AST 2304 - Onwards to the Eight Desolates Region, Undiscovered Things

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2304 - Onwards to the Eight Desolates Region, Undiscovered Things

After this incident, many members of the Chi clan returned, most of them of a different surname. They were welcomed all the same. Although returning now did not reflect well on them, it was understandable and unreasonable to expect otherwise.

There was jubilance here, but the Eight Desolates Region was filled with fury and uncertainty.

The Human Buddha returned to the Divine Buddha Sect, informing the other powers of this development.

The major powers all had lost many experts, especially the younger generation members, as they had assumed the result to be a foregone conclusion. However, all of their warriors had been slain, with even the Human Buddha trudging that delicate line.

The Divine Buddha Sect would not say that he had escaped but rather he had returned to warn everyone.

The other powers were boiling with fury, ready to come out in full force, but they calmed down as the Chi Clan seemed to have some inexplicable strength, able to overcome the absolute gap in numbers and even slaughter their people.

Many forces knew that they would soon return and that even caused headaches for all of them. The She Clan was especially distraught as they had sustained the greatest losses, while the Wu Clan had barely suffered.

“Even She Chou died, what kind of encounter could have strengthened the Chi Clan this much?” A white-haired elder sighed in the hall.

This was the She clan’s discussion hall. It was large but simple. The plain walls had different types of snakes carved into them, some with nine heads and even some with claws.

The idiom “drawing legs on a snake”, which meant overdoing something, meant nothing here since snakes were indeed of varying appearances.

“If the Chi clan is really that powerful, they will definitely pick a fight with us. We need to be prepared,” another elderly man said, opening his eyes.

“Fourth uncle is right. Even the Human Buddha was forced to flee, so who knows how strong Chi Yang is?” said a slightly younger elderly person with wrinkled eyebrows.

“The Human Buddha already said that it was a young man who defeated him. He is the reason why the Chi clan is so strong; this young man’s power is truly heaven-defying,” a youngster added.

“Hm, I also heard this but didn’t think about it back then. She Dao, do you have any ideas?” The clan lord asked the youngster.

Though She Dao was young, he had a special place in the She clan. He was the youngest son of the clan lord and a rare talent. Albeit his young age, his power was great. He was even noticed by the Divine Snake Emperor, becoming his youngest disciple.

The She clan had many members, and some of its members were even joining the Divine Buddha Sect. It was exactly those She Clan juniors from the Divine Buddha Sect who had framed the Chi clan, causing the Chi clan to nearly be destroyed.

Not only did She Dao have great aptitude, but he was also highly experienced.

His knowledge and viewpoints were different, allowing him to tackle problems more thoroughly than those old fogeys.

“Father, I am not clear on the strength of the Human Buddha, but there should be people who are clear. Since the Human Buddha came back in such a miserable state, everyone should know that the Golden Shield Talisman was used. To force the Human Buddha to do so, he must be very strong. I wonder if he has some treasure or a master supporting him,” said She Dao after some thinking.

“Young master, then what should we do? Can we defend against the Chi clan?” An elderly asked upon hearing She Dao’s irrelevant answer.

“Since things have reached this stage, we do not need to think about this question. We have to preserve the She Clan’s strength, and we can only do this by relying on the Wu Clan.” She Dao smiled.

“Wu clan?” the elderly asked, puzzled.

“I’m talking about the Wu clan’s young master, Wu Xingyun. He is a disciple of the Divine Rain Sect. If we can get them to help, it wouldn’t matter how strong this young man is,” said She Dao very seriously.

Many picked up the hidden meaning within: without the death of an important member, it would be hard to move the Divine Rain Sect to action.

Thinking up to this point, many people gave She Dao a strange stare.

Everyone could tell that he actually meant to send Wu Xingyun to his death, drawing the Divine Rain Sect into the fold. They had to accomplish this quickly, or else the She Clan may already perish before the Divine Rain Sect could get rid of this man.

The lord of the She Clan gestured in admonition, then looked at the others, “Does anyone have any other good ideas?”

“The Divine Buddha Sect has been here for a very long time. Rumors have it that the Guardian Beast they have is very strong; it might be able to defend against our opponents?”

“The Divine Buddha Sect won’t be able to have a clean escape. So, once their hand is forced, they will use the Guardian Beast,” said the lord of the She clan, as though he had slightly more confidence in the situation.

“We have so many powerful members, there is no need to fear them. Unless he really has the power to fight so many of us? We are sure to succeed.” Someone assured.



The Chi clan was now preparing to enter the Eight Desolates region. Though there weren’t that many people yet, it was still enough to restore the clan.

This was a massive migration. The enemies had arrived by a minor teleportation array since they were in different regions. And the Hua City itself didn’t have one, and thus they had teleported to the Nine Continents’ Star Ocean Domain before flying here on demonic beasts.

Qing Shui and the others also rushed to the city in the northern part of the Star Ocean Domain, where there was a Teleportation Array.

There were multiple cities with Teleportation Arrays here, not just that one, such as the Nine Peaks City, Searise City, the continent’s capital and others. They all had Teleportation Arrays, but only this array could reach the Six River City and the Eight Desolates City.

Despite taking their time, Qing Shui and the party had arrived at Star City in less than 3 days.

Compared to Hua City, Star City seemed much more majestic and boundless. However, the Teleportation Array here was controlled by three main clans; the common folk would have no access to it.

The Star city’s Teleportation Array was controlled by the Cui clan, the Qi clan, and the Hiddensea Sect.

Furthermore, these three clans were not very open to letting people use the Teleportation Array.

They knew that Qing Shui’s party was from the South’s weakest city, Hua City and outright rejected their request.

“Oh, not open to providing such a service, then I wonder how the people from the Eight Desolates Region came over.” 

They actually did not know whether the people from the Eight Desolates Region had gone through Star City, the Continent’s capital, Nine Peaks city or even Searise City to travel here, but it did not matter. The important part was that the other party had stated clearly that they were not allowing Qing Shui’s party to use it.

“We don’t know about that. Alright, if there’s nothing else, you may leave. We are very busy,” said the leader of Star City annoyingly.

Hao Tian walked over and grabbed his neck, he laughingly said, “I'll give you another chance.”

“Kid, if you have the guts, then strangle me to death. If you dare to act crazily here, you’re done for.” The man countered, seemingly not caring about the possibility of being strangled to death.

“If I choke you to death, how would you see us using the Teleportation Array?”

Hao Tian then threw him onto the floor.

“Trash, you dare to touch me. What are you trying to do!” The man who got thrown onto the ground yelled with disdain.


Before he could finish his sentence, there was a crisp sound of a bone fracturing together with his horrible shriek of pain.

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