AST 2242 A Change in Demon Gate’s Master, Demon Saint Blood

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2242 – A Change in Demon Gate’s Master, Demon Saint Blood

Tantai Lingyan watched the destroyed Five Tiger Immortal Palace from above and was overwhelmed by emotions for a moment.

What used to be a difficult task could suddenly be achieved with a snap of her fingers. She knew deep in her heart that she had completely awoken the abhorred Demon King’s Blood.

The silhouette in her memory seemed to have blurred even more now. If it went on at this rate, she might completely forget about it.

He was Qing Shui. Even if I have forgotten everything else, I must remember this person. Even if he became a stranger, I must remember.

“Father, Mother, Brother… the Five Tiger Immortal Palace is gone now,” Tantai Lingyan whispered.

On one hand, she seemed to be mumbling to herself; on another, it was like she was speaking to the skies.

With a flash, the gigantic Divine Turtle rode a fluff of cloud towards the Demon Gate.

Demon Gate!

Mo Situ had lost all colors in his face. Before he could even lend his assistance to the Five Tiger Immortal Palace, they had already been destroyed. This must only mean that their enemy was exceedingly powerful. While he felt powerless against the impending fight, he knew there wasn’t much time left for consideration.

There were many from the Demon Gate who had begun their escape, including the Second Young Master and his mother.

Anyone, who had a part to play in the Tantai Clan’s incident, was grappled by fear, but others felt better. After all, the Tantai Clan belonged to the Demon Gate and so, they were technically under the same clan. The conflict between the Tantai Clan and the Mo Clan shouldn’t affect them if they hadn’t had a part to play.

Some were even anticipating the arrival of this avenger to take over the Demon Gate. This way, perhaps he/she could even strengthen the Demon Gate.

There was no guarantee on whether the Demon Gate’s Guardian Beast would attack the lady from the Tantai Clan either. She had the Demon Divine Body, and it used to sing praises of her in the past.

Mo Situ was getting ready to flee when he heard a voice.

“Mo Yunqiu, Mo Situ.” The voice sent a shiver down his spine.

Mo Yunqiu was Mo Situ’s father who had been injured during the incident and passed away from the illness not long after.

Mo Situ charged out with a few of his men.

While there were many people in the Demon Gate, quantity did not ensure a victory. Besides, in this kind of battles, those who were weak would have long hidden themselves. Otherwise, the repercussions would cause their deaths.

“The scheming stuff you did to your fellow comrades of Demon Gate, the fact that you could lay hands on your own people… You still have a debt to pay,” Tantai Lingyan spoke up coldly as she watched him from above.

“How dare you tarnish our Mo Clan’s reputation and call us scheming when it was the Tantai Clan who wasn’t capable enough? What would an ignorant little girl like you know?” Mo Situ wouldn’t admit to any of it. Those of Demon blood might be scheming, but they would never turn against their own people.

Tantai Lingyan didn’t seem to have any desire in prolonging this conversation. Instead, she shifted her attention to the people below to say, “I don’t wish for anyone outside of the Mo Clan to be part of this. Otherwise, be prepared to bear the consequences of your own actions.”

With that one sentence, the Mo Clan was alone in this.

“Do you think my Mo Clan is an easy target to bully?” Mo Situ was infuriated. No matter how strong this little girl was, she was still young. Even if the Five Tiger Immortal Palace was destroyed, he couldn’t be sure that she was solely responsible for it.

“Mo Situ, I’ll use your blood as an offering to my family today.”

Ice Sealing Ten Thousand Miles!

With a wave of her Goddess’ Sword, it turned the place into a frozen world.

Much of the housing had exploded in the sub-zero ice world. An enormous vortex appeared within the ice seal. Even metal bars had all been dismantled and broken.

The atmosphere was filled thickly with the icy cold air. Even their skin began to tighten as it attempted to retain warmth.

The Ice Sealing Ten Thousand Miles technique didn’t cause much damage to Mo Situ, but it was only the prologue to her next attack.

Ice Demon Heart Burst!

Tantai Lingyan’s sword lunged towards Mo Situ with ease. It was difficult to catch the trajectory of the sword as it was invisible in an instant. The thousand miles of ice and snow blasted towards the Goddess’ Sword as it began to converge.

The sword grew brighter, glowing like the great cosmos.

With a shift of his expression, Mo Situ picked up something on him and threw it towards the Goddess’ Sword without warning.

“A Demon Divine Body indeed. She was able to use such a terrifying technique and incorporate it into the ice-type sword technique.”

“The patriarch has even resorted to throwing out the Magic Mirror Protection to block the attack. Otherwise, once the attack lands on his body, even the magic mirror would be unable to help.”



The sound of collision reverberated as Tantai Lingyan’s sword was blocked. Unfortunately, the item that was in the way shattered and her sword lunged forth once more.

This cultivation level… Before Mo Situ could show his surprised expression, that sword smashed forward with extreme, great force.


Mo Situ recoiled wretchedly. The difference in their strength was apparent.

Icy Confinement!

The ice world grew even colder, and the snow and hail were even more erratic than before. Those inside seemed to move slowly, like tiny boats caught in the middle of the storm where they might capsize at any moment.

Glacier Convergence, Dragon Slaying Ripple!

Innumerable Glacier Icy Swords danced in the air where they gathered. At Tantai Lingyan’s command, they dived towards Mo Situ in sync, as though they were a dragon.

Some of the Icy Swords at the back were faster, taking over the ones in front until it formed into one exceptional Icy Sword, piercing towards the trapped Mo Situ.

The patriarch of the Demon Gate didn’t make a sound. He had given up all hope of defending against the attack.


Icy Sword stabbed and penetrated Mo Situ’s body.


The Icy Sword exploded and Mo Situ was gone with it. Other than those from the Mo Clan who had fled, the others had perished in the icy snow world.

Silence. Deadly silence.

At this moment, a demonic beast appeared. It was about ten meters in size and black in color, its appearance was similar to a cat. It looked like a huge wild cat and emitted

a strange aura.

Ancient Demonic Cat.

This was the Guardian Beast of the Demon Gate with ancient blood flowing in its veins. It was a demonic beast in the extreme Divine Connection Realm. It looked at Tantai Lingyan as it spoke, “You’ve finally awoken. Why don’t you take over the Demon Gate?”

With the voice alone, there was no way of distinguishing its gender. However, It did sound slightly like an older woman. The Ancient Demonic Cat was no longer young, but it could still live for a long time.

Tantai Lingyan nodded in consent.

She didn’t hate the Demonic Cat; it didn’t interfere in the incident in the past, just as it didn’t interfere today. To the Demonic Cat, internal conflicts weren’t something it would involve itself in.

She didn’t know if the Demonic Cat was stronger than her, as its most terrifying ability was the skill to kill. It was a strange but petrifying existence. Its attacks were fatal because of its speed, as well as those sharp and poisonous teeth and claws.

The succession of the Demon Gate pleased many people. To them, it didn’t matter who was their patriarch as long as the Demon Gate grew strong enough. This way, they would remain protected.


The news didn’t reach Qing Shui quite as fast. He was shocked to find out about the fall of the Five Tiger Immortal Palace the next day, and by the hands of a woman with an Old Turtle. The Divine Turtle.

That was what startled Qing Shui.

“Qing Shui, it’s Lingyan. She’s back,” Beihuang Fan told him softly.

“The Demon Gate claimed that she was an existence with the Demon Divine Body. The Demonic Saint Blood in her has completely awoken and the Mo Clan has been destroyed by her. She is now the patriarch of the Demon Gate, and there are many other strong warriors who are joining the Demon Gate as we speak. There is also a rumor that even the Nine Continents Demon Gate’s top experts might not be a match for her, and perhaps, she might merge with the Nine Continents Demon Gate.”

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