AST 2235 - Qing Shui's Gold Cave, Strength Growing Rapidly

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2235 - Qing Shui's Gold Cave, Strength Growing Rapidly

Double caves... To reach two caves the moment she attained a breakthrough. This was a talent blessed by the heavens. However, thereafter, another cave appeared behind Beihuang Fan.

To be reaching triple caves on the first breakthrough...

There were no further breakthroughs. It stopped at triple caves.

Beihuang Fan looked at Qing Shui, her gaze filled with struggles and then she turned to leave.

As Beihuang Fan slowly left and her beautiful figure went into the distance, fresh blood once again flowed out from the corners of Qing Shui's lips. However, at this moment, a vortex appeared behind him. Qing Shui's brows furrowed as if he was trying to bear with this intense pain.

Dark clouds suddenly filled up the sky. There were even some purple clouds amongst them, covering up the entire sky.


A bolt of lightning struck out toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui hadn't thought that comprehending this relationship would bring him a tribulation. Was this a gain from one's experience? Why did he have the feeling that the price he paid for this experience was too great?

A bolt of lightning struck Qing Shui. He didn't move, but the vortex behind him grew increasingly stronger, as if wanting to suck in the world around it.

Boom boom...

The densely packed lightning bolts kept landing, and only the snow-white lightning bolts could be seen in the sky.


A bolt of violent lightning struck down.

Qing Shui shivered, but it was his heart that ached. It was as if he had seen Tantai Lingyan when she had left. He wondered how she was doing. To think that he hadn't been able to suppress the powerful Demon King's Blood in her body.

His body ached and several huge violet lightning bolts landed on Qing Shui's body.


Qing Shui was in so much pain that it felt as if his body were going to break. It was as if his body was no longer his own. He let out a loud bellow into the skies, as if wanting to unleash the suppressed and irritating feelings in his body completely.

As he bellowed out, the vortex behind him slowly became a cave. Most importantly, it was in a faint gold color, but it was a cave.

Boom boom...

Lightning once again appeared in the sky. At this moment, a huge vortex appeared in the gold cave, sucking in all the wild lightnings in the sky. This was not all. Qing Shui also discovered a strange thing. The Thunderous Beast was in this cave.

For a moment, Qing Shui couldn't understand what was going on.

The lightnings in the sky kept on plunging down, but the gold cave was like a bottomless hole, drawing in all the lightning bolts no matter how many there were. The faint gold cave became increasingly condensed and glimmered. It was unlike any other caves.

At the very least, it was different from Beihuang Fan's caves from earlier, as well as the Golden Yakshas' caves.

Qing Shui felt that his physical strength was increasing as well. It wasn't increasing at a very fast speed, but it wasn't slow either. This was given to him by the lightning that had struck him.

The first few caves that appeared at the Cave Realm were very important. Most people would get one when they reached this realm, and geniuses might get two. Even very powerful geniuses would only have two. Having three was already a little heaven-defying and demonic.

Only in the legends were there people who would get four, but there probably weren't many people who had seen someone who had achieved this.

Slowly, together with the lightning, Qing Shui's gold cave stabilized. This cave was right behind Qing Shui, unlike how other people's which would be above their left or right shoulder. Qing Shui's cave appeared directly behind him, and it looked very different as well.

Roar roar!

The strength of the Thunderous Beast in the cave suddenly grew in leaps and bounds as it glimmered in violet light, having a striking appearance. The Thunderous Beast was a Divine Beast that controlled lightning, but it hadn't been able to encounter a suitable fortune and thus, didn't get stronger all this time. The Thunderous Beast was a control-type Divine Beast.

Qing Shui had no idea what changes the Thunderous Beast was going through, but it was now a lot stronger than it was before.

The dark clouds and the violet clouds in the sky continued to come down, and the gold cave no longer sucked them in. Therefore, all of them landed on Qing Shui. Despite that Qing Shui's body was very strong, he gritted his teeth and hung on. However, it was as if there was no end to the lightnings in the sky and Qing Shui started to panic.


Qing Shui couldn't hold it in any further, and once again let out a loud bellow. His hair floated up, the green veins on his body popped up. His muscles, that were tougher than steel, were tensed up tightly. Qing Shui continued to receive the countless lightning bolts that were coming down on him.


This time around, a cave appeared on Qing Shui's left shoulder. It looked very blurry, but he was certain that this was a cave, a second one.

Gradually, this cave took form and looked like other people's caves. It didn't draw in lightning either. Qing Shui's mouth was filled with blood and a thought struck him. He rapidly took out the Tribulation Evasion Pills and took one.

Instantly, he could feel a mysterious change going through his body. It was as if his body was a conductor. There were no changes to the lightning in the sky, but when they struck his body, 80% of them were conducted out. This made Qing Shui feel a little better.

The second cave took form, and the lightnings in the sky were reduced by half. This made Qing Shui heave a sigh of relief. He sensed that his strength had grown a lot and right now, his body was extremely powerful.

He had achieved a major breakthrough in his realm and had gotten stronger as well. With that, his ability to withstand the lightning in the sky also grew. Moreover, with the Tribulation Evasion Pill that he had taken, it would be much easier for him to brace against the next tribulation.

The third cave also gradually appeared.

Qing Shui glanced at it and heaved another sigh of relief. He was satisfied just for the third cave to appear.

He didn't feel that he was a person of great talent, yet it was true that he had some treasures and it could be counted as part of his talent as well. All in all, he already felt very satisfied to have the third cave appearing, considering Beihuang Fan's first breakthrough also brought her three caves.

Having three caves was already very terrifying. To have three caves appear on the first breakthrough was already the best achievement currently known, maybe with exception of the legendary warriors in the myths. A lot of the current top experts only had two of them back then.

The lightning in the sky reduced gradually, and the faint shape of a fourth cave suddenly appeared behind Qing Shui in the end. It was very faint, and one wouldn't be able to tell if they didn't take a close look. If they did, they would be able to see the faint silhouette of a cave.

Qing Shui was now in a very bad state. He was covered in wounds and in a great deal of pain, but on the contrary, he felt very happy and agitated. He had now reached the Cave Realm, and even the fourth legendary caves had appeared for him, spiking his battle prowess by an extreme amount. 

Having reached the Divine Connection Realm, his attacking prowess had increased by a lot. Right now, the attacking prowess of Qing Shui’s physical body was at 22 billion Dao Force.

Qing Shui's current strength was at 22 billion Dao Force.

He had a defense of 220 billion Dao Force.

The Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda would increase 20% of his defense and thus, Qing Shui's defense had reached 264 billion Dao Force.

The Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda and the Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda would increase his ability to block off attacks by 22 billion Dao Force. It was like Qing Shui now had a defense of about 280 billion Dao Force.

Qing Shui's Divine Weapon Flying Sword could fend off an additional 3.2 billion Dao Force, and increase his defense by 3.2 billion Dao Force. Qing Shui's current defense had reached about 290 billion Dao Force. 

This made Qing Shui's strength increase in leaps and bounds. It was too much. Most importantly, he had reached the Cave Realm. This realm was very terrifying. Just being able to reach the Divine Connection Realm was very terrifying. Many geniuses had never been able to truly step into the gates of the Heavenly Dao in their entire lives.

Qing Shui was covered in blood now. And then he realized, there were also demonic beasts that had appeared in his other two caves. Right now, Qing Shui had no idea if they were the real demonic beasts or just their spirits. It was the Diamond White Tiger King and the Dragon Slaying Beast.

Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal to take a look and realized that the demonic beasts were still there. This meant that the ones in his caves were strands of their spirits or consciousness. He had no idea what the meaning of this was. After all, he was still trying to figure out the Cave Realm.

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