AST 2293 - My Heart Is Solely Yours

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2293 - My Heart Is Solely Yours

Ever since the previous incident, the Bu Clan had quietened down, and Qing Shui had almost completely forgotten about them. Now all he had to do was to strengthen the Chi Clan and grant Chi Ao and Chi Feng’s wishes. This was also a good base of operations in the Nine Domains.

He walked into the backyard and saw Shen Huang standing by the pond, observing the fishes.

These few days, Beihuang Fan and Shen Huang were constantly by his side, but he realized that his intimacy with the two ladies did not improve. Instead, the two of them seemed to be inseparable. And although Qing Shui had a thick face, he found himself unable to try and flirt with both of them at the same time.

Qing Shui walked over, wearing a smile on his face. Shen Huang raised her head and noticed him. “What are you wickedly smiling for…?”

“Hey! How can I be unhappy meeting such a beauty?” Qing Shui walked over and held her delicate hand.

“Don’t come any closer! You’re not allowed to do anything sneaky!” Shen Huang panicked. Sometimes, this naughty thing was too daring. Ever since that one time when Qing Shui had given her a massage and the situation had escalated, she had always avoided similar encounters while calming her beating heart.

She was terrified that Qing Shui would make another move. He was very good at it, and it didn’t take long for his ability to kick in. Even she was afraid that she was not able to resist him, so she spoke up in advance.

In actual fact, she was somewhat looking forward to an out-of-body bliss, but she was also panicked and scared that she would become an indecent woman. She knew that she would not become indecent, but she did not want to be looked down upon by Qing Shui, so much that he wouldn’t continue liking her.

She already had a gut feeling about Qing Shui’s motives. She was best at reading and controlling the heart, and she could see clearly when others might have harmful thoughts towards her.

“Miss, do you know what kind of girl guys like?” Qing Shui smiled, not allowing himself to imagine anything about her. This prevented her from reading his thoughts.

“I don’t know…” Shen Huang knew Qing Shui had nothing good to say, but still played along with him.

“Hm, guys typically prefer goddess-like girls, and you happen to be a goddess. What is a goddess? It is one who can work in the halls, cook in the kitchen, and get into bed. When outside the bedroom, she is dignified and noble, elegant and aware of her actions. But in bed, she is delicate and enchanting....”

“I knew you had nothing good to say!” Shen Huang was pulled closer by his hand while she angrily glared at him.

Other than teasing, he did not know what else to do. Her charming eyes were as bright as the stars, and only Qing Shui could see the faint charm in her eyes. He pulled her into his embrace without thinking.

“Missy, I realized that I love you more and more,” Qing Shui was still not accustomed to saying words like these, but keeping them in also felt unnatural.

“How much do you love me?” It was like Shen Huang caught on to Qing Shui’s feelings. She quieted down and warmly smiled at him.

Both of them were very close, not even a foot apart. Qing Shui could feel Shen Huang’s soft exhales, breath as fresh as orchids, bringing him an unexplainable comfort.

“If I lose you, I would go crazy,” Qing Shui stated.

“That is not love; that’s possessiveness.”

“No, I have known you for so long, and I’ve been holding myself back. Do you not feel it? As long as you are by my side, I will endure it and be happy.” Qing Shui smiled warmly.

“Isn’t it hard to endure?” Shen Huang lowered her head and softly spoke.

“It is fine after getting used to it,” Qing Shui earnestly said.

Shen Huang clung on to Qing Shui’s neck, and she hugged him tight, feeling something hard down there, supported by her tender waist. Her whole body went soft, as she whispered into his ear, “Is this more comfortable?”

At this moment, Qing Shui felt an out-of-body pleasure, not a stimulation on his body but through Shen Huang’s movements and body language. This kind of assault on his senses was deadly.

Qing Shui really felt a lot more comfortable, but gradual swelling down there could only be bigger. He held Shen Huang’s hands before one of his hand slid down to those perfectly round, protruding buttocks. They were soft and firm as well as smooth and round under the clothes.

Shen Huang’s body trembled, but she did not revolt. When Qing Shui’s hands were caressing the perfectly rounded globes, he naturally used extremely gentle strokes. But not long after, the delicate body in his arms vigorously twitched a few times, a wave of moisture causing even Qing Shui’s clothes to be stained.

Her lovely dimple was like a blooming flower, but at that moment, she did not dare to look at Qing Shui. She had just experienced a fleeting moment of pleasure as if she was floating in the clouds.

“I want to change my clothes…” Shen Huang shyly mumbled.

Qing Shui flashed a smile, taking her to the door of her room.

Shen Huang bit her lip in contemplation, before pulling Qing Shui into her room and immediately locking the door.

“What do you want to do? I will take the lead,” Qing Shui crossed his arms over his chest and frighteningly said.

“You can decide…” Shen Huang pushed Qing Shui down on her bed blushingly. “I heard you can get off by hand… I can help you with my hands...”

Qing Shui laughed, lightly hugging her while he said, “There’s no need to be so embarrassed.”

“I’m not embarrassed, I’m only like this with you.”

Shen Huang slowly took off Qing Shui’s clothes.

Qing Shui was very touched and also felt a great sense of accomplishment, having such a virtuous wife would be the dream of any husband.

Seeing Qing Shui’s thing stood erect, Shen Huang was shocked. It was purple like a dragon, a little bit ugly but very impressive. Her face was heated red, and she did not dare to look at Qing Shui. Instead, she bit her lips and reached out to hold it. It was hot and was slightly palpitating.

Qing Shui breathed comfortably. Watching those small hands move, comfort began to spread throughout his whole body.


When Beihuang Fan saw Qing Shui and Shen Huang, she was clearly stunned. Shen Huang’s face was all red. Even though she was not fully conscious of the outside world, she herself had been massaged by Qing Shui before. Once she saw Shen Huang, she laughed, “Did you eat her up?”

“What is this stupid girl saying…” Shen Huang’s face became even redder.

“I understand, you’ve been… both his hands…” Beihuang Fan said, full of understanding.

Both of them had talked about the topic of Qing Shui’s massage in private.

“I can’t favor one over the other. Little Fan Fan, leave your door open tonight,” Qing Shui laughed.

“Dream on!” Bei Huang Fan angrily exclaimed.

“Hm, if I dream bigger and think thoroughly at night, what should I begin thinking about…” Qing Shui looked at Beihuang Fan, both eyes traveling down to her busty chest.

“Enough, stop talking, I have a proper matter to discuss.” Beihuang Fan couldn’t tolerate Qing Shui’s gaze.

“Is there anything more proper than me thinking about you?” Qing Shui clicked his tongue.

Shen Huang stood at the side giggling before looking at the helpless Bei Huang Fan and said, “Is it about the Eight Desolates Region?”

“Mhm, now the people at the Eight Desolates Region already know that the Chi Clan is here. I’m afraid that it will not take long for those people to come over here to silence everyone,” Bei Huang Fan said quietly, recounting what had happened.

“No problem, they can come here all they want. If they don’t come, we still have to search for them. They can come over to kill and silence anyone they want. We just have to guarantee that if they come, they shall not make it out alive,” Qing Shui cheerfully said.

“Don’t be negligent! Even if you have confidence, you still have to be careful,” Bei Huang Fan warned Qing Shui.

“Mhm, to be on the safe side, you two carry on with our next planned step. After this long, I also want to see how much you two have learned,” Qing Shui thought for a while before smiling.

Both ladies nodded their head and took their leave. Seeing both their lithe and graceful figures, he almost couldn’t restrain himself and immediately thought of the previous session, when Shen Huang choppily rubbed her hand against...

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