AST 2285 - Arriving at the Nine Domains, Hua City, Cai Clan annihilation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2285 - Arriving at the Nine Domains, Hua City, Cai Clan annihilation

Qing Shui had mistakenly believed that the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain was just a massive ocean. Only upon his arrival did he realize that the earth and ocean accounted for each half of the land. The Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain was split into nine pieces, corresponding to the Nine Continents, while the ocean was called the Star Ocean Domain. This was how the name Nine Continents’ Star Ocean Domain was coined.

Qing Shui could immediately tell that the Spiritual Qi here was far richer than elsewhere. He had heaven-defying treasures like the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, so he understood that people’s success also hinged upon the terrain advantage. It was rumored that the latter part of the Nine Domains had even richer Spiritual Qi.

This was merely the first domain amongst the nine, technically the lowest grade amongst them. Qing Shui wouldn’t stay here for long, as the Sky-Obstructing Crow had stated that he could proceed to the Fourth Domain, suggesting that he would be a powerful ruler governing a small force in these four domains.

Qing Shui’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds, so he shouldn’t waste his time there. The Nine Domains was the most mysterious and prosperous place in the entire world. This was the pinnacle of life, where it was suspected that they truly matched the prosperity of ancient times.

There were many legends and relics of ancient times; many of which could be seen today. The Giant Dragons, Phoenixes, Golden Winged Rocs, Bifang Cranes, Sable Oxen, and other ancient monsters of the past, as well as the various inheritances, clans, and sects.

Upon entry, Qing Shui had been transported to a wildland. This was the entry point to the Nine Continents’ Star Ocean Domain, and all that he could see was an endless wilderness, with no city in sight.

Nine Continents Steps!

Staring down from the sky, he had spotted a city below. A single Nine Continents Steps could cover a distance greater than the entire world in his previous life.

“Let’s go down and take a look.” Qing Shui said before bringing them down.

The city seemed far more ancient and dignified than any cities he had laid his eyes on before. It seemed exceptionally sturdy and tall, giving people a sense of firmness, heaviness. This was the accumulation of history and had nothing to do with the architecture.

This was an unseen kind of culture, making Qing Shui feel a deeper, unfathomable sense. It was as though he did not understand it, since he wasn’t part of it. Even if his realm had reached a sufficient level, he wouldn’t really understand. However, all foreigners would immediately feel that this place was truly special.

There was a massive crowd. Some wore very fancy garments, and others had plain martial uniforms on. The shops lined on each side of the streets as countless beast carriages went forth on the main roads, contrasting with the massive demonic beasts’ horde all over the skies.

The entire street was bustling with activity; there were advertisements to buy and sell all over it. 

Qing Shui and the group then walked on the main street. This could be considered a border city in the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain.

Although the land of the Domain was split into nine pieces, they were still gargantuan, with each piece countless times larger than Earth. The cars were different here; the things flying in the sky were different here. This was like a different kind of civilization altogether.

“Let’s go find a restaurant, I want to grab a bite. And maybe we can get some information there,” Shen Huang told Qing Shui.


The Dragon River Restaurant, seemingly a very vulgar name. Perhaps it was someone’s name or the name of a place. Nonetheless, this restaurant was massive.

The restaurant seemed ancient on the outside, but it was extremely opulent and decadent on the inside, with glimmering gold and jade decorations. Even the glossy tiles looked like marble, yet they were tougher and prettier.

The stone table was also smooth, especially pleasing to the eye. The seats were made of the finest woods, decorated with dragon-shaped beast carvings.

Qing Shui had this gnawing feeling that this restaurant wasn’t what it presented on the surface. Qing Shui was reminded of the Nine Continents Restaurant. Perhaps they were related to the Nine Continents Food Residence.

The restaurants in the Nine Domains that could earn the favor of the Nine Continents Food Residence were truly few and far in between. The incident at the Northern Emperor Domain was the Nine Continents Food Residence’s lust for Qing Shui’s recipes.

Right as they entered, a uniform-wearing beauty came over, smiling at Qing Shui and the crew. “Please come in!”

She brought Qing Shui to the third floor because the bottom two floors were full. Though it was still a while before meal time, half of this floor was also filled already. She took out a menu for them to order.

“Where is this place in Da Yan?” Qing Shui asked casually as he ordered food.

“These guests must have just arrived here!” The girl smiled.

Though she was a waitress, she was at the Xiantian level and perhaps on the level of lower-management. She had the looks and an air about her that transcended the other waitresses.

“Yes!” Qing Shui muttered one simple word as a response.

The girl knew that she had overstepped her boundaries, frightened, she said, “This is Da Yan’s Hua City.”

He had planned to ask a few more questions, but she was a waitress. As the meal time inched closer, the crowds here would increase. And it was impossible for her to stick around just to chat with him.

Since he couldn’t ask, he just sat there and listened. There were many people around. It was apparent that the Dragon River Restaurant was not a bad establishment, with everyone here having some sort of authority. There were, of course, many cultivators here since the meals weren’t cheap for a normal standard.

The food arrived a while later, and Qing Shui had ordered up a feast for the nine of them.

The food was prepared beautifully, a lingering fragrance wafting through the air. It was intoxicating. The ingredients were good, and so was the skill of the chef. This was how the Dragon River Restaurant earned its reputation.

“Have you heard? The Cai Clan was completely annihilated last night,” on a table a few meters away, spoke a man in a hushed tone. However, many people around could still hear him.

“I heard, the Cai Clan is one of Hua City’s great powers. For it to disappear overnight is really terrifying, we don’t even know who did it,” A person from the neighboring table chimed in.

“This older brother has also heard?” The first man spoke out again.

“Yeah, my house isn’t that far from the Cai Clan’s manor; just thinking about it gives me the creeps. There were some fighting sounds ringing outwards, but they weren’t very intense. I thought that it was just a major clan having some sparing bouts, yet the next morning, over hundreds of Cai Clan’s disciples disappeared without a trace. Everyone only found out that the glorious clan had been eradicated from the stench of blood.”

This topic was very heavy, as they avoided making guesses about the culprit. They could, however, discuss the Cai Clan without the fear of retaliation.

“The Cai Clan has prospered for a dozen years or so, not for very long. After each generation, they got worse and worse, especially in this generation. Eventually, a kid called Cai Zhong came out, even daring to tease the Bu Clan’s First Young Lady and got all his limbs broken for it.

“Even if this Cai Zhong had not harmed a thousand women, it would be close to eight hundred already.”


Qing Shui smiled. People were exactly like this. When the Cai Clan was prosperous, no one dared to even squeak. And even if someone lent them a hundred guts, they wouldn’t dare. But now? They could speak without reservations.

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