AST 2300 - Divine Elephant Vibration Wave

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2300 - Divine Elephant Vibration Wave

The next day, the people from the She Clan, Wu Clan, Divine Buddha Sect, and the Demonic Elephant Sect came to the entrance of Chi Clan's manor.

There were all sorts of people here, including monks and weird people with tall statures. Right now, one of them—a middle-aged looking monk—stepped forth. This monk had a blood-colored mark on his forehead. It was unknown if he had added it intentionally or was born with it. It gave him an indescribable sense of gracefulness.

He was calm and had an impressive atmosphere around him. Even his plain, simple monk clothes and bald head couldn't conceal his charm.

"Lord Reverend Human Buddha, the other time we sent several tens of people here. None of them has returned. We mustn't be careless." An old man stepped forth and said something while looking at this graceful monk.

"It's true that we can't be careless. The formation here isn't one that can be broken within a short period of time." Reverend Human Buddha said.

This middle-aged man was the Reverend Human Buddha, said to be an existence that was close to that of a true Buddha. He was extremely strong, deep and unfathomable, well-known as a unique existence in the Divine Buddha Sect. Rumor had it that he was the next sect lord or was an existence that was above that of the sect lord.

"This formation is brilliant. I can't see through it," the old man said.

"Four sides and eight directions don't actually include all directions, as there are also the heaven and earth. Therefore, this formation has already exceeded the eight directions. It won't be easy to destroy it. It's many times stronger than other formations similar to it." the Reverend Human Buddha took a serious look at the formation and said.

"Should we get our formation masters to come and take a look?" A man walked out from the other side.

This man was dressed very luxuriously and didn't seem to be like a cultivator. Instead, he looked like a successful merchant. He looked handsome, mature, and dignified. His brows were dark and thick, and his pair of eyes were bright and filled with intelligence.

"Wu Tianchou, is your formation master up to it? Even the Reverend Human Buddha says that this formation is that hard to break." The old man from earlier smiled and said.

The old man was from the She Clan. In fact, he wasn't that much older compared to the Reverend Human Buddha and Wu Tianchou. It was just that he didn't look as young as the two of them.

"She Chou. I have no idea if he is up to it either. Who knows until we tried it out?" Wu Tianchou smiled and said.

"What formation? I'll just cross over it directly. I don't believe that a small formation like this can stop my Demonic Elephant Heaven Trampling Stomp." That man who hadn't been talking all this while said in a muffled voice.

This person was Xiang Ba[1] from the Demonic Elephant Sect. His height was close to three meters, and this was already when he was in his smallest form. He was the scion of the Divine Elephant Clan, born with monstrous strength and had especially strong destructive powers. This expert was a Custodian from the Demonic Elephant Sect.

"Haha, Xiang Ba, I'm not trying to bring you down, but you really won't be able to break it with your stomp," said the Reverend Human Buddha while grinning.

"I'll go and give it a try. I don't believe it. It's not as if it is some kind of Ancient Great Formation and it's not as if I know nothing about formations at all. Although this formation doesn't look bad, it's not as if it can't be broken." When Xiang Ba became stubborn, no one would be able to stop him from doing what he wanted to.

"Why don't we have a bet? I bet that you won't be able to break it with your stomp. If you didn't manage to break it with your stomp, then it'd be your loss. If you were to lose, then you'll have to let me have a go at comprehending that Ganesha portrait of yours."

"You thieving baldy. I knew that you're up to no good. Hehe, it's not an issue to get me to agree to this, but what if you were to lose?" This didn't seem to be the first time that Xiang Ba was having a bet with Reverend Human Buddha

"If I were to lose, you can get me to do anything. I'll definitely do it," Reverend Human Buddha said confidently.

"Then if you were to lose, I want you to find a woman and marry her," Xiang Ba said seriously.

The Reverend Human Buddha sighed, "I agree. Go on!"

"You can prepare to get married," Xiang Ba said confidently and then his huge figure leaped into the air. At the same time, his body also rapidly increased in size. Right now, his figure was about five meters tall. He had definitely become a giant. All the muscles on his body were bulging, becoming extremely big and strong.

Demonic Elephant Heaven Trampling Stomp!

In the sky, Xiang Ba's blurry figure revealed an image of a huge silvery-white elephant. This image had a height of not shorter than 100 meters and a length of several hundred meters. It looked very polished, emitting light all over. It suddenly stretched out an enormous elephant leg and sent it plunging down toward the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation that was below. 

The people from the Chi Clan were also watching. Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan looked worriedly at that huge silver elephant. After all, they had been the one to set up this formation. They were very worried, or rather, they hoped that the formation would be able to hang on.


A deafening sound rang out. Just as the huge elephant leg stomped down on the formation's invisible barrier, a circle of brilliant glow emitted out, flicking away that huge elephant leg. The huge force caused the silver elephant to be unable to stand firmly from the tremor.

"Xiang Ba has used brute force to break quite a number of formations in the past, but this time around, it seems that this formation isn't easy to break." She Chou frowned and said.

Reverend Human Buddha looked at the sky for very long before saying, "Someone inside has a supreme treasure that can strengthen formations."

Upon hearing this, She Chou's eyes gleamed, "That's something good. We must get our hands on it."

"Let's break this formation before saying that!" Reverend Human Buddha said calmly.

Xiang Ba continued to dance around in the sky, its huge body stomping down incessantly with a strange rhythm. In the end, its speed got increasingly faster as it kept on plunging down.

Vibration waves!

This was the Divine Elephant Vibration Wave!

The silver drag kept landing on a few positions and created a huge vibration wave at the last position it landed down on. Such incessant impacts could increase the depletion rate of materials which set up the formation. After they had been completely depleted, even if the formation didn't break, there would be an opening.

Vibration waves had a destructive power that surpassed that of ordinary attacks in terms of breaking formations and creating destructions.

Qing Shui's Formation Eye Stone was a divine artifact used for setting up formations. Not only could it increase its prowess by a lot, but it could also increase its endurance and reduce abrasion by several times. Even with the silver dragon's strong destructive power, it was impossible to break the formation easily within a short period of time. The other party was not strong enough.

Qing Shui thought of his "Poisonous Dragon Drill" that he had refined into a Flying Sword. This item was really a divine artifact that could be used to break formations. At the thought of this, a thought ran through Qing Shui's mind. It seemed that his Flying Sword was also a formation breaking divine artifact.

One hour later, Xiang Ba stopped attacking. He looked at the formation and knew that it was not possible to break it using brute force. He could only back off. "This is too strange. There's almost no wear and tear to the formation at all."

"There, take it. If you were to get married and settle down, I can give this Ganesha portrait to you. I can even find two more of those for you." Xiang Ba tossed Reverend Human Buddha an art scroll.

"I still don't have plans to get married yet, but I'll do so in the future," the Reverend Human Buddha said.

"Haha, I don't understand why you aren't interested in those beautiful ladies either..." At that moment, Wu Tianchou smiled and said.

"His body has a strong Yang Qi that's even stronger than yours. It brings no benefits to his cultivation to be bearing with it like this. There's no growth when Yang or Yin exists alone [2]." She Chou grinned and said.

The Reverend Human Buddha acted as if he hadn't heard anything. There was no changes to his expression at all.

"Alright, no one can help you with this either. If you're happy to live like this, then that's fine." Xiang Ba didn't say anymore. It was useless to say too much about stuff like this.

"How do we break this formation?" Xiang Ba asked.

Wu Tianchou said, "I invited an expert here to break formations. Let him have a go!"

Reverend Human Buddha nodded, "Alright!"

This expert was an old man with very small but bright eyes. His frontal bone was wide and plump, and his nose was very big. All in all, this was a very ugly old man.    

[1] Xiang Ba stands for Elephant Tyrant.

[2] Yin and Yang aren't solitary existences that remain at a standstill and doesn't change. Instead, they have a relationship that has an opposition stand while also being dependent on each other. They grow, decline, and change together. This saying is used to imply that a one-sided factor or condition won't be sufficient to cause the growth of appearance of something.

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