AST 2269 - Divine brew: Monkey Wine, Immortal Fruit Tree, Taking Everything

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2269 - Divine brew: Monkey Wine, Immortal Fruit Tree, Taking Everything

Qing Shui couldn’t figure out the reason behind the demonification of the four snow monkeys. Demonification would be most obviously seen by leaps in strength, but the degree of demonification was relatively low for the monkeys. The gap between them and Qing Shui was still an uncrossable chasm.

Suddenly, a flurry of screeches could be heard from afar as a massive troop of monkeys charged forward.

With a single glance, Qing Shui identified over five hundred monkeys of varying species, each one was much more demonified than the four Snow Monkeys before, and had even greater strength to boot.

This kind of stratification seemed like the act of someone wanting to control the area’s inhabitants.

Qing Shui thought a little harder, recalling a unique existence amongst the Demon Kings. The Demon Matriarch, able to create Demon Kings. They were usually females, with extremely regenerative blood that could allow them to use a single drop to gradually control other existences, giving them demonic powers and even having a slight possibility of granting one a Demon King’s bloodline. This had a minuscule chance of success so a Demon King Inheritor would only emerge in a few years.

This was Qing Shui’s conjecture which was most likely true.

“Fine. I’ll wait here to look at your so-called great king?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“If you wish to see the great king, you’d better beat me first,” a confident voice rang.

Qing Shui saw a massive, golden monkey standing tall at ten meters. It wasn’t an ape, just a truly full-grown monkey, awing others.

“Just get your king to come out. You are indeed strong, but not strong enough to be my opponent.” Qing Shui was shocked as this monkey was already a true Demon King Inheritor with an awakened Demon King bloodline.

“Whether I’m sufficient or not is something that can only be decided by battle. Take this!” The golden monkey’s demonic aura flared as its eyes grew bloodshot, its paws growing sharp claws and its blood started to boil.

It even grew three meters larger, as it cocked back its body, letting loose a noxious gas before charging at Qing Shui. Its sharp claws were aiming straight for the throat.

The claws carried a faint bloody mist, as blood-red claw marks appeared with its shadow.

Qing Shui shook his head, seeing the monkey revealed its cruel nature. He didn’t hold back and immediately used the Stellar Transposition.


This was an instant kill. These monkeys were very powerful, as everyone who arrived here would be restricted to the peak of Martial Saint. At this level, a Demon King Inheritor was practically untouchable.

Yet a single move had ended its life. Though it maintained its outward appearance, its innards had been blown to smithereens. Even its bones were destroyed.

Its chest bones had also completely shattered.

This was one of the forest’s nine kings, and this area was under the rule of the golden monkey.

The remaining monkeys immediately scattered, wanting to escape and perhaps to report to the great king, since a mere king had been dispatched already.

He began to grab a few of the strongest monkeys remaining.

“Speak. Who demonified you, and why are they trying to control this place? Qing Shui was a straight shooter.

“Demonify? What demonify?” A monkey trembled in fear as he whimpered.

“The power in your bodies,” Qing Shui said.

“You are talking about the sage power. This is a Saintly Bloodline bestowed to us by the Sage Lord. Only the most exceptional ones can obtain it.” The monkey said with fervor and worship.

Qing Shui could figure out that it was definitely the Demon Matriarch Inheritor that was pulling the strings, only that he couldn’t figure out her intentions.

“What does she usually want you to do? Remember that lying will make you lose your limbs. Especially since, if I’m guessing correctly, that person isn’t here at the moment.” Qing Shui looked at the monkey.

He used his immense spirit energy and spiritual pressure, especially the power of the Primordial Gold Grizzly, to suppress the monkey and almost causing it to totally freak out.

“They don’t make many requests other than asking us to brew some wine and requesting for us to hand in over ninety percent of it as a tribute,” The monkey trembled as he replied.

“Brewing wine?” Qing Shui was unconvinced with the fact that they actually wanted the wine that the monkeys brewed.

Thinking to this point, he slapped his head as he remembered that he came to get fruits to brew wine, but forgot that there was actually a supreme wine that could be brewed in that place. It was the Monkey Wine, which could rank in the top three; a divine wine.

This was naturally beyond the capabilities of a monkey.

“Take me to where you brew wine,” Qing Shui ordered.

The monkey didn’t dare to reject, as its life was still at the opponent’s mercy.

Reaching the brewing grounds, Qing Shui was stunned as there were two massive pools, with a fragrance of wine wafting around the area covered by the fruit trees. Only the people who made it past the trees could smell the intoxicating aroma.

The pools were ten meters in area and ten meters deep, with one of them being half-filled with smashed fruit, the upper surface covered with a condensed fruit juice-like substance the color of amber and nearly ready to be sealed.

The other pond was even larger. It was also almost full. This was Monkey Wine, and it had already been brewed crystal clear, like heavenly nectar with a pulsating spirituality. It contained a fierce aura.

It was truly good stuff.

Qing Shui with no hesitation, took all of it into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal before getting the monkeys to guide him through the forest.

If these monkeys had not been demonified, Qing Shui would just take a little, just enough to piss off the Demon Matriarch. He planned to collect all of the Monkey Wine, focusing on his second destination, the Demon Matriarch’s own area.

Only when he went there did he recognize a true immortal brew. The pool here was small, but the quality of its contents exceeded that of other areas by ten times. There was even an immortal fruit tree poolside with a recently ripened fruit falling into the pool.

Qing Shui had never met the Demon Matriarch, but they definitely knew their wines. Not only was it just tasty, but it also brought about unimaginable benefits to cultivators. With further brewing, it could even become a reviving divine brew.

Qing Shui did it thoroughly and viciously, taking the wine, the pool, and even the tree. He put the tree next to the Immortal Peach Tree and the two pools right next to the trees in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal

The Demon Matriarch was missing, so he continued his plundering, occasionally trying to purify the demonic blood. If the Demon King Inheritors were too fierce and unyielding, he would just take action and get rid of them.

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