AST 2275 - Primordial Gold Grizzly Versus Golden Winged Roc, One Single Move

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2275 - Primordial Gold Grizzly Versus Golden Winged Roc, One Single Move

“I’ll have to say with full honesty and sincerity that you aren’t as handsome as I am,” Hao Tian returned to his senses and angrily said.

“What, a little gigolo like you dares to say you’re more handsome than me?” Qing Shui also got mad.

“What, me? I’m a gigolo now?” Hao Tian’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

“Men need to be a little harder than that,” Qing Shui said seriously.

“Nope. I need to fight you. You can insult me, but you cannot insult my body.” Hao Tian was getting more and more heated.

Qing Shui didn’t expect this graceful, handsome-looking man to have such an aspect to him, and he couldn’t tell if this fella was acting. His skills were pretty good if he were.

Beihuang Fan and Shen Huang were both speechless, seeing these two fellas running high on adrenaline.

“Right, we need to fight,” Qing Shui directly stated.

“Since you are the Palace Lord, if you lose, you can’t stop me from pursuing them,” Hao Tian said.

“Usually, who you pursue is none of my business and I wouldn’t stop you. However, you’re going after my women. Why do you think I’m just gonna let you do as you please?” Qing Shui said mockingly.

“What, they’re BOTH your women? How is this even possible?” Hao Tian exclaimed in surprise.

He was really anxious. They were the type of lady that he liked the most. The purest, flawless women he would sacrifice everything to have as a wife. Now someone was claiming that both of them were his women. How could he accept this? Both of them were still virgins to boot.

“Why is it impossible? No matter what happens, you can’t harbor any designs, or else I’ll peel your hide.

Hao Tian wouldn’t just give up this easily. He was the Golden Winged Roc Battle God, a leader amongst the Battle Gods! He wasn’t a lustful person, but he did have some women, or else the flames of desire would’ve charred him to death. He didn’t have many though, having never met one who would make him fall head over heels for.

He had finally met them, or else he wouldn’t have stared at the Divine Palace. Not to mention that they were pure. Even if Qing Shui had some relations with them, he would try his best to vie for them. This kind of supreme beauty, causing his heart to flutter uncontrollably, could not be passed up on.

“I know you guys haven’t gotten married. I don’t know how you guys are, but I like them, so I’ll compete with you.” Hao Tian said very solemnly.

Qing Shui was truly enraged. He had already made it clear that they were his women and the other party still wanted to compete. He stepped forward and said, “Let’s not discuss this any further. We'll fight first. Watch as I turn you into a pig head.”

“Even if I win, I won’t be the Palace Lord. I’ll still stay here and I’ll chase after them. I really do love them,” Hao Tian said stubbornly

“You can talk about that after you win. If you lose, you won’t just take a beating, but a really nasty one.” Qing Shui immediately sent a fist straight at Hao Tian.

Back Connecting Fist!

Qing Shui’s Back Connecting Fist was not some run-of-the-mill technique. He had practiced the Yu Emperor Fist, which wasn’t an offensive skill, but boosted all other Fist arts.

His strength coursed through his back, a stream of golden power coursing through his body, extending to his arm as his fist shot out like a bullet.

Hao Tian became a blur as he sent a fist flying straight at Qing Shui with many powerful maelstroms around it, carrying the power to shatter the skies as he punched Qing Shui.

Qing Shui didn’t retreat, meeting him head-on. He had been forced back as a result but was totally unharmed due to his overwhelming defense. 

Gouging Strike, Cloudhands!


Qing Shui was still using fist arts, complemented by his Nine Caves Realm. Their battle was relatively even. Hao Tian’s Caves weren’t as powerful as Qing Shui’s.

Hao Tian was directly sent flying backward when Qing Shui used the Windwhisk Willow unleashed a powerful hook to Hao Tian’s nose.

Even strong cultivators were extremely sensitive here. He started bleeding from his nose, tears welled in his eyes and his ears rang.

Dragon-capturing Hands!

Directly clashing, Hao Tian was able to receive it this time, but he was once again stunned. Qing Shui then used an appropriate amount of strength to hit him at his Taiyang Meridian.

This sent him flying once again, his thoughts and eyesight were completely jumbled up as if he were having a headache. Qing Shui held back, but it was still a very painful experience.

Qing Shui had been using his fleshly body to fight for the past two years, so the control of his body was skillful. Though his attacks themselves weren’t especially damaging, his strong defense allowed him to stand his ground without being sent backward.

Qing Shui could hence display his strength fully, and his attacks carried a degree of defense bypassing, able to hit a cow through a mountain.

Adding on to the Windwhisk Willow’s effect, he was able to stun Hao Tian until he couldn’t fight back.


Hao Tian had finally grasped an opening, leaping up into the skies as a massive pair of golden wings unfurled behind him. However, his handsome face had become like a pig’s head and his nose was still bleeding.

There were many spectators here. Hao Tian had beaten down many of the Battle Gods here, to see Qing Shui get revenge was very satisfactory. 

Hao Tian’s entire aura turned golden as his two fists were clenched tightly. He said, “How could you go for the face? I’ll hit your face too then.”

His massive wings flapped and the sky turned dark. Hao Tian’s body soared like a streak of lightning charging toward Qing Shui; his fist was like a lightning bolt ready to smash Qing Shui.

“Not bad!” Qing Shui’s eyes lit up.

Suppress him for me!

The Nine Continents Mountain appeared above Qing Shui and it charged toward the giant golden hand, sending it to the ground.


A massive light enshrouded the entire area. A group of demonic beasts that were just passing by was grounded into dust.

Hao Tian’s eyebrows locked, as a Cave came out. A massive Roc within it, golden yellow with an aura of tyranny and hegemony unfurled its wings and flew out, blotting the sky.

Qing Shui saw this and thought, comparing Caves, let’s see whose is better!

A golden Cave was opened up behind him, much larger than the one behind Hao Tian. Soon, a massive Primordial Gold Grizzly appeared, soaring straight up to the sky, not at all inferior to the Golden Winged Roc.

The Golden Winged Roc let out a massive screech while the Primordial Gold Grizzly let out an earth-shaking roar.


The Golden Winged Roc’s wings flapped as it left behind a shadow in its wake, its sharp claws aimed straight at the Primordial Gold Grizzly, looking to tear it apart.

The Primordial Gold Grizzly let out a cluster of grey qi with its massive claws fluidly moving to intercept


The golden light intensified, even making the Sun lose its brilliance. A sharp cry was heard and the Golden Winged Roc had disappeared, returning to Hao Tian’s Cave. He could only bring it out tomorrow.

The gap was too large. The golden Cave and the base strength of the Primordial Gold Grizzly, all this contributed to a comprehensive strength gap, which doomed the fate of the Golden Winged Roc.

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