AST 2299 - Must Beautiful Ladies Really Have Tragic Ends?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2299 - Must Beautiful Ladies Really Have Tragic Ends?

Qing Shui felt a lot more relieved to see that Chi Yang had gotten this strong. After all, his Stellar Transposition could only be used once every few minutes, and during the intervals, especially while in a group fight, it was considered too inefficient. If it wasn't because he had other means and extremely powerful defense, it would be useless to just have the Stellar Transposition alone.

Everyone in the Chi Clan was motivated and had great confidence. They didn't have a lot in numbers, but their confidence was overflowing.

Three days later, Qing Clan was surprised to see that a 100-man team had come to the Chi Clan. None of them were from the Chi Clan's main branch, but back then, they were the most loyal group of people in the Chi Clan. To think that they had come back when the situation was so dangerous.

The person in the lead was an old man who had been in the Chi Clan for several generations. He also wasn't a member of the Chi Clan, but the Chi Clan had never viewed them as outsiders. They were almost no different from members of the Chi Clan from the previous generation; they had already been bestowed with the 'Chi' surname.

In Qing Shui's previous life, changing one's surname might be an embarrassing thing. After all, it would be a form of disrespect to one's ancestors. However, in this world, it was a huge glory to be bestowed with the Chi Clan's surname for people like the old man who had come from a family without any status at all. This was a glorious thing and even the old man's ancestors would be happy to hear that.

Seeing Third Uncle Chi and Fifth Uncle Chi, the old man walked over agitatedly. They were from the same generation and had viewed each other as brothers.

"Second Brother Yang, I knew that you're still alive, and you'd definitely come back. As expected, you've come back." third Uncle Chi said happily.

The old man was called Chi Yang (sheep) [1]. His original surname wasn't Chi to begin with, but after he had been given the Chi surname, they realized that his name had clashed with Chi Yang's (sun). They then changed it to Yang (sheep). Moreover, since they weren't of the same generation, so it wasn't considered to be a big deal.

Not only had Chi Yang (sheep) came, but his son and grandson were also amongst these 100 people. This sentiment alone made the Chi Clan felt touched. They hadn't come to enjoy but had come to fight with their lives. The Chi Clan could be said to have their lives hanging by the thread. Despite so, Chi Yang (sheep)  and the others still came together with the other members of the Chi Clan's main branch without any hesitations.

The 100-man team was quite strong, especially the few people with Chi Yang (sheep) in the lead. The remaining could still be said as the key personnel in the Chi Clan. Although they were a lot weaker compared to the earlier several tens of people, these people were still indispensable to the Chi Clan.

With this, the Chi Clan was even livelier now. It was just a pity that there weren't enough accommodations for all of them. Only Chi Yang (sheep) and some core members were allocated for accommodations. As for the other people, such as Chi Yang's (sheep) son, they set up tents in the courtyard. These weren't an issue for them, as there were even some who built simple houses that could block off wind and rain using pieces of rocks. Everyone understood that no matter if they ended up winning or losing, they would still have to leave this place.

Without realizing it, close to 20 days had passed. No one from the Chi Clan left the manor unless there was a reason to do so. There were only those who went out to buy food. The Chi Clan naturally had no lack of money. Although they had left in a panic back then, they had quite a number of valuable things which they carried along with them.

"Clan Head, the people from the She Clan have come again!" There were informants amongst the people from the Clan's head. Right now, this person was reporting to Chi Yang (sun).

"How many people are there?" Chi Yang (sun) was brimming with confidence. His courage was ignited by the fact that he had gotten stronger again, and most importantly, Qing Shui was here with them.

"The numbers that we saw is over 800. They come from the She Clan, Wu Clan, Divine Buddha Sect, and the Demonic Elephant Sect," the middle-aged informant said rapidly.

"Mmm, go ahead and continue to scout!" Chi Yang (sun) nodded to indicate that the man could now take his leave.

He remembered the main forces which were involved in the clash back then. They had been doubtlessly from the Divine Buddha Sect and the She Clan. However, by the looks of it, the Demonic Elephant Sect should have taken part as well. As for the Wu Clan, he had no idea why they were involved in this as well. Although the Wu Clan was quite strong, they had no reason to take part in this.

Chi Yang (sun) couldn't understand. 800 people weren't considered a large force, given that they came from four main forces in the Lower Three Region. Although they were kind of small in number, the people who had come definitely wouldn't be weak. After all, their previous force had been totally exterminated, not a single one of them went back. This time around, they would definitely not let their guard down.

Chi Yang (sun) went straight to look for Qing Shui. Right now, Qing Shui was holding onto a wine cup, drinking some wine in a relaxed atmosphere at the backyard next to the pond.

From afar, he appeared to have a slender body that wasn't very wide. However, he held a remarkable conviction. Chi Yang (sun) felt that this was the most charming man he had encountered in his life. It was no wonder that there were two ladies of unrivaled beauty by his side.

Qing Shui turned and saw Chi Yang (sun) walking toward him. Qing Shui took out another wine cup, filled it, and said, "Brother, come and have a drink. It doesn't feel bad to be drinking here."

Chi Yang's (sun) heart had felt very heavy in the beginning. After all, this matter concerned the lives of everyone in the Chi Clan, as well as Chi Clan's future. Hence, he still felt a little anxious. It was unknown whether his father was still alive, but the chances of him still surviving was basically zero. Therefore, he was now the Chi Clan's head.

However, after seeing Qing Shui, he suddenly felt very calm. This was a person who helped the Chi Clan a great deal. Without Qing Shui, the Chi Clan wouldn't have a chance to change their fortunes.

Of course, there was also the possibility of getting wiped out from quarrels. If they were to be wiped out this time around, they would disappear completely. It was just like the saying. “Wealth and riches come with dangers. Everything would have to depend on the individual’s guts to take the risk.”

Chi Yang (sun) had no idea if he was a person with guts, but he knew that even if there was only a 10% chance, he would also take the gamble. Otherwise, they would only live a groggy life, and there would be no happiness even if he were to live for several hundreds or even thousands of years.

Chi Yang (sun) received the cup, took a sip, and closed his eyes while he savored the taste, "This is really delicious. It always feels so unbelievable every time I drink it."

"Has the people from the She Clan come?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide it from you. They've come and this time around, over 800 people have come. There's the She Clan, Wu Clan, Divine Buddha Sect, and the Demonic Elephant Sect." Chi Yang (sun) shared the information he was given earlier.

"Wu Clan?" Qing Shui was puzzled.

He didn't know about the Wu Clan until Bu Clan's Young Miss had mentioned them. It was her fiance's clan. At this moment, Qing Shui had the feeling that beautiful ladies really had tragic ends; the Bu Clan's Young Miss could be counted as one of them. If the Wu Clan really were to have participated in this, then they were really courting death.

Chi Yang (sun) had no idea that Qing Shui had encountered the Bu Clan's Young Miss. Seeing that Qing Shui was puzzled, he said, "Wu Clan is a great clan in the Eight Desolates Region, and they are stronger than the Chi Clan at its peak. However, I don't remember about feuds between both of our clan. I have no idea why they've participated in this either."

"It's fine. Since they've come, they can forget about returning. It'll save the trouble." Qing Shui smiled and finished up the wine in the cup.

Chi Yang (sun) could sense an assertive aura from this young man. The reason he could stand here calmly was all because of this young man. Without Qing Shui, after hearing that the other party had arrived, even if he would fight it out with them, he wouldn't be able to remain so calm. Although it was said that he would fight it out with them, it would be a desperate fight to the bitter end. The chances of them dying in battle was over 90%, and it would practically be a situation for all of them to die.

"Then what shall we do now?" Chi Yang (sun) asked.

"Don't need to care about them. They've come a long way, and we'll leave them hanging for a few days. Since we have set up formations here, we'll let them have some fun trying to break the formations." Qing Shui gave it some thought before saying.

Chi Yang (sun) smiled and nodded. Of course, he would listen to Qing Shui. He knew that this man would definitely bring him surprises after surprises. It wouldn't be an exception this time around. Chi Yang's (sun) had a very strong feeling about this. He even felt that with Qing Shui around, it would be fine even if he didn't make a move.

[1] The 'Yang' in this name refers to sheep.

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