AST 2294 - The She Clan’s She Xingyue, I’ll Fight You

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2294 - The She Clan’s She Xingyue, I’ll Fight You

Qing Shui naturally watched the two females setting up the formation. This temporarily was a place to stay, and reasonably, Qing Shui would want to make it safe. At least, upon returning and resting, one would feel safe.

The formation set up by the two ladies was a Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. Although this was a tricky formation with lots of different variations, the two ladies were clever. If time permitted them, they could naturally learn the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation, as well as the One Origin Formation.

The One Origin Formation was the kind of formation that a person could use that borrowed energies from the surroundings or even the enemies. The Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation was the combination of a Trap, Defense, and Death Formation. It could be adapted to every situation.

The Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation, which had been set up by the two ladies, was very standard as though it came from a textbook. Qing Shui was quite satisfied. Although it was lacking in terms of creativity, it was still decent nonetheless. After all, the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation was difficult even amongst his vast repertoire of formations, of course, when set up properly.

Those individuals like Hao Tian, the Beast King Battle God, and the Mighty Strength Battle God had next to no understanding of formations. However, under these circumstances, Qing Shui might as well let them learn formations; Formations were just too versatile. They were considered Divine Techniques in this world, and Formation Masters were a necessity in any major clan, akin to a Divine Protector.

Formation Masters, regardless of where they went, were honorable existences. After all, if a Formation Master turned renegade, with their capability, they might trap and murder an entire clan.

The formation set up by the two ladies didn’t have much to modify. The materials they used were decent as well, and as such, this formation’s power was still considerable. In addition, Qing Shui’s Formation Eye Stone did not just increase the power of formations he had set up. As long as he was there, the power of any needed formations would increase.

Hence, the two ladies’ formation was boosted several times.

Hao Tian looked at the two ladies enviously and then looked at Qing Shui, he said, “Just what else do you know exactly?”

Along the way, Hao Tian naturally saw Qing Shui’s numerous abilities. And this was how he knew that the two ladies’ formation was taught by Qing Shui. Qing Shui’s cultivation was strong, and he had godly medical skills. He could help someone boost their abilities, remove shameful ‘handicaps’, and even make delicious food. He had top-quality wine, knew Poison Arts...

“He also knows how to pick girls up!” Zi Ye said seriously.

Hao Tian responded seriously, “I know... someone like him actually doesn’t know about the art of seducing; it’s the girls that was charmed by his face. If he really knew how to pick them up, the number of women by his side would probably be higher than just four.”

The others just smiled but didn’t say anything. Qing Shui waved his hand and muttered, “Since you have so much time, why don’t you train instead!”

On the second day, close to twenty people arrived. They were led by an old man. He appeared capable and travel-weary. Upon seeing the old man, Chi Yang’s eyes grew moist, and he exclaimed, “Fifth Uncle!”

“Ha ha, good good, the Chi Clan hasn’t gone extinct. Yang’er, now that you’ve recovered, the Chi Clan has the hope to rise again.” The old man exclaimed happily.

Directly after, a woman came before Chi Yang. Albeit walking timidly, she was immediately embraced by him, joy shining from their faces.


“Chi Jing!” 

This woman was Chi Yang’s twin sister. They had been separated for ten years, and hence, their reunion was naturally joyful.

Chi Yang’s wife came forward to hug the lady. In the past, their relationship was as close as sisters, and reuniting at this moment brought endless things to say and nostalgia.

After a moment, Chi Yang introduced Qing Shui to everyone. After knowing that Qing Shui had cured Chi Yang and his wife of their incurable disease, and that he had taken care of his grand nephew and niece, the Fifth Uncle bowed before Qing Shui to express his gratitude.

Qing Shui shook out of his mind, immediately helping him up. “This can’t be done, senior! Aiyaaa! You will reduce my remaining lifespan!”

It was lively, and everyone was very happy. Close to twenty people had arrived, and this truly was unexpected for Chi Yang. The core strength of the Chi Clan was roughly this much, and in the future if they came back, there probably wouldn’t be as many.

These were the Chi Clan’s direct relatives, and everyone had blood relations. It was unknown as to how many non-blood relatives would be able to return.

The number of Chi family members had not been great in the past, but they had not been lacking either. After all, they had once been quite a powerful clan. However, the direct relatives remaining were only these few. It could be seen just how many were killed in the past. “Everybody gangs up on the fallen. When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter.” Those who weren’t direct relatives probably had no way of coming back now.

Everyone gathered together and thought of the sorrows from the past. They felt that to gather today wasn’t easy. Upon talking about the past, they thought of their future and how the blood that flowed in their veins was all the same. They were one family, and it would be easy to move forward strongly.

Chi Yang’s Third Uncle and Fifth Uncle, once they had been put together, they never seemed to run out of things to say. After all, they were brothers who hadn’t seen each other in many decades.

Qing Shui knew that the Chi Clan’s blood had a pernicious aura. This was the inheritance of the Chi Clan. However, it wasn’t particularly strong. Upon looking carefully, every one of the Chi family members had roughly the same aura except for Chi Yang, whose aura was obviously much stronger.

Qing Shui thought of Chi Ao and Chi Feng. If Chi Ao and Chi Feng were to be in the Chi Clan, they would be the ones to carry on the family name.

The weather was good; there was even some kind of fragrant scent in the air. In this region, the lively scent was soothing to the soul, and the lifespans of the ordinary citizens were higher by about twenty years when compared to those outside the Nine Domains.

However, some people appeared today at Hua City. They could be observed from around the vicinity of the Chi Clan, and at last, they gathered at their doorstep.

Chi Yang was a little agitated and so was his Third and Fifth Uncle. Quite a few of the Chi Clan were burning with righteous fury and couldn’t wait to go out and completely wipe out their enemies. However, the people outside were still very strong, and most importantly, they weren’t just a single force.

Qing Shui saw that there were troops with no less than sixty people opposite of them. At their vanguard, there were several people, and those in the center looked like middle-aged men. They looked somewhat feminine and elegant and wore robes as white as the moon with a small snowy white snake embroidered onto the cuffs.

Qing Shui didn’t see anyone from the Divine Buddha Sect, or perhaps he just didn’t recognize them. However, those who had hairstyles or clothes that were related to Buddha were slightly recognizable, and Qing Shui still didn’t see anything resembling the presence of the Divine Buddha Sect.

The people who had eliminated the Chi Clan in the past were mainly the She Clan and those from the Divine Buddha Sect. Of course, there were others who were present, and although the Divine Buddha Sect had not dispatched many people, they were all very powerful. Some of these strong fighters were from the She Clan.

Hence, at the root of the problem, it was still the She Clan.

The elegant, feminine man in the moon-white robes was from the She Clan. He held a high position, and he was currently looking at the Chi Clan. Gazing at the bunch of people who had walked out, he smiled and muttered, “There are roads for you to walk in Heaven, but you choose not to. Instead, you barge into Hell which left you guys with no door to escape.”

“She Xingyue, this sentence should’ve rightfully been said by me.” Chi Yang struggled to control his emotions.

“Ha ha ha, In the past, those who came from the Chi Clan are just these few. Since you’ve already escaped, why have you come back? If this isn’t courting death, what is it?” The man’s gaze was penetrating and vindictive, akin to a bottomless spring.

“Maybe it is you who will die. In that case, the death god’s sickle will fall down on you motherfuckers.” Chi Yang was not smiling. In the face of such an enemy, he couldn’t bring himself to smile and couldn’t wait to kill them.

“Ha ha, the likes of your bastard father were all killed by me. Today, I’ll give you a chance to have your revenge. How about we have a duel? Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.” She Xingyue grinned maliciously.

Chi Yang looked at this man; he knew that he wasn’t his match. In the past, he wasn’t his match, and now, he still wasn’t his match. Nevertheless, he stood out and shouted, “Fine, I’ll fight you!”

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