards its mouth.

Heavenly Technique!

This was the terrific Heavenly Technique of the Dragon Horn Lion. It simply swallowed them.

Qing Shui finally regained his consciousness. The scenes replayed in his mind and made him feel as if there was mystical energy gushing in his body.

Qing Shui knew his stagnant realm was progressing now, and it only took him half a day.

After taking a rest, Qing Shui watched it again.

Qing Shui understood now. This was increasing his battle experience. The drawing enabled the spectator to have actual battle experience of the Divine Connection Realm. That was indirectly increasing his battle experience and knowledge. The realm was stabilized in real battles as it was especially easy to break through in a life or death battle.

Qing Shui benefited greatly, but it was exhausting to watch. It seemed like he actually participated in the battle himself, so it should not be watched daily. It was considered frequent to watch once in several days. Naturally, nobody should experience a life or death battle in a short period.

The advantage of watching this was that it did not cause harm to one’s own life. Therefore, the effect was much weaker than an actual battle. However, this was meant for upgrading realms, especially for when one reached a bottleneck. On other days, it could enhance the battle experience and was very beneficial. One had to be clear between reality and the drawing, knowing how to differentiate between them. Otherwise, if one mistook an actual battle as the drawing, you wouldn’t have the leisure to be in great remorse after dying. Fortunately, it was uncommon for one to do so because reality was easy to be identified.

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