AST 2296 Qing Shui’s Support Overwhelmed The Enemy

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2296 – Qing Shui’s Support Overwhelmed The Enemy

Despite attempting to calm himself down, Chi Yang was already at a state of panic after being surrounded by the black smoke. Surprisingly, the smoke cleared up rather quickly, and he noticed that he was glowing with a white light which seemed to dissolve the smoke upon contact.

This was not his ability, it was something Qing Shui had bestowed him.

The Black Serpent bared its fangs and charged straight towards Chi Yang.

However, it was at this moment that the Three-legged Giant Bird appeared beside Chi Yang and intercepted the serpent with a mighty peck at its weak spot.


The giant creature let out a hideous hiss and fled. It was a Beast Soul Body, so it was safe to assume that it would not be back for a while. Normally, they can only be summoned once a day, and each time it died, some time was needed for it to recover to its fullest strength. The recovery time was related to the strength of the Beast Soul Body; the stronger it was, the longer the recovery time would be.

She Xingyue realized immediately that the Black Serpent was defeated, shaking him slightly. Meanwhile, the Three-legged Giant Bird switched its attention to the White Serpent. The White Serpent was putting up a fierce fight, furiously barraging the bird with attacks.

The moment the serpent disappeared, the demon began dashing towards She Xingyue. Its body was glowing bloody red and emitting a terrifying pernicious aura.

Chi Yang was already startled by the sudden ambush. It was all because the Beast Soul Body that he had encountered previously had not been as strong. But now he was absolutely stunned by this demon. Who would have thought that it was capable of emitting such pernicious aura?

Usually, the strength of a Beast Soul Body was related to the strength of its master. The stronger the master, the stronger it became.

She Xingyue could sense the intense aura closing in on him; it would be hard just to evade that monster’s attack. Then he saw that Chi Yang was preparing for another attack, and he knew that he would not be able to dodge both attacks.

He started to panic.

However, he could not just do nothing. Keeping his eyes on Chi Yang, he bent his body, barely dodging the demon’s attack.

Chi Yang seized this opportunity. As swift as a bird, he sprung forward, swinging his glowing Scarlet Flaming Saber down like an axe, causing a blinding explosion.

Despite the blinding light, She Xingyue lashed out his sword at Chi Yang.


As the blinding light faded, the sky cleared up, revealing the sun. Under the sunlight stood Chi Yang, and She Xingyue was nowhere to be seen. However, there was a sword embedded in his shoulder; it had barely missed his heart.

She Xingyue had known that there was no chance of him escaping. As a last resort, he had tried to take Chi Yang down with him albeit without success.

“Are you okay?” Qing Shui suddenly appeared beside Chi Yang to bring him back to safety, as noticed that there were still enemies left.

“How dare you kill our She Clan leader! None of you should think about staying alive!” A middle-aged man screamed as he charged towards the two.

Stellar Transposition!

Qing Shui cast Stellar Transposition on the man. There was a flash of light and the man was gone, with the faint smell of blood lingering in the air.

The She Clan members stood watching in terror. Who in the world is that man? That was a high ranking member of the clan, and he was wiped out instantly!

Qing Shui brought Chi Yang back to rejoin the Chi Clan.

The two She Clan members who were killed were the strongest two of the clan. It was a big blow to them. No one else dared to lift a finger against these monsters — Chi Yang and Qing Shui. It was every human’s instinct to fear death.

Qing Shui gave some simple first aid to Chi Yang. Fortunately, his injuries were not very serious. As he tended to Chi Yang, he ordered everyone else, “Get ready to charge forward! A few of you, stay behind to guard the injured!”

With Qing Shui taking the lead, the Chi Clan members were pumped.

Qing Shui had already shared the power of the Divine Weapon Flying Blade; he even cast the Battle God Halo, his Formations, Area Dominance, and the Buddha Diamond Seal.

The men cried out and charged towards the enemy.

Nine Palace Laws!

Qing Shui enveloped everyone within the Nine Palace Laws. Even though the enemy lost two strong men, they should not be underestimated. They were prepared to stand firm and hold their ground as they knew running was futile. With cries of battle, they started charging as well.

Art of Pursuing!

Nine Palace Laws!

Area Dominance!

Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui did not participate, he just provided support.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Buddha Bright Seal!

Gouging Strike!

Dragon-Capturing Hands!

The enemy forces were quickly halved, while allied forces were growing stronger. They were making quick work of the enemy.

On the other hand, the She Clan felt as though they were fighting in a swamp. Their bodies felt heavy and drained of strength. They stood no chance at all.

The Chi Clan’s morale was boosted tremendously as if each of them had taken a miraculous strength pill. Every one of them had incredible strength and defense, striking down enemies with just a single blow.

Some enemies started fleeing. The Chi Uncles were occupied by two strong enemies, but the fight was tilted in favor of them.

The two She Clan warriors looked lifeless. They knew that they could not escape anymore. The people that they had once toyed with were toying with them instead. And to add insult to injury, they were being taunted and insulted with verbal abuse.

“Hey, get a grip, you idiots!”

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