AST 2271 - Yin Yang Fusion, Eight Caves, Slaying the Demon Patriarch

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2271 - Yin Yang Fusion, Eight Caves, Slaying the Demon Patriarch

Qing Shui was surprised at the shadow. The savage explosiveness within was far too potent, so Qing Shui had to preemptively block as he summoned a sword to receive it. It shone with a golden luster as it generated a golden light to match the sword Qi.


The shockwave of the massive collision was like an explosion, as the origin Qi reverberated like sound waves throughout the area, creating a zone where people’s speed and reactions were dulled.

The Demon Patriarch cleaved out another bout of sword Qi aimed at Qing Shui, one even faster than before.

Qing Shui didn’t plan on receiving it head-on anymore as it would explode and disperse more frozen Qi to completely freeze the area.

Qing Shui dodged, expecting it to rush towards him. However, it merely exploded, much to his surprise. The explosive, crazed power even created ripples in space, giving people a strong feeling that they were stuck in a spider web.

Qing Shui prepared to escape the slowing effect, as the Nature Energy swiftly coursed through his veins, completely soothing his discomfort as he used a single Nine Palaces Step to charge towards the Demon Patriarch.

The Nine Continents Mountain already manifested above Qing Shui.

The Demon Patriarch didn’t panic. His Yin Yang Longsword flourished as two streams of Origin Qi began to surround Qing Shui.

Peng peng peng…

The crossing of fire and ice, seemingly turning the entire the area into a living hell. Qing Shui felt simultaneously frozen and scorched. Luckily he could handle the heat due to his body, or else he would be suffering even more.

This kind of power was extremely mystical. It was a very tyrannical Minor Heavenly Technique. If it were even stronger, it would be a true Heavenly Technique. At the Martial Saint stage, this was practically a Sure Kill move.

Qing Shui could ignore 70% of the scorching heat, and was able to withstand the rest. However, there was still the power of the frost. This made Qing Shui half freezing and half burning. If it weren’t for his resistance, half of his body would’ve been scorched.

Though he could block the heat, the frost was only barely manageable due to his bodily strength, otherwise he would quickly freeze and even implode.

This could not be allowed to drag on as Qing Shui would gradually feel the effects. The Demon Patriarch was truly powerful at the Martial Saint stage. This was a bit ridiculous.

“Your strength seems to have exceeded the peak of Martial Saint.” Qing Shui seemed to be in a tight position as half of his body had frozen over, stiff as a rock.

“Haha, it’s already too late. I have a special item capable of stealing the creation of the heavens, allowing my strength to be raised by half a level. I’m at the mid-Martial Emperor Stage because of that.” The Demon Patriarch felt assured of his victory and began flaunting his treasure, smugly presenting it.

He even took it out. It was a beautiful rainbow-colored, chicken-egg sized object.

It was a rainbow stone, perhaps related to the five-colored stone that repaired the Heavens (A legend related to Sun Wukong and Nuwa in Chinese Mythology), which would explain its ability to ignore the Heavenly Dao’s rules.

It had a very pretty exterior. Though it wouldn’t be that useful elsewhere, it was extremely terrifying here as the gap between a peak Martial Saint and a Martial Emperor was simply impossible to bridge.

An immense pressure came from all angles as Qing Shui felt the cold half of his body on the brink of an actual implosion. His movements then dulled.

He couldn’t go up against this pressure, as the gap between them was too big. He had a slight feeling of powerlessness seeing how he couldn’t even escape.

His body was getting even number. He forced himself to calm down. He was getting warmer, and getting colder by the minute. However, he still shocked the Demon Patriarch with his bodily resilience. If his strength hadn’t exceeded the Martial Saint Realm, he would be unable to accomplish this.

As he began to calm down, he traced the invading frigid Qi and scorching Qi, and began to adjust his own Origin Qi to tackle the frigid Qi, as it was the biggest threat to him.

It was extremely difficult at the start, but when he began to divert the scorching Qi from outside his body, his numbing body began to regain its functions, slowing beginning to contribute. By now, the Caves had already begun manifesting behind him.

Seven Caves started a stream of endless energy, replenishing Qing Shui’s energy.

The two foreign forces clashed with themselves. Although this state continued for a while, before long, the two forces began to fully fuse and no longer mutually reject.


Something exploded behind Qing Shui’s back, as another Cave popped up.

Eight Caves!

He had directly broken through, perhaps due to the balancing of Yin and Yang. Qing Shui felt weird, as the object flowing through his body was an independent power that didn’t mix in with the others, slowly accepting Qing Shui’s control.

Feeling his strength increase, the surrounding restrictions began to loosen. He then heard a clear sound resonating within his body. He was stunned to see that at his Dantian, it was no longer a Dantian but rather a purple Cave with his Paragon Vessel sitting within, possessing Yin and Yang Qi in its body.

Qing Shui suddenly felt like his surroundings had changed drastically, as if there were no longer any restrictions.

The Demon Patriarch was also shell shocked, as this man could make a breakthrough under these circumstances, forming a new Cave and even allowing Yin and Yang to harmonize.

His killing move had been neutralized and Qing Shui quickly rammed the Nine Continents Mountain towards him.

Peng peng!

A series of explosions rang as Qing Shui used the Nine Palace Steps and Stellar Transposition to launch a relentless onslaught.

Qing Shui had no need to hold back anymore. He had tempered himself and made a breakthrough in the harmonizing of Yin and Yang and even opened a new Cave. Wealth was to be sought amidst danger, and the risk was proportional to the reward.


The Demon Patriarch couldn’t believe his eyes before he was thrown backward. As he spurted out blood uncontrollably with his severe injuries, Qing Shui quickly displayed the Dragon-capturing Hands to choke him, snapping his neck and forced him to fall unconscious.

Qing Shui was a peak Martial Saint while his opponent was a mid-level Martial Emperor. Qing Shui’s Stellar Transposition would’ve immediately crippled his opponent otherwise. It was hard to suppress Qing Shui in battle, so the threat of Stellar Transposition was still very potent.

The rainbow stone was a good bounty, so he grabbed it and immediately left, settling this matter permanently.

The matters at the Primordial Tomb and this fruit forest were handled beautifully.

Eight caves, basically the pinnacle of human cultivators, as only pure-blooded desolate beasts could reach nine Caves, while the ten Caves level was simply a legend recorded in the annals of history, with no witnesses to its truth.

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