AST 2283 - Yuchang’s Marriage

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2283 - Yuchang’s Marriage

Yehuang Guwu and Canghai Mingyue also didn’t have any plans to leave, such as to go to the Sea King’s Palace. They had grown accustomed to the life here, and even in other places, they wouldn’t be with Qing Shui so it didn’t even matter. They were used to the life on the Phoenix Dance Continent.

Once Qing Shui had stabilized everything and truly everything, he would have everyone gather together for a big family reunion.

When he had just returned, Yuan Su had been out seeing a patient. She just returned now and was shocked to see Qing Shui. Her beautiful eyes brightened as she ran over to give him a hug. “When did you get back?”

“I just got back!” Qing Shui hugged the aromatic beauty as he lowered his head to kiss that beautiful nose.

Qing Shui had stayed for a week without even realizing it. And today Mingyue Gelou came to his room in the afternoon. At this time, Qing Shui had just returned after teaching the children.

“Qing Shui!”

Qing Shui pulled Mingyue Gelou over and planted her on his lap, he smiled. “I know you have some matters bugging your mind. Spill them out, we’ll discuss it all!”

Sitting in Qing Shui’s embrace embarrassed her; they were already an old couple despite their youthful look. Of course, it was considered that way since they had a grown-up child already. She was happy though, leaning on his shoulder as she lightly said, “Yuchang is in love, and the kid from the Feng Clan is here.”

Qing Shui had never heard of the Feng Clan, but he just replied normally, “It doesn’t matter what clan he’s from, so long as his personality is upright, nothing else matters since the little lass is in love.”

“The Feng Clan is only a small clan, and that youth is not bad overall, but he’s just that. He has a good personality; however, his talent is only a tad better than a common mortal’s. And so he’s destined to not be able to become a great warrior,” Mingyue Gelou said.

Qing Shui didn’t react much to this. Their daughter’s talent was also just middling, and so Qing Shui just nodded. It was like the saying: “The further one walked, the greater the danger he would encounter”. That’s why he didn’t think that high cultivation base was necessarily good. He wanted to know Mingyue Gelou’s opinion. “So what do you think?”

“I’ll listen to your call,” said Mingyue Gelou smilingly.

Qing Shui had thought that this would be a touchy topic since Yuchang was a daughter he had brought in, but fortunately, she had always been very conscious of him as the head of the house. In the case of marriage’s compatibility, it was usually decided by Long Chen after all.

“I don’t know what’s going on in other clans, but I’ll let our children decide their own fate. We don’t need some sort of alliance marriage anyway. So, let’s discuss it with the lass.” Qing Shui smiled, seeming totally at ease.

“En!” Mingyue Gelou also smiled as though she had expected it.

Since it was still early, the couple visited Yuchang’s courtyard. The slightly older children were all given their own courtyards.

Seeing Qing Shui come with Mingyue Gelou, Yuchang immediately knew what was going on, and she happily pulled them into her room.

Yuchang wasn’t very old, and her cultivation wasn’t too good nor bad. She was a Martial Saint with the potential to make further breakthroughs, though that would depend on her in the future.

Yuchang poured the tea for them as she sat in the middle. The three of them sat in a row on the sofa.

“I heard that you’re all grown up now and had a guy that you fancy. So, when will you bring him back for us to take a look?” asked Qing Shui calmly.

Yuchang’s body trembled. “Daddy, Mommy, he… he’s not a descendant of some super clan...”

Yuchang was a little nervous when talking about it, as she knew that this world emphasized on a perfect matching. Especially for a lady who would be marrying out of the family; the partner would usually be from the same or superior position. Moreover, Yuchang was a great beauty, something she inherited from Mingyue Gelou, thereafter, she would never have to worry about other people not wanting her.

Qing Shui tugged on Yuchang’s hand, knowing that she had misunderstood the situation. He lightly grasped her hand and said, “Our Qing Clan used to be from a small village. As long as he’s not wicked and you like him, I’ll support your decision and accept him.”

Yuchang looked happily a Qing Shui. “Really? I always knew Daddy is the best!”

“Why? Were you afraid that I’d stop you?” asked Qing Shui.

“Women will usually become tools to build alliances for the clan. I don’t want that to happen to me,” said Yuchang, completely relaxed.

“We don’t need those kinds of marriages. Our clan won’t sacrifice happiness for upward mobility and never will.” Qing Shui rubbed her head.

“Daddy is amazing!”

“Tell this to your grandmother and the rest. You should pick a time for him to come and visit us; set a date, it’s about time you get married.” Qing Shui smiled.

Yuchang’s face turned beet-red as she lowered her head and responded meekly.

Qing Shui told his mother about this. Since Qing Yi had already handed the reins over to Qing Shui, He had to arrange everything before leaving. Yuchang had only been waiting for him to settle the marriage after all. They had been together for a year and had already reached the appropriate stage; they were just waiting for his return.

Three days later, Qing Shui met the Feng Clan — Feng Zhao and his parents. They were just an ordinary, wealthy family. And he was the third of five children.

As for Feng Zhao’s father, he was the second brother amongst three brothers with five siblings in total.

This was an average family. When Qing Shui met Feng Zhao, he was quite curious at this boy who was just average-looking, slightly heroic, and possessing clear eyes. His strength also hovered at the peak of Martial King, unable to break through.

His parents were slightly older than Qing Shui, their level being at the peak of Xiantian. Hence, Qing Shui could gauge that this family was not too bad regarding their strength.

“Feng Zhao greets the senior!” The youth bowed towards him.

Qing Shui felt like this was slightly messed up as Feng Zhao’s parents also politely greeted him. However, he guessed that it was normal since their clan was just too tiny in comparison with a behemoth existence like the Qing Clan.

“Haha... come, don’t be shy. Let us sit and discuss some things today.” Qing Shui gave them a warm welcome and gestured them to sit.

Zhao Feng was mentally resilient, but he was still slightly unnerved. He had made preparations to be utterly humiliated since anyone would feel that the Zhao Clan was trying to climb up a higher branch and that there was basically no hope.

But he loved Yuchang, and the feeling was mutual. Thereafter, he had to come no matter what the results would be. He wanted to try his best even if the outcome was not something he could mold.

He still held some reservations as he sat down.

Yuchang, Qing Shui, and Mingyue Gelou were here, while the rest were not going to attend out of fear of putting too much pressure on the Feng Clan.

“So, you are Feng Zhao!” Qing Shui stated calmly.

Albeit a bit tense, Feng Zhao finally felt that his moment had come. “Yes, senior!” 

“And you like my household’s Yuchang?” 

“En, I love her, I hope senior would grant us our wish.”

“Let’s have it this way. Marrying my daughter... has its price.” Qing Shui continued.

“Please instruct me, senior,” Feng Zhao said solemnly.

“I know of your love for Yuchang. So, cut off one of your arms and I’ll marry her to you.” Qing Shui said seriously.

The entire room was deadly silent. Yuchang wanted to speak out, but Mingyue Gelou held her back. Feng Zhao’s parents’ faces had turned dark a while ago. And as for Feng Zhao, his expression seemed to turn unnatural, but he continued to look at Qing Shui, internal war raged within him.

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