AST 2232 - The Powerful Guardian Beast and The Golden Wolf

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2232 - The Powerful Guardian Beast and The Golden Wolf

“You’ve killed so many of my people and yet, I’m the one pressurizing others with my power?” The old man said as he glared furiously at Qing Shui.

“They deserved to die. They only have themselves to blame,” Qing Shui retorted.

“Hah, they deserved to die? To put it plainly, it was the survival of the fittest. In that case, let’s speak with our fists instead. I’ll let you see what it means to be deserving of death. Your friends and family are humans, and so are mine. I’d love to see how you’d counter me.” The old man’s body glowed in gold, and aura swept across like a hurricane.

“Guardian, I’ll leave the formation to you.” With a bow towards the Golden Wolf, the old man spoke up.

The Golden Wolf nodded before charging towards Qing Shui. A lone horn atop its head was like a screw, sharp and reflective like a sword, as though it was emanating a golden shimmer.

As expected, this wolf was the Guardian Beast of the Golden Yakshas. Qing Shui watched as it charged towards him, nervous about the fact that it was planning to break his formation by force. It must have been quite confident in its own abilities to dare to attempt such an act.

Qing Shui was nervous. As much as he had faith in his formation, his opponent’s strength wasn’t something to scoff about either.


Just once and Qing Shui could already see cracks decorating the formation. His expression changed and hastily shifted his strength to the peak. Size was deceiving when it came to the Golden Wolf. While it was small, it had the power to break the formation. Once it succeeded, it would surely proceed to annihilate them.


Qing Shui summoned Diamond White Tiger King, the Battle God Halo Formation, and even the Buddha Diamond Seal.

At the same time, he summoned the Dragon Spider, the Dark Phoenix, and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant as well.


The formation was completely broken by the third hit, and like a meteor, the Golden Wolf sprinted towards Qing Shui, leaving a trail of golden halo surging behind it.


The Diamond White Tiger King let out a roar, enhancing its body with the Buddha Diamond Seal before charging towards its enemy.


The sound of collision reverberated throughout the field as Qing Shui witnessed the Diamond White Tiger King being flung aside. While its strength was decent, there was still a drastic difference between the Golden Wolf and the Diamond White Tiger King. There was no doubt that the Golden Wolf was an ancient species with cultivation even higher than the Diamond White Tiger King.

The almighty Diamond White Tiger King incurred internal injuries in that short amount of time, even with the fact that its forte was its defense.

Qing Shui hastily applied Emperor’s Qi, Art of Pursuing, and other tools that could combat his opponent.

Nine Palace Laws!

Qing Shui had just used it when the Golden Wolf charged towards him with the speed of light.

A mystical force enveloped him and Qing Shui could feel how the hair all over his body stood at attention and leaped away in a flash. However, he was still swiped at his left shoulder, bursting into a muddle of flesh and blood.

How terrifying!

Qing Shui felt the terror of its powers at that moment. The Golden Wolf was simply too dangerous. Even after the reduction in its stats, it still remained this powerful.

Following its successful strike, the Golden Wolf charged towards Qing Shui once again.

Stellar Transposition!

A flash of silver!


A crisp sound rang out as the attack landed atop of the Golden Wolf’s head. Qing Shui’s strike contained 140 billion Dao of power which bypassed any defense abilities.

However, all it did was cause the Golden Wolf to let out a howl. Its abilities far exceeded the number of Dao that were used, and besides that, the difference in cultivation between Qing Shui and the Golden Wolf was too drastic. Hence, it was resilient to the attack. Stellar Transposition negated defense but Qing Shui hadn’t gained the ability for it to overcome Heavenly Dao. The Golden Wolf seemed to grow furious at the attack.

The use of Stellar Transposition had left Qing Shui feeling disheartened. The process of Heavenly Dao wasn’t something he could just change, and so there weren’t any other ways to make progress. He could only aim to enhance the cultivation of his Heavenly Dao to combat his opponent. This way, even Stellar Transposition would grow more terrifying in power.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Qing Shui felt a wave of helplessness at the fast approaching Golden Wolf, and for the lack of better options, he summoned the Divine Weapon, Flying Swords.

Qing Shui was confident in his Flying Sword. With its abrupt appearance and speed as it flew towards the Golden Wolf, it seemed to suck in the surrounding air into its halo as it surged forward.


Its speed was too fast to be dodged completely. Even as the Golden Wolf moved out of the way, the Flying Sword managed to take a stab at it, shredding some of its fur. Drops of golden blood made their appearance in its place.

Ancient Golden Blood.


Just as Qing Shui’s Flying Sword made its return, the Golden Wolf let out a roar and a whirlwind of gold surrounded it. The air around them seemed to shift before the Divine Weapon, Flying Swords dropped abruptly.

The Golden Wolf then lunged towards the Flying Sword, the horn on its head clashing against the weapon.


A golden ray appeared, so bright that it seemed to pierce into your eyes. The Flying Sword was cast aside from impact despite Qing Shui’s control over it. His face changed at that. Who would have expected that the Golden Wolf would have such a Heavenly Technique? This was too scary. The Golden Wolf was like a tiger which had grown wings.

It could make everything around it fall in speed, much like Qing Shui’s Heavenly Vision Technique.

Speaking of the Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui had also used it in haste, affecting the Golden Wolf’s speed drastically as well.

The Golden Wolf was too sharp. Not only was it unbeatable in strength, its speed was highly threatening as well.

The old man on the opposing side didn’t move an inch. He had the utmost confidence in the Golden Wolf. It’d be disrespectful to the Golden Wolf if he decided to interfere now.

Spider Thread Bind!

The Dragon Spider shot its web towards the Golden Wolf.

Without sparing a single glance, the Golden Wolf lunged towards Qing Shui. The binding of the spider web didn’t seem to influence the creature as it dragged the Dragon Spider along. Its strength was simply much higher than the Dragon Spider’s.


A countless number of spider webs appeared on the Dragon Spider’s body as it shot towards the Golden Wolf. Snow-white cobwebs made their way towards the Golden Wolf.

It halted in its steps this time around, as though it was afraid of the webs. The golden glow on its body intensified suddenly and a whirlpool appeared around its horn, drilling its way into the webs.

The webs near it were torn apart by the action and it crossed through the hole.

The Dragon Spider let out a whine before shooting its webs towards the Golden Wolf again.


As though angered, it let out a roar and its body grew as big as a gigantic mountain. It was still shimmering in gold and there was a murderous aura emitting from its enormous stature. The webs wrapped their way around the body and just as it wanted to bind the Golden Wolf, a blast of golden flame escaped between the wolf’s sharp teeth.

The sharp claws tore apart the webs while it was at it.

As much as the web from the Dragon Spider wasn’t your normal cobweb, it was unable to withstand the Golden Wolf. Its golden flame reduced the webs to ashes, and its claws were able to pierce it apart.


The Dragon Spider let out a soft whine. In that instant, the Golden Wolf had already lunged towards it, its huge claws ready to tear the Dragon Spider apart.

Qing Shui’s eyes reddened at the side and with a mental shift, the Nine Continents Mountain appeared.

The mountain had about 6 billion Dao worth of attack power now and a chance of striking with its shield. It was too bad that this level of power wouldn’t be something that was a concern to the Golden Wolf. Its body collided against the Nine Continents Mountain and sent the mountain flying aside. Thereafter, without any reduction in speed, it charged towards Dragon Spider one more time.

Qing Shui’s eyes widened with rage. At this moment, when any help seemed too late, he shouted unconsciously, “Guardian Vine, save her!”

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