AST 2270 - Demon Matriarch, Yin Yang Duality Swords

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2270 - Demon Matriarch, Yin Yang Duality Swords

Sweeping through the area, Qing Shui managed to obtain a large amount of Monkey Wine and wine vats, with the best coming from the Demon Matriarch. These were all gifts of very high quality.

The Demon Matriarch probably didn’t know of Qing Shui’s robbery, or else they would be vomiting blood from losing decades of hard work and the Immortal Fruit Tree.

He used three days to completely clear the entire area, waiting for the Demon Matriarch to return. However, there were no signs of her doing so. Therefore, Qing Shui decided to continue on his tempering journey, as there were many Demon King Inheritors. There was no need to be fixated on one.

Qing Shui was also a wine brewing expert, so he knew adding a few drops of water from the Spring of Life wouldn’t ruin the beauty of the Monkey Wine, and would even add to it.

Just as he left the forest, Qing Shui felt the ripples from afar. A shadow then quickly darted towards him like a meteorite.

That roiling demonic aura allowed Qing Shui to be certain that this was the Demon Matriarch.

On a closer look, the Demon Matriarch seemed to be a human, perhaps even a male. Though uncommon, it wasn’t a bad thing. He had a frail, stick-like figure. Wearing a snowy white beast pelt, he let off a graceful, devilish charm.

“You are the one who took my Immortal Fruit Tree and Monkey Wine.” The man glared at Qing Shui, the anger and killing intent clear in his eyes.

He had a very sharp and piercing voice, extremely displeasing to the ear. One of the worst Qing Shui had ever heard.

“Demon Patriarch, what are you plotting, hiding around here?” Qing Shui rebutted with another question.

“I’m surprised you can discern my identity. You must be a Battle God. This is even better. Why don’t you stay here forever?” The man’s eyes lit up as the killing intent in his eyes intensified.

“Sure. Let’s see who will be the one to have an eternal rest here.” Qing Shui displayed the Emperor’s Qi at once.

Emperor’s Qi!

The man’s face turned ugly as his eyes turned crimson, the noxious Qi covering his entire body gave off an intense aura as he brandished a dagger in each hand.

Art of Pursuing!

Qing Shui smiled as he displayed the Art of Pursuing. He then quickly rushed forward.

Gouging Strike!

The man naturally wouldn’t wait for death. He used one of the daggers to aim for the heart, and the other for the throat.

Qing Shui dodged the one going for his throat while ignoring the other one, as his defense was tough enough to simply take the hit. Besides, he had many protective treasures stored in his heart, but if the man was knocked unconscious, he could end the battle with a single strike to the man’s neck.

The man, however, was very resistant to stunning. Although the Gouging Strike had connected, he immediately woke up and quickly avoided Qing Shui’s fist as his legs made a crescent motion.

The man was shocked, seeing how Qing Shui was stronger than he had initially expected. Immediately after, one dagger turned red, giving off heat, while the other gave off frigid Qi as it turned blue.

Yin Yang Duality Swords!

Qing Shui had mistaken them as a mere pair of daggers. Only now did he realize that they were the Yin Yang Duality Daggers, also known as the Icy Inferno Dual Daggers, a set of legendary weapons. There were unproven rumors that the souls of an Ice Dragon and a Fire Dragon were sealed within, which wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities as anything was possible within the Nine Continents.


The twin sword tips fired off blasts of fire and icy Qi, like sharp swords, yet like silk threads, spiraling towards Qing Shui.

Primordial Flame Dragon Whip!

Qing Shui’s hands manifested into two Primordial Flame Dragons spanning tens of meters, as thick as his arms with their Origin Qi hidden, as if there was no heat.

Serpent-Elephant Maneuver!

The Primordial Flames were the hottest of all flames, even better than Qing Shui’s Nine Yang Flames. He combined the two as the Primordial Flame Dragon Whip’s two Primordial Flame Dragons clashed with the Demon Patriarch’s Ice and Fire Dragons.

Peng Peng!

A massive shower of sparks was created, seemingly lighting up the entire sky. The Fire dragon danced in the sky, roaring as the clashes ignited all the nearby flora. Luckily, they were far away from the forest, or else the entire place would’ve burned down.

The Demon Patriarch was also suppressed to the peak of Martial Saint, and was definitely a formidable foe under these conditions as they were even. The opponent’s Yin Yang Duality Swords were really impressive.

Another factor was the Realm. Qing Shui wasn’t sure of his strength, but the opponent’s realm was definitely very high, as the two could only restrain each other.

This meant that the Demon Patriarch’s realm was probably higher than Qing Shui’s.


The Demon Patriarch waved and created a massive, smoldering dragon. It started charging at Qing Shui, as if it were blotting out the sky. Its massive body was soaring in the sky, releasing dark clouds.


Its massive tail was like a whip as it shot towards Qing Shui.

A violent gaze blew by, carrying a typhoon towards Qing Shui’s head.


Qing Shui opened the Cave and a massive Beast soul came out amidst the mist.

A thunderous roar, a broiling aura, with a killing intent that reached through the roof.

It was the Dragon Slaying Beast’s Beast Soul, much larger than its actual body. It began to devour the heaven and earth, causing the dragons to become minuscule. Suddenly, something that shook both Qing Shui and the Demon Patriarch occurred.

The Dragon Slaying Beast Soul let off another roar before charging towards the gigantic dragon, opening its mouth and casually swallowing it.

Then, the Dragon Slaying Beast Soul charged towards the Demon Patriarch.

Great Demon Palm Imprint!

A pitch-black palm imprint carried sky-enveloping demonic Qi as it shot straight at the Dragon Slaying Beast Soul.


The air began settling, as everything had been dispersed. However, the Great Demon Palm Imprint still shot towards Qing Shui.

“Kid, die!”

Qing Shui’s face lit up with a golden light, as he started becoming serious. He returned with another palm.

The area was enveloped with golden Qi!

Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm!

Parting the mountains and splitting the seas, multiple Golden Buddha Palms came forth to meet the inky black palm.


Constant collisions and constant explosions, resulting in a fizzling out of everything, which shocked Qing Shui as this demon’s strength was really surprising. 

The Demon Patriarch was also shocked that someone at the Martial Saint level could block his Great Demon Palm Imprint.

His face turned grave. As his bloodshot eyes began to shine, a pair of black and red lights began coursing through his arms into the Yin Yang Duality Swords. With a single impact, they let out a crisp sound.

Twin swords fusion!

The two swords strangely fused into one, with red and blue lines crossing throughout the sword’s surface, seemingly unable to mix, yet perfectly coiling around one another. He cleaved downwards, a giant sword shadow struck Qing Shui with the perfect fusion of ice and fire, carrying with it an explosive power.

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