AST 2284 - I’m Someone Else’s Father-in-Law Now

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2284 - I’m Someone Else’s Father-in-Law Now…

Qing Shui appeared to be very earnest and serious, so nobody thought of it as a joke. Even Yuchang felt this way.

“I can’t do it!” Feng Zhao said lightly, his eyes flashing with a hint of bitterness.

Qing Shui’s smile widened.

“I thought you liked my clan’s lass. You should be willing to sacrifice everything for the one you love,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“If you lose your life, there isn’t anything to love. A real loving couple would die for each other, and I am definitely willing to do so for Yuchang. No matter what kind of danger she faces, I’d be happy to sacrifice my life to save hers. But this kind of sacrifice is totally pointless. If I just cut out my arm right now, I believe that Yuchang would be sad. And I don’t want her to be sad,” Feng Zhao said seriously.

Qing Shui was much stronger than Feng Zhao and could see right through him. He could determine that these words were true, so he nodded. “Good, you’ve passed the test. I agree with your marriage. I need to leave in under a month, and I’d like to see your marriage before I leave.”

Zhao Feng looked disbelievingly at ‘senior’ Qing Shui…

“Why? Are you unwilling?” Qing Shui asked.

“No, no… I’m willing, senior!”

“Still calling me senior?” Qing Shui smiled.

“Father-in-law!” Zhao Feng kneeled down and ecstatically yelled.

Qing Shui felt a bit out of place. To think that he himself would become someone else’s father-in-law…

“Okay, you guys decide on a date. Rise, you’ve already paid your respects,” said Qing Shui smilingly. “Oh, I’ll give you a little gift in advance!” Qing Shui stretched out his hand to poke at the different acupuncture points along Zhao Feng’s body, displaying his power and allowing him to break through to Martial Saint Realm.

The gap between a Martial Saint and a peak Martial King was a massive chasm. Martial Saints were respected wherever they went, and there was a massive increase in their lifespan. A Martial King merely had a lifespan equivalent to a Xiantian expert’s.

This kind of things only took a short while. Zhao Feng looked disbelievingly at Qing Shui, as his dream had come through. He knew that there was only a little hope for him since his parents were just peak Xiantian cultivators. He was already an oddity with his attainment of peak Martial King.

Yet, a casual wave of a hand changed his entire life. This was the foundation of a major clan, the ability of a true powerhouse.

Only after a while had passed did he snap out of his daze and thank Qing Shui.

Qing Shui got them to stay for lunch, and the wedding was set to be half a month from now. The Zhao Clan was a normal cultivator clan. Although they weren’t exceptionally powerful, they still had a few properties under their name.

They decided to hold the wedding ceremony in a place not far from the Qing Clan.

The Qing Clan didn’t usually flaunt their strength, but anyone with a suitable amount of power knew that the Qing Clan was the paramount existence in the Dancing Phoenix Continent. Although they were low-key, they possessed unfathomable strength.

The Zhao Clan began to send out invitations but only to their close friends.

The Qing Clan was marrying out a daughter, not wanting to vie for the spotlight with the Zhao Clan. Since there was too big of a gap between the two clans, there was no need to vie for anything, just a few close friends receiving invites and coming over was sufficient.


Good days flew by as Yuchang’s wedding day came up. The entire Qing Clan’s manor was decorated with red lamps, as though it were a New Year celebration, cheers and joy could be heard all over the place.

At high noon, a long line of snow-white beasts pulling opulent carriages in a neat row could be seen. There was also a flowery carriage which decorated with multiple branches of colorful flowers. It was slightly smaller than the rest, yet seemingly the most eye-catching.

A large congregation of people entered the Qing Clan Manor with it. They were led by Feng Zhao who wore a deep red tuxedo. He was carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers and a face of blissful joy. He had many people on his side following him.

After that, they underwent all the standard wedding procedure.

After the groom’s family came and received Yuchang, the majority of the Qing Clan also left to the wedding location.

The Qing Clan had given sufficient face to the Feng Clan, as this kind of gap in statuses would usually warrant the male marrying into the female’s family.

The entire ceremony was a smashing success, though there was an interesting situation midway through. Some of the strongest powers in the Dancing Phoenix Continent came over to the Feng Clan, uninvited by either side of the family.

The Feng Clan also understood the reason for their appearance. These people would usually look down on such a puny clan, yet they were now calling them brothers and such…

It was a joyous occasion, so there was no need to slap a smiling person’s face. Plus, there were no downsides to it.

The busy day flew by, as the next generation of the Qing Clan had begun. Qing Shui’s generation had all had their families, with Qing Bei being the last one.

Luan Luan was slightly older than Yuchang, but her future accomplishments were inestimable, so she didn’t want to affect her cultivation for such a matter. Yuchang was destined to not have much progress in the martial path, so once a suitor was found she could marry him.

Mingyue Gelou pulled Yuchang aside, whispering a few things. Qing Shui knew that a mother would always say something to their daughters at this moment. Qing Shui also had words to say, simply stating that if she suffered, she needed only to tell him and he would deal with them.

Yuchang felt happy and blessed for the loving and doting father she had.

Yuchang’s life after marriage was very blissful as the couple were always on the same page, always thinking the same things. Yuchang didn’t have the spoiled brat mentality, making the Feng clan extremely fond of her. Since the Qing Clan was still nearby, and the courtyard was still hers, she and Feng Zhao would spend the majority of their time at the Qing Clan.


By the time Qing Shui was about to travel again, he could leave without any fears, thanks to the Guardian Beast and two other Black Ice Divine Worms. Though he was not willing to leave, he still had to continue on.

After bidding his farewell, he immediately used the Five Elements Divine Flag.

Along the way, he used the Nine Continents’ Steps to rush to the Northern Emperor Domain.

He was just in time for the plan they had drafted up. And it hadn’t been half a month yet since the wedding.

Upon returning to the Divine Palace, the rest were already ready, and Qing Shui opted to set off 2 days later.

Qing Shui was relieved to see that Hao Tian had put down the baggage weighing down his heart, knowing that there would always be a better person, a bigger heaven. He had also heard of Qing Shui’s previous deeds which revealed too much of him.

Shortly after returning, he returned to the back mountains to talk with the Sky-Obstructing Crow. Its fate was tied to the Divine Palace, so it would drastically hurt or even kill him should anything untoward happen to the Divine Palace.

The Sky-Obstructing Crow was obviously rooting for the rise of the Divine Palace, as his strength would also be able to ride the waves and grow. He had seen this hope in Qing Shui and thereafter, was sparing no expense to support him.

Two days later, the group left the Divine Palace with Yin Tong and the rest accompanying them for a long distance.

Yin Tong and Lan Lingfeng were also slightly depressed as this farewell could be for an extremely long time. They needed to work hard to improve their cultivations.

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