AST 2241 She Had a Demon Divine Body, Annihilation of a Clan

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2241 – She Had a Demon Divine Body, Annihilation of a Clan

The two legs of Beiwang Miaoyuan were dismembered just as he was enjoying his wine.


A horrified scream broke the bustling atmosphere as dark clouds gathered above.

Who was Beiwang Miaoyuan? He was the successor of the Beiwang Clan and the Five Tiger Immortal Palace, the rare prodigy! He had reached the legal age and was a little older than the other young masters of the Demon Gate, but his abilities were even higher than theirs. Who would have expected his legs to be dismembered before anyone could even anticipate the attack?

Icy Cloud!

A great slab of icy cloud appeared in the sky with a gigantic Divine Turtle perched at the top.

“Who are you?! How dare you attack the Beiwang Clan?” An older member shouted in rage at the sky above.


In an instant, the old man was sliced in half.

“Beiwang Clan, I’m not sure if you still remember the Tantai Clan,” A chilling voice seemed to descend like rain, and deafening silence filled the place. It had been about a hundred and fifty years ago, but everyone knew what had happened.

A huge Divine Turtle appeared in the sky, next to an ice beauty. Her hair was scarlet red, her presence was reckless and flamboyant as she watched them in disdain. The people beneath found it hard to breathe from her aura.

“Who is she? How is she so strong?”

“She’s the daughter from the Tantai Clan, a rare Demon Divine Body. She’s a Demon God, a Demon Immortal. There’s no one who can stop her.” An old man sighed.

“Quick, go inform and the patriarch and the Guardian.”

The place was reduced to chaos with people escaping from the scene. Those were guests invited by the Beiwang Clan, and they could not care for much anymore. Many just wanted to leave, and there were some members of the Beiwang Clan in the mix who wanted to seize the opportunity of chaos to flee as well. An Icy Sword slashed down at these people, and no one else from the Beiwang Clan dared to move afterwards.

The main person from the Beiwang Clan wasn’t far away. He came over in an instant.

The elderly’s eyes reddened at the sight of Beiwang Miaoyuan’s dismembered limbs, and it was in that moment that another slash from the Icy Sword beheaded Beiwang Miaoyuan.

“How does it feel, Beiwang Yiding, to go through everything you have done to the Tantai Clan. How dare you drug the Tantai Clan with Immortal Drunkness and almost wipe us all out in a night,” Tantai Lingyang said while looking at the old man coldly.

“I’ll have your life, I’ll have your life. I will have you begging for death!”

The old man bellowed, leaping up with just a stomp of his feet. There was a faint glow around him in the shape of an enormous tiger. A golden broadsword appeared in his hand, with a pouncing blood tiger engraved upon it.

Ice Fire Dragon Soul Slayer!

A surging chill rushed into the sky. The vapors in the sky had all been frozen as it rushed towards the old man.


Like a volcano, the icy flame soared. There was a loud dragon-like howl before everything quietened down once more.

One move. With just one move, the old man was killed.

That impact was too scary. This was what it meant to grind your opponent to dust.

“Demon Divine Body. There’s no way to defend against it, there’s no way,” One of the old men said, his eyes reflecting a mixture of sadness and salvation.

Ice Burst, Frozen Earth!

An Icy Sword fell from above. There was a concentrated boom which shook the Earth as a frozen lotus erupted upon contact. The visual of a hundred flowers blooming was breathtaking but fatal. Lives were reduced to ashes just like that.

“Master Guardian!”

Someone called out to the Guardian Beast.

Everything had happened in a very short time, and it should have already been notified about the situation. Guardian Beasts didn’t appear at every instant of an enemy’s intrusion, only when the clan was facing a great threat, or when the clan pleaded for help.


In response to their pleas, a demonic beast appeared from afar. It had a ferocious, white dragon head on a gigantic black tiger’s body. There was a pair of dragon horns on its head.

The most intriguing part of this demonic beast was its eight legs. They were strange but well-coordinated. Some demonic beasts, such as a centipede, could have more than a hundred legs. Even the lesser ones had thirty legs and the number affected its speed; it ran faster with fewer legs, and slower with more.

That was just talking about centipedes; those with thirty to forty legs still moved at a rapid speed.

The Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger’s speed was miraculously quick as well, with great endurance. They could all move at once or take turns to rest, and each of them held an incredible power.

“Old Turtle, why did you come here to die?” the Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger spoke in a low, masculine voice.

“I still have an able body. It’s a pity you decided to join in the fight. A pity indeed,” Old Turtle said, shaking his head and sighing.


The Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger’s roar sounded like a mixture of a tiger’s cry and a dragon. It arched its body and laid flat; its pair of black eyes were like black holes, emitting a cold radiance.

A strike of black lightning shot out from the cave behind the Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger.

Tantai Lingyan wasn’t flustered at all. The Goddess’ Sword in her hand shone even brighter, to the point where it looked almost transparent. She lifted it.

Her movements were not hasty. Icy clouds formed in an instant and snowflakes danced in the air above. Each snowflake was as large as a human’s head. In this snow-clad field, movements seemed to grow rigid, slowed by the freezing cold as the chilling air filled their bodies.

With a flash of Tantai Lingyan’s blood red silhouette, a bright red layer surrounded her before she charged towards the Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger and hacked her sword down.


Eight caves behind the Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger appeared all at once, converging into a strange whirlpool to counter Tantai Lingyan’s terrifying attack.


Tantai Lingyan commanded calmly. Her voice was penetrating, and her sword landed its mark on the back of the Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger, dismembering two legs with it.


A sorrowful cry cut through the air, but it was too late for further concerns. It turned and fled.

“Did you think you’d be able to flee after murdering so many of my clan members?”

An icy cloud formed beneath Tantai Lingyan’s feet. At the speed of light, she appeared before the Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger and plunged her sword without mercy.

Glacier Sword Net!

Fall of the Milky Way!

Thump, thump!

The almighty Eight-Legged Jiao Tiger was defenseless against Tantai Lingyan. The survivors of the Five Tiger Immortal Palace paled at the defeat of their once invincible Guardian. It had once protected this utopia, but now it was killed within seconds.

Tantai Lingyang’s Icy Sword snarled. One after another, they all fell.

They were going to die. They were all going to die…

Such a big clan, such a powerful existence disappearing at the blink of an eye. It would cease to exist completely in just a moment’s time.

The Five Tiger Immortal Palace was finished, and so was the Five Tiger Immortal Sect. The Demon Gate was starting to worry after hearing the news; if it had been this easy for her to annihilate the Five Tiger Immortal Palace, then their Demon Gate would not pose a problem for her at all.

A murder spurred by vengeance. The Demon Gate had been even more ruthless than the Five Tiger Immortal Palace during the incident. Now that the Five Tiger Immortal Palace was destroyed, the Demon Gate didn’t hold many hopes of surviving either.

Everyone at the Demon Gate was living in fear right now, and the plight of the Five Tiger Immortal Palace was also spreading like wildfire.

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