AST 2295 - Black and White Snakes, Ominous Beast, Raging Battle

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2295 - Black and White Snakes, Ominous Beast, Raging Battle

“Fine, I will fight you!”

Chi Yang immediately agreed to the opposing party’s request, but deep down he knew, he wouldn’t be his match. He looked at Qing Shui who merely nodded.

The effects of the Divine weapon, Flying Sword began to come up.

The Battle God Halo and Formation all gave him attack bonuses. Those were shocking Chi Yang as he felt his strength grow immensely. Qing Shui thought that this would be enough; there was no need to even cripple the enemy with the Emperor’s Qi and Art of Pursuing. The disparity between Chi Yang of the past and present was like the gap between Heaven and Earth.

The sun hanged high as the spectators piled up. They all merely observed from a far distance; it was a busy place afterall.

She Xingyue wore a confident smile and appeared mid-air in a single motion, giving him an air of elegance. Not only did it feel good showing off in front of the crowd, but he was also avoiding doing damage to the buildings below.

Although this was basic morals, a lot of practitioners had a thirst for destruction, paying no heed to the casualties of the crowd.

Chi Yang also appeared midair. There was another upside for fighting midair, which was being able to avoid any hidden plot against him due to distance. With the distance between them, even Qing Shui would have a hard time trying to use the Emperor’s Qi or Art of Pursuing on She Xingyue.

“Rascal Chi, do it now or I fear you will never get the chance to.” She Xingyue carefully pulled out a shortsword. And it looked like a piece of willow leaf, compact and sharp, sparkling under the sun.

Chi Yang, on the other hand, took out a blade, the Scarlet Flame Saber!

The body of the saber felt extremely ominous, and it appeared bloody-red as though it had actual blood flowing on the side of it. He did not show any courtesy and immediately delivered a strike.

Chi Yang did not use his full strength in this strike, utilizing only his strength before the buffs. To She Xingyue, this saber strike was merely child’s play, and he casually waved his silver shortsword, blocking Chi Yang’s Saber qi.

The saber was tyrannical, emitting the aura to suppress all being!

“Have a taste my She Clan’s special Sword Qi!”

She Xingyue’s short sword was like a silver viper, creating several snake-like Sword Qi with just a few swings. They shot towards Chi Yang with incredible arcs.

The snake-like Sword Qis were not blindingly fast but able to change direction at will and would not stop until they reached their target or were destroyed.

At that time, She Xingyue dashed out like a ghost, continuously shooting out more Sword Qi with the shortsword.

Chi Yang looked at the increasing amount of Sword Qi as he leaped and dodged. The saber in his hand never stopped, and with each collision with the Sword Qi, he found himself using gradually more strength. However, he was still unable to halt the assault.

A stream of Sword Qi struck Chi Yang’s shoulders, but to his surprise, it only scratched open a small opening on his skin.

Chi Yang finally realized what the dense aura surrounding him did; it was able to reduce the physical damage that he received.

Chi Yang was pleasantly surprised, on the other hand, She Xingyue was shocked. Although that strike should not be lethal, it should at least gravely wound the opponent; instead, it only left such a tiny wound.

Chi Yang struck back suddenly with immense force, achieving the state of one with the blade. This was one of Chi Yang’s ultimate moves before, and it was powerful even with his previous abilities. To use it now would mean a whole new level altogether.

She Xingyue’s heart nearly jumped out of his throat. He had thought that the Chi Yang couple would have never been able to recover from their previous wounds; now he realized that he was horribly wrong. They even had a massive breakthrough…

She Xingyue no longer acted carelessly. With a snow-white light emitting from his body, a silver shield materialized, intercepting Chi Yang’s terrifying strike.


With a crisp noise, the shield shattered and faded away like silver sparks. The strike from the saber was halted for the moment. She XingYue felt relieved but found no time to relax. He rushed towards Chi Yang with a sword in his hand. The shortsword relentlessly shot towards Chi Yang like a shooting star.

Chi Yang was not surprised by his opponent blocking his ultimate strike. He knew that She Xingyue certainly had an ability or treasure capable of doing so. As such, he also kept something up his sleeves. He leaped sideways with unexpected swiftness and flow.

He successfully dodged that meteor-like sword.

The two faced each other again, but She Xingyue had already used a crucial ability.

He could no longer keep his composure, for the events unfolding had betrayed his expectations. Silver wings appeared behind his back, and a snake shadow clouded and loomed over him, becoming one with him.


Behind him, two caves opened. One of them was filled with thick smoke, resting within was a huge silver python. In the other hid a similar-sized black python.

Chi Yang was not being careless either. With a similar explosive sound, two caves also appeared behind him. Appearing within one of it was a mythical beast that surprised even Qing Shui.

Ominous Beast!

This beast was very peculiar with the body of a lion, the feet of an elephant, the tail of the dragon tail, and a buffalo’s head. The head was particularly very menacing-looking, decorated with a single, fiery-red horn and a massive hippo mouth, along with the sharp T-rex teeth.


A series of roars rang out as its deep, ashy voice seemed to envelop the skies.

The other cave held a massive bird that looked somewhat like an eagle, only magnified thrice with a pair of cold, bloodthirsty eyes.


The twin snakes behind She Xingyue rushed out towards Chi Yang.

Both were titanic monsters with a thickness of ten meters. They looked almost like a pair of dragons soaring through the skies.


Wu, Kong…...

Both of the beasts behind Chi Yang also rushed out to battle. They were equally titanic in size, especially the Ominous beast. It charged towards the black and white snakes, its hooves leaving a trail of cyan flames behind its wake.

This was Ominous Flames!

This looked like a raging buffalo charge. When this occurred in his past life, even lions and tigers had to dodge away.

The white snake suddenly grew thirty percent bigger, the white glow intensifying as a purifying Qi appeared, causing its body to harden immensely. Its enormous tail was like a divine bat as it swept towards the Ominous Beast.

The black snake remained unchanged, but it began to spit out roiling, raging rivers of black smoke, enveloping Chi Yang and his two beasts within.

However, Chi Yang was surrounded by a blanket of white light, blocking out the black smoke.

Area Dominance, this was the Area Dominance that Qing Shui applied onto Chi Yang prior to the battle. It had become extremely useful in blocking the main weapon of the black snake, the black smoke poison.

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