AST 2276 - Heading to the Sea King’s Palace, Qing She

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2276 - Heading to the Sea King’s Palace, Qing She

A single move! The Primordial Gold Grizzly only used a single move to dissipate the Golden Winged Roc. This made Hao Tian’s face turn as pale as sheet; he finally understood the gap between them.

Qing Shui simply waited, and only after some time did Hao Tian speak, “I admit defeat!”

He had completely lost without any room for doubt, but saying these words were still agonizing to him as Qing Shui seemed to be about the same age as him. He had always believed himself to be the pinnacle amongst the younger generations. A genius with no worthy opponents, yet he had been easily beaten down now.

Hao Tian’s swollen face looked as downcast as it could be without any hint of the charm that he had before.

“I already said that I’m more handsome. Oh, don’t believe me. Please ask your friends. See if they think I’m handsome,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Anyone, who was beaten up until the face looked like a pig head and swollen all over, would look ugly, no matter how handsome they had been. So, Qing Shui was naturally the better-looking one at the moment.

Beihuang Fan and Shen Huang were truly speechless as they stared at Qing Shui. They were still happy in their hearts; this man had become even stronger, capable of carrying the Divine Palace with him. They loved the position they were in, as the protectors appointed by him.

“Why, do you have anything to say?” Qing Shui smiled at Hao Tian.

“No, just... would I be considered a part of the Divine Palace in the future?” Hao Tian looked at Qing Shui.

“This would depend on you. If you’re sincere, you are naturally part of our Divine Palace. But if you don’t want to join, we will not force you. Joining the Divine Palace is like being part of a family, and you can’t harbor any negative thoughts on them. Though you won’t succeed anyway, I just don’t like it,” Qing Shui said lightheartedly.

“Then I’ll join the Divine Palace. I know how to act properly.” Hao Tian was still downtrodden.

“Keke, good. We’ll hold a little ceremony for you tomorrow,” Qing Shui happily said.

Injecting some fresh blood into the Divine Palace would allow it to grow, especially since they were pretty strong. Hao Tian himself, though he lost miserably to Qing Shui, he was still a peak expert. It was unfortunate for him that Qing Shui was indeed stronger.

Qing Shui wasn’t worried about Hao Tian chasing after the two ladies so long as he didn’t use any underhanded methods. Anyway, the two girls had many treasures such as the Star God Pendant and the Sacred Jade Divine Stone with them, capable of helping them escape even if he were to try something.

Qing Shui also believed that Hao Tian wasn’t that sort of cheap fella; he trusted in his judgement, so he allowed him to stay.

Two days later, Qing Shui headed for the Southern Sea’s Sea King Palace.

With the Guardian Vine, the Sea King Palace’s strength was increasing gradually each day. They were already a titan in the Southern Sea with many wandering experts joining their ranks.

There would be a ceremony for joining the Sea King Palace, including: chanting vows, acquiring the Sea King Palace’s brand, and obtaining the Guardian Vine’s approval. Only with a strong guardian, could one thrive in this environment.

Once he entered the vicinity, Qing Shui could sense the Guardian Vine’s raging vitality, seemingly improved from two years ago where it began a phase of rapid growth.

A doll-like, handsome child was playing around. He was wearing a black shirt with loose pitch black hair left unchecked; they were growing to his neck. His interest and suspicions were piqued with Qing Shui’s appearance.

Qing She!

Qing Shui immediately knew that this fella was his and Qing Hanye’s child. Qing Hanye just happened to walk out, spotting Qing Shui as she ecstatically shouted, “Qing Shui!”

Her movements were still filled with grace. Her beautiful beady eyes, seemingly entranced in a layer of mist, looked at Qing Shui, and he felt so comfortable at this moment as if he was in a fleeting dream.

She pulled Qing She in and came over.

Qing Shui directly hugged Qing Hanye and Qing She. “Ye’er!”

“When did you return? It’s been so long since I last saw you.” Qing Hanye was still very joyful.

“You miss me that much?” Qing Shui smiled and kissed her forehead before kissing the little fella’s face.

The little fella was staring at Qing Shui without any hint of rejection, only a slight sense of distance.

“She’er, he is your daddy. The person you love the most.” Qing Hanye smiled as she explained to the little boy.

Qing She was still rather young when he left two years ago. That was why today Qing Shui was almost unable to recognize him.

“Daddy!” Qing She’s smiled as he spoke.

“En, good boy, your talent is naturally exceptional.” Qing Shui cheerfully said. He had already gotten a rough feel of Qing She’s natural talents. The gestation of a child born from Nine Yang and Nine Yin was truly amazing. This kind of talent was the one Qing Shui had never seen before.

Qing Shui had seen countless talents and geniuses, but none as outstanding as Qing She.

He felt that giving him the name She for amnesty and forgiveness was truly a good call. He was destined for great strength, but it was a hope that he would grow up with a compassionate heart, or else he would be numbed by his strength and become a soulless demon.

“What should he learn in the future?” Qing Hanye thought of Qing She’s circumstances and asked.

“We don’t have to teach. He naturally has our legacies, and they’ll be awakened with age. Until then, he can cultivate by himself. You just need to teach him how to read and how to act properly,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“If that’s the case, then that’s good. I was worried about finding him a good master.” Qing Hanye said merrily.

“The master points the way, and the individual goes down the road. The most important aspect is still one’s self, and you are his first master. Once he grows up a little, our foundations would be more solid and his ascension would be unstoppable.” Qing Shui was completely assured in regard of Qing She’s cultivation.

Qing Hanye also relaxed after hearing that. Looking at Qing She, there were many similarities that could be found between Qing Shui in his youth and him. Their elegance, stubbornness, and flexibility melded together.

Qing Shui quickly met up with Yiye Jiange and Qing Xiu.

A pair of eyes which appeared as radiant as the moon, giving her a transcendent feel and aura. Her hair was long, held back only by that ivory-like white jade hairpin.

She had an indescribable otherworldliness. Just like a saintess that had escaped the mortal dust, her long body covered by her feathery coat, revealing those smooth curves.

She had the most ideal body curves, with a little more being too long, and a little less being too short. Those perfectly accentuated curves made her feel more elegant than any other girls. They even seemed snobbish and vulgar in comparison! Her fullness and roundness were just right, full and mature but not fat.

She was like an immortal goddess descending upon the mortal world, giving people a sense that she had lived in seclusion forever.

Qing Xiu was already a youth now, but his feminine looks made him look like a girl. He happily called out, “Father!”

Qing Shui gave him a strong hug. Having not seen him for two years, he had grown a lot taller. The rest of Qing Shui’s women like Luo Qingcheng, Muyun Qingge, and Di Chen were all present. This was basically another Qing Clan manor.

With the Guardian Vine, The Sea King’s Palace was very secure. There were so many of Qing Shui’s women here, and they had all parted ways with their sects after finding suitable successors.

This place was very near the Divine Palace, so it was extremely convenient for Qing Shui to visit. He was tempted to move the whole Qing Clan here, but it was still an underwater world, the Southern Sea. He just felt like it wasn’t comparable to being on land, so he held off on the idea.

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