AST 2233 - The Guardian Vine Ended the Golden Wolf

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2233 - The Guardian Vine Ended the Golden Wolf

Qing Shui hadn’t felt so helpless in a long time. His opponent was too overwhelming, having complete control over the battle. This was the first time Qing Shui had felt the discrepancy in abilities. He didn’t know which realm the Golden Wolf belonged in, but it must have been a strong one. It was such a menacing existence.

Many Guardian Beasts had existed since ancient times. This Golden Wolf was one of these mystical existences, protecting Golden Yakshas and allowing them to exist this long. If it wasn’t for the Golden Wolf, they would not have obtained what they had today.

Qing Shui had always felt that his abilities were decent and that there weren’t many who would be able to injure him. However, he had severely underestimated the Heavenly Dao. Before Divine Connection, Heavenly Dao did not have much effect, but after that realm, the potential and effects it had were apparent. Even so, a person’s strength was still the foundation. Without it, the Heavenly Dao wouldn’t be able to help much. Besides, when the Heavenly Dao became superior, it would naturally allow his abilities to improve tremendously.

The Dragon Spider’s life was hanging by a thread and Qing Shui could do nothing but look at it happen helplessly. Their last hope in saving the Dragon Spider was the mysterious Guardian Vine.

Although Qing Shui was the one who grew it, it didn’t mean that he could order it around. This was the Guardian Vine’s pride in question.

Even though Qing Shui had shouted for help, he didn’t bear much hope. He was out of ideas. The formation had been broken and he wasn’t strong enough to counter their opponent. The Divine Weapon, Flying Swords, the Nine Continents Mountain, and the Stellar Transposition were all ineffective in countering its attack.

He had thought of using the Thunderous Beast’s Violet Lightning Strike to block it. However, against such a huge demonic beast, disabling it temporarily wouldn’t help much. They might be able to block it once but there would be another attack. Besides, it was too late to summon the Thunderous Beast. The Diamond White Tiger King may be able to sustain a few more attacks from the Golden Wolf, albeit barely, but it was also too late for that now.

If Qing Shui couldn’t trap their opponent, it went without saying that the Dragon Slaying Beast wouldn’t be able to either. It wasn’t fast enough and would only end up being knocked away by the Golden Wolf.

Hence, Qing Shui could only helplessly call for the Guardian Vine to save the Dragon Spider.

Just as Qing Shui was giving up hope and accepting that it was too late, a reverberating boom shook the ground.

A stalk of blood-red demonic vines spiraled towards the sky and trapped the Golden Wolf, the metallic smell of blood filling the air.

Roar, whimper…

There was no way of differentiating between a howl or a roar but it sounded miserable. The enormous Golden Wolf struggled fiercely against the binds, its sharp claws clawing at the bloodthirsty demonic vine ceaselessly.

Both the Golden Wolf’s fangs and claws were honed, to the extent where the almighty bloodthirsty demonic vine was injured as well, spewing blood from its wounds. It then used its bloody thorn and pierced into the Golden Wolf’s sturdy skin in retaliation.

Thereafter, its branches continued renewing and wrapping themselves around the Golden Wolf, unforgiving in binding itself around the creature. Layers after layers, it was as if it could go on forever. Its growth was fast and even the almighty Golden Wolf couldn’t break through those sharp thorns.

The Golden Wolf had been invincible before, but at this moment, Qing Shui thought it looked helpless. This left Qing Shui speechless. What kind of existence had he just awoken? What abilities did it have? What realm did it belong to?

In his moment of shock, the question about its realm resurfaced.

In the end, it was down to the bloodthirsty demonic vine’s years. Qing Shui didn’t know how long it had been alive. It had been around for a long time within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, absorbing Spiritual Qi, as well as Heavenly and Earthly Treasures. During the finishing touches, it had furthermore absorbed a countless amount of blood essence, awakening successfully.

This outburst of power startled Qing Shui beyond words. Some existences couldn’t be categorized within the five elements. Could it be that this was exactly what the Guardian Vine was?

After pondering for some time, Qing Shui still couldn’t comprehend it and gave up altogether. All he knew was that the bloodthirsty demonic vine was powerful and terrifyingly so.

The enormous Golden Wolf let out a horrible cry, the blood essence in his body was flowing by the minute. It was already surrounded by a countless number of demonic vines and bounded tightly by them.

Everyone at the Sea King Palace was on the edge. The Guardian Vine was too strong. It was so strong that it could end the Golden Yakshas’ Guardian Beast, the Golden Wolf at any second. Not to mention, the Golden Wolf was a superior existence in the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain.

The old man at the Golden Yakshas side paled at the sight. He could tell that their Guardian was facing its demise. It would be impossible to plea for the Golden Wolf’s survival from his enemies. They would be next to be annihilated when the Golden Wolf was killed…

With the intention of fleeing while they could, they began to retreat slowly. However, just as they turned, the bloodthirsty demonic vines emerged from the ground just like before, rushing upwards towards the sky and trapping the Golden Yakshas. They were the strongest men of the clan, the garrison.

Yet, they didn’t have any strength to retaliate.

The combination of screams and howls continued for an hour before disappearing altogether. The demonic vines disappeared along with them, leaving only the bloodthirsty demonic vines that weren’t magnificent in size at the Sea King Palace.

“Our sincerest gratitude to the Guardian Vine!” Qing Shui and the women bowed.

Thereafter, everyone else at the Sea King Palace offered their gratitude as well, unable to calm down from the exhilaration and pride. This was their shelter, the safest place for them to be in this dangerous way of life in the Main Continent. There was never any guarantee for their lives.

Now, though, the Sea King Palace would be a pure land. Its rise was destined.

The bloodthirsty demonic vines didn’t respond, remaining quiet as though it had fallen into slumber. It was a vine-type hence it wouldn’t feel lonely. Its consciousness could float a great distance away in this Ocean Domain.

The Golden Yakshas clan was finished. Since the death of the Golden Wolf, the fate of the Golden Yakshas had long been decided. However, there wasn’t just a branch of Golden Yakshas within Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain, so they wouldn’t be reduced to extinction. However, among the four great clans, they might be exterminated.

Without the Golden Wolf, the Golden Yakshas wouldn’t even be able to protect themselves against the Silver Dragon Palace as the latter also had a great Guardian Beast.

Guardians were paramount to a clan. It was their insurance. The reason why great clans could survive for long was because of the existence of their Guardians. Even if their generation of descendants waned out, having a Guardian would enable them to live peacefully. Once their Guardian was gone, enemies would attack them without restraint.

Qing Shui felt assured here. After this, they would expand and strengthen their own might before entering the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain. The Sea King Palace’s strength was increasing at an exceptional rate, but they still needed time. The formation of a great power required the hard work from generations of descendants and would require at least a few hundred years to achieve it.

Qing Shui bid the Guardian Vine farewell and returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall with the other women.

As the news of the Sea King Palace’s elimination of the Golden Yakshas’ Guardian Beast spread, many others gathered soon after his return. Even the story of his awakening of the Guardian Vine became widely known.

Awakening a Guardian Vine was akin to planting it. In the future, its terror would reflect upon Qing Shui as a figure to be feared. To be able to awaken such a grade of Guardian could only mean that their blood essence was extraordinarily strong as well. After all, it was the most crucial element to awakening a Guardian.

Nothing else needed to be said about Qing Shui’s blood essence in this case.

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