AST 2236 - Won't Let You Leave Again

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2236 - Won't Let You Leave Again

The breakthrough this time really did surprise Qing Shui. It was because he skipped past the Half-Step Cave Realm

The reason something like this happened was related to Beihuang Fan. Although Qing Shui was happy now, he still felt upset at the thought of Beihuang Fan and about what happened the night before. Qing Shui liked this woman. There was no reason why a person would like another. It was like how there would be some women and no matter how beautiful they were, he wouldn't have the feelings of love for them.

The power of the secular world, as well as setbacks, would tend to produce huge impacts. He hadn't thought that a single change from Beihuang Fan—just a gaze, a single word, and the feeling of the change of the distance between them—would let him go through such a huge transformation.

After cleaning up, Qing Shui started to cultivate and temper the power increment he had just received.

The increment to Qing Shui's strength was very stable. After all, huge breakthroughs in one's realm would tend to stabilize one's foundation. Moreover, Qing Shui's primary ability was his defense, and it was easy to familiarize with it.

Nine Continents Mountain!

This Supreme Treasure's attacking prowess had also reached a terrifying 110 billion dao force. Moreover, it had its terrifying Shield Attack. The Nine Continents Mountain was very useful and could be used in battles from now on.


Qing Shui started to slowly study the caves. He thought of the cave with the Diamond White Tiger King. There was a White Tiger Divine Feet inside—something that was akin to a destined legacy's battle technique. Other than being able to provide the cultivator with Origin Qi and strength, the cave could also nurture beast spirits.

When the cultivator was injured, they could recuperate in the cave. The cave absorbed and purified powers from the world which provided Origin Qi, speeding up the person's cultivation. One could even reach the level of a Cave Heavenly Technique, which would have mysterious and unfathomable abilities.

Qing Shui sensed the Thunderous Beast in the gold cave. This should be a spirit, yet also like a Thunderous Beast that was formed from a type of energy. It held a terrifying electric force, and this spirit seemed to be like that of the ancient Desolate Beasts, emitting a terrifying aura.

Qing Shui attempted to mobilize the Thunderous Beast in the cave.


The Thunderous Beast darted out like a bolt of lightning crashing in the sky and sending smoke all around. Most importantly, its spirit didn't disappear, as if it were a real Thunderous Beast. A familiar power was transmitted into Qing Shui's body. Right now, he could use his consciousness to control this spirit.

Thunderbolt, Violet Lightning Strike, Violet Lightning Net.

There were no interferences from the outside world, and this continued on for about 15 minutes.

Qing Shui understood a little on how amazing the Cave Realm was. The Cave Realm allowed one to refine and nurture the spirits of demonic beasts. One could even change the beast spirits in the cave, allowing the cultivator to grasp a powerful battle technique of a demonic beast.

Controlling beast spirits wouldn't imply a distraction. It would be just like performing a battle technique.

After leaving, Qing Shui was in a bit of a daze. He didn't chase after Beihuang Fan earlier and didn't know if he should. A woman like Beihuang Fan wouldn't be pacified just by saying something good to her. However, she was still a woman. Would she be pacified if he were to say something nice?

Qing Shui walked to the front courtyard and saw that everyone was around. Beihuang Fan didn't leave either and this made Qing Shui very surprised. After all, with what had happened earlier, he felt that she would leave. Seeing that she didn't go away, Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief.

Earlier on, Qing Shui seemed to have comprehended a lot in an instant. He didn't worry too much about the gains and losses. He had an indescribable disposition, confidence, and warmth, but it wasn't sharp.

"Qing Shui, make us some food. I want to eat food that you make," Nuo Lan looked at Qing Shui and said happily.

Qing Shui smiled and nodded. When he headed to the kitchen, he had to pass by Beihuang Fan. Qing Shui looked at her and saw that she was smiling as she looked at him.

Although she was smiling, Qing Shui felt that they had grown further apart.

Qing Shui's footsteps were a little heavy and he walked over, telling himself that what's his would eventually be his. Things mustn't be forced. At least, he couldn't force a relationship. Even if he loved her, he wasn't willing to force her. Give up... Should he give up?

Qing Shui's internal struggles were very strong. He looked at Beihuang Fan and struggled intensely.

In the past, he had always taken the attitude of not forcing things. Thereafter, he felt that if he liked a woman, he would have to get his hands on her even if he had to do it by force. Of course, the prerequisite was that she loved him as well.

Qing Shui maintained the same stand. If the woman he liked likes him back, then there was no one who could break them apart. However, if she no longer loved him, then Qing Shui couldn't get himself to forcibly keep her by his side.

Suddenly, Qing Shui felt that someone was pulling on his hand and he shivered as he sensed that warm and beautiful hand, feeling great anxiety. His entire body seemed to be trembling as he looked at Beihuang Fan, having the anxious feeling as if he had lost something but gained it back. He asked, "Have you forgiven me?"

"If I don't grab your hand, I'm afraid that you'll leave forever. You're irresponsible." Beihuang Fan's voice was very cold, but it sounded melodious to Qing Shui's ears.

Beihuang Fan turned to leave after saying this, heading toward where her father was.

However, Qing Shui felt very happy. He calmed down completely and that existence in his heart that felt like a crack was stabilized.

When Beihuang Fan appeared indifferent and cold to Qing Shui, he became mature. The blow he received then made him comprehend a lot of things about love, leading him to attain a breakthrough in his realm.

However, humans were emotional creatures. Even after maturing, one couldn't avoid feelings and should be able to handle relationships and emotions better.

Qing Shui had always felt that he wasn't mature enough in term of his feelings. This was both for the past and the present.

Qing Shui was very happy now, and he made a lot of unique and good dishes, a lot of them being made with the best things in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Not only were they nourishing, but could increase a lot of one's Origin Qi. These people had a great fortune to be able to enjoy this feast.

Beihuang Fan ate happily, but Qing Shui didn't eat at all. He kept himself very busy.

"I have no use for this anymore. I'll return this to you. Thank you!" After the meal, Qing Shui handed the Ancient Drawing of Divine Realm to Beihuang Fan.

"Mmm!" Beihuang Fan received it.

Qing Shui stood before her, wanting to say something but found it hard to speak a single word. In the past, he was able to tease her casually, but now she had changed and Qing Shui was unable to act like how he had done before.

Qing Shui smiled, feeling ridicule over himself.

"I thought you were a very daring person, so why are you acting so cowardly now? You seemed to be very arrogant when you first met me." Beihuang Fan also felt a little awkward when she saw Qing Shui acting like this.

"Back then, I didn't like you, so I wasn't afraid of anything. And now, I suddenly feel that you're so distant." Qing Shui shook his head, smiling a little bitterly.

He had put in a lot of effort before this woman acted like an ordinary woman. But in a flash, she went back to how she had been in the past. Of course, Qing Shui would feel gloomy over this.

"I'm angry because I'm not that important to you. If I had allowed you to pass by me earlier, you might really disappear for good before my eyes. If you truly loved me, you wouldn't let go of me so easily." Beihuang Fan looked at Qing Shui and said seriously.

"My heart isn't that strong."

After very long, Qing Shui said softly. He was the only one who knew that these were characteristics from the memories of his previous life that had been embedded into his bones. If he didn't have his current strength and things he owned now, he would probably not even dare to look at this woman when he was standing before her.

Beihuang Fan hadn't expected that Qing Shui would say this, but she seemed to understand a little. She smiled, "My realm has progressed and I've comprehended a lot. Right now, even if I were to change, some things wouldn't disappear. I still want to get married in this life. You've taken so much advantage of me. If I don't marry you, who else can I get married to?"

Qing Shui put out his hands, wanting to embrace her, but halfway, he found it hard to reach out further. A hint of disappointment flashed in Beihuang Fan's eyes, and this made Qing Shui summon a lot of courage to embrace her tightly. He said, "No matter what happens, I'll never let you leave my side."

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