AST 2274 - Golden Winged Roc Battle God Hao Tian, Who’s More Handsome?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2274 - Golden Winged Roc Battle God Hao Tian, Who’s More Handsome?

One on each side, the two women carried with them an immortal grace. He still felt that the situation before him was truly unreal. His two hands were holding onto petite, jade-like hands. This situation felt ethereal every time.

These two women were on the level of the Portraits of Beauty, with slightly cold personalities. It was truly shocking that they would willingly be dragged along by someone.

Qing Shui was shocked, but equally so were the women. They could disregard Qing Shui’s other women, as they understood that the man they signed up for couldn’t be owned by any one woman.

They wouldn’t restrict him, but with another girl around them, they were too intimate. Both of them felt that the situation was slightly unbelievable.

The crux of the issue was that the two were good friends that had been living together for such a long time. They were practically sisters, with no forbidden topics between them.

They had discussed Qing Shui’s matters, and even some of the female matters, always joking with each other even without Qing Shui present. If he were around, it would’ve been even worse.

“They have ten people, all of them led by the Golden Winged Roc Battle God who trains in the Golden Winged Roc’s techniques. This fella is really just interested in Fan’er. You had better not lose, or else Fan’er would just get stolen away,” Shen Huang said.

Qing Shui was stunned. Beihuang Fan was quick to follow up, “Qing Shui, if another man was going after me, do you think he wouldn’t go after big sis?”

“I thought we got a new helper, but it’s actually a bunch of fellas trying to steal my women. I’ll give them a good beating,” Qing Shui said fiercely.

“He didn’t go overboard, but his strength is nothing to scoff at either. No one at our Divine Palace can match up to him,” Beihuang Fan said.

“Is he handsome?” Qing Shui asked.

Beihuang Fan was confounded. She replied, “He can be considered handsome, I guess...”

“More handsome than I am?” Qing Shui asked again.

“Truthfully speaking, more handsome than you are, yes.” 

Qing Shui then turned to Shen Huang.

Shen Huang nodded and said, “More handsome than you!”

Qing Shui cackled and said, “What a gigolo. This kind of man is really unreliable. A pillow with an embroidered case, totally unreliable and useless. Men cannot count on their faces to eat. Being handsome is useless. Men need to be strong and charismatic, like a golden spear, unyielding….”

“Stop. Hold on. I still think that you’re more pleasing to the eye,” Beihuang Fan frantically replied.

Qing Shui turned to Shen Huang again.

Shen Huang nodded.

“Let’s go and see those guys. I want you to see how charismatic and strong I am, how infallible I can be.” Qing Shui dragged the two ladies out.


Hao Tian was waiting at another courtyard in the Divine Palace, looking at the fish in the pond. He had stayed here for half a year now and had never seen the Palace Lord. The rest were not his match so the only reason to stay was, naturally, the two ladies.

They were the most beautiful ladies he had ever met, as beautiful as celestial fairies, pure and holy. This was the kind of women he liked the most, especially since there were two of them and they weren’t truly women yet. He was most agitated by this fact.

Those who could protect their bodies until now were naturally not as receptive to men, or else they would’ve lost it already. So he patiently waited, hoping to gradually make a move on them.

He had thought of many plans, but none of them had worked so far. The two were far too cold and introverted. Hao Tian would ramble on and feel like a clown talking to himself. The other party just didn’t seem interested in him, and he didn’t know where to start.

“Still thinking of those two guardians?”

Another youthful, handsome man walked over. He still wasn’t comparable to Hao Tian though. Hao Tian had a sharp yet handsome look, his deep eyes and great strength giving him confidence. With each action he took and each word he spoke, he exuded boundless charm.

This man was strong, easily able to charm and make others submit. He was a natural leader, making others feels like they wanted to follow him.

“Zi Ye, where do you think I’m detestable? Why do those two seem totally uninterested in me?” Hao Tian looked at this young man and asked, confused.

“Haha, Brother Tian, didn’t you once state that there isn’t a woman you can’t handle, whether old or young?” Zi Ye jokingly said.

“Who says I can’t handle them? The difficulty is a little high, you see,” Hao Tian said again, frustrated.

“Brother Tian, I don’t think it's a flaw of yours, but you’re too exceptional in every area, making people think that you’re not very real. Think about those two guardians, saintess-like characters. Which of the men chasing after them isn’t a handsome dandy and has a graceful bearing? Do you think they’d care for your words?” Zi Ye smiled.

“En, you make a lot of sense.” Hao Tian gazed strangely at Zi Ye.

Zi Ye saw this and was slightly creeped out, urgently stating, “I’m a man!”

“Scram kiddo. You’ve probably got it right. Then what do you suggest I do to pique their interest?” Hao Tian asked.

“When ordinary strategies don’t work, you have to use uncommon means,” Zi Ye spoke with the air of a love sage.

“If you keep beating around the bush, I’ll give you a bashing,” Hao Tian looked at Zi Ye’s flamboyant behavior and wanted to punch him.

“Make yourself less exceptional. You need to know that performing too well, such as dressing well, acting elegantly, seriously and chivalrously would give people an impression that you’re just faking it. They’d think that you’re good to look at, but you’re just one of the many. You need to express your true self,” Zi Ye said with a hint of profundity in his speech.

Hao Tian seemed to realize that these observations were quite astute, so he asked out of curiosity, “Have you done an experiment on this?”

“No,” Zi Ye stated decisively.

“Then how do you know all this?” Hao Tian asked again.

“I guessed. What do you think? I’m quite accurate, right?” Zi Ye joyfully replied.

Hao Tian sent him flying with a kick.

Still, Hao Tian realized that Zi Ye made a lot of sense. Suddenly, a sound rang out.

“If you came to my Divine Palace just for the two of them, I’ll beat you up and throw you out.” Qing Shui walked in with the two women.

He wasn’t angry, as gentlemen would always seek out maidens. This Hao Tian didn’t go overboard and didn’t rely on force to do anything, so Qing Shui didn’t have a bad opinion about them.

“You are the Palace Lord?” Hao Tian said, shell shocked as he saw the two women.

Qing Shui beamed as he nodded his head: “I’ve just returned today. I heard that you wanted to meet me, so I’m here now. How is it? Aren’t I more handsome than you?”

Hao Tian was stunned that the Palace Lord would be this young and that he would speak so casually. He couldn’t adjust. No matter how young he was, those that sat on the Palace Lord’s seat needed to act with a sense of seniority, even if it was fake. He didn’t expect this youth before him to be so casual. More importantly, he couldn’t accept that this guy declared himself more handsome. Even if he were the Palace Lord, there needed to be some truth to his words.

“I’ll have to say with full honesty and sincerity that you aren’t as handsome as I am,” Hao Tian returned to his senses and angrily said.

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