AST 2305 - Eight Desolates Region's Eight Desolates City, Starting from the She Clan

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2305 - Eight Desolates Region's Eight Desolates City, Starting from the She Clan


"Ahhh! How dare you break my leg! You're dead meat! I'm Qi Clan's Qi Yuanhang. The Qi Clan will chop you up into minced meat to feed the dogs!" The man howled.


Hao Tian raised his leg once again and broke Qi Yuanhang's other leg as well.

"Ahh! How dare you stomp again! You fool! I'll let you die a horrible death!" Qi Yuanhang gritted his teeth and howled.

"How dare someone like you with an undeveloped brain call others a fool? Putting aside whether I'll die a horrible death, I'll let you know what horrifying is first." Hao Tian said this and stomped down twice again.

"Who are you guys? Let go of our Young Master Qi!" At that moment, someone called out.

What that happened earlier was too fast. The Qi Clan was a great force in the Star City and it'd be good if they didn't find trouble for others. Who would possibly dare to find trouble for the Qi Clan? Qi Yuanhang's cultivation wasn't good, but he was a profligate. Even people who were stronger than him could only accept being bullied by him. 

However, he was the one bullied now and was in a bad state, right in front of his house.

Hao Tian looked at those people who were questioning him and slapped out toward them, causing them to puke blood from the lashing.

Not long later, a group of people arrived in a hurry. Before they arrived, their voices already rang out, "Who dares to create trouble in Star City?"

Qing Shui looked toward the people who came. There weren't many of them, only about 20 to 30. The person in the lead was a tall man with broad shoulders and a thin waist. His eyes appeared very energetic, and when he saw Qi Yuanhang under the foot of someone else, he was extremely infuriated.

"Eldest Brother, save me! I've been badly beaten up!" When Qi Yuanhang saw this man, he called out pitifully.

When the man saw Qi Yuanhang's pathetic state, his countenance changed. His eyes locked onto Hao Tian and strong auras burst out from him, "Who are you people? Why did you beat up a member of our Qi Clan so badly?"

When Qing Shui saw this man, he knew at once that this person was different from Qi Yuanhang. This man was enraged, but he hadn't lost his rationality.

"I'm only teaching him how humans should behave. A person like him deserves to be given a beating. Otherwise, he wouldn't achieve anything in the future," Hao Tian smiled and said.

"No matter whether our Qi Clan's members achieve anything or not, they aren't for others to beat. Let him go." The man's voice was very cold. He had already come here, but the other party was still stepping on his younger brother. Even though his younger brother was really a profligate and wasn't a person of many achievements, it was not for outsiders to meddle with.

"I'm not letting him go. Scram aside, otherwise, I'll beat you up as well," Hao Tian said outright.

This man from the Qi Clan was stunned. He had encountered people without any reason, but he hadn't encountered a person who was so domineering. 

When Hao Tian saw that this was how the people from the Qi Clan were like, he knew that in order to deal with people like them, he needed to be more domineering and unreasonable than they were.

"Alright, alright. I shall see what you're made of.” He then turned around and said, “Go call for help." The man's countenance was grim.

Qing Shui's side had close to 200 people, and they only had over 20 people on their side. If they were to make a move now, they were just asking for a beating.

Hao Tian continued to torture Qi Yuanhang, letting him cry out agonizingly.

"Hao Tian, let him go. We still have proper matters to attend to and don't have time to waste here. When the people who can call the shots in the Qi Clan comes, we'll just head to the Eight Desolates Region directly." Qing Shui said to Hao Tian.

Hao Tian nodded and kicked Qi Yuanhang out.


Not long later, more people from the Qi Clan came. There weren't many of them, but there were a few old men at the front who were taking great and strong strides. Their faces were glowing and they appeared to be very strong.

"Who are you?" One of the old men in the lead spoke out. His voice rang out forcefully like a bell.

"We're from the Chi Clan. We wished to return to the Eight Desolates Region and hoped to borrow your teleportation array." At that moment, Chi Yang spoke out.

"Chi Clan?"

The countenance of the old man in the lead changed, and he quickly said, "Alright, alright. We'll make the preparations right away. Do pardon us for having been poor hosts earlier!"

Those people from the Eight Desolates Region's She Clan had entered the Star City through this place back then. Therefore, they placed more attention onto this place and thus found out about these matters. In the end, the Reverend Human Buddha was the only one who had escaped through this route in an extremely pathetic manner, moreover, the people who had come with him never appeared again.

Chi Yang smiled, "Thanks for going through such trouble for us!"

The countenance of Qi Yuanhang and that man were a great sight to behold, especially Qi Yuanhang. He just found out that he had received a beating for nothing. He had both of his legs broken, and yet the seniors of his clan still had to offer their apologies. Who on earth were these people?

The old man's attitude was very good and thus Qing Shui and the others didn't say anything else. They headed for the teleportation array with the old man directly.

The teleportation array was a formation. It wasn't very big but could transport 10,000 people at once. It was impossible to transport even more people as the space wasn't big enough, and the amount of required materials was also very precious.

This place was like that of a hexagram, and there were mysterious totem pillars in the surroundings, carved with densely packed things that were like runes. There was a huge Spiritual Stone on each of the pillars, and there was a Five-Colored Stone in the middle of the hexagram.

Qing Shui knew that formations, especially teleportation arrays were definitely very costly to maintain. Each time a teleportation was initiated, quite a number of Spiritual Stones would be depleted.

Spiritual Stones were the currency used between martial arts practitioners. Ordinary gold and silver were of no use to them. They used Spiritual Stones as their currency. After all, many things couldn't be bought with gold or silver.

Spiritual Stones contained spiritual Qis and could be used to set up formations, forge weapons, as well as increase one's cultivation efficiency. They had many uses and of course, were differentiated by their quality. The higher their quality, the higher their worth.

Very soon, a bright glow lit up from the hexagram, followed by a blurred feeling that lasted for only a moment. Things then returned to how they were, and they appeared in a teleportation array in the Eight Desolates Region.

A teleportation array like this could only teleport people via predetermined teleportation. It meant that even though one side would teleport the people, the other end must take efforts in receiving. However, as the distance was too far, both parties must discuss properly and both parties must have the arrays activated. Otherwise, the teleportation would not pass.

Therefore, Qing Shui's group didn't have to worry that the Eight Desolates Region didn't take efforts to receive them.

The teleportation array here wasn't any different from the one in the Star City. However, the moment they came out, they were stopped. "Who are you guys? You need to pay to use the teleportation array."

There were people guarding the teleportation array. Seeing that the group came out, a young man walked over and said.

Qing Shui was stunned for a moment before he smiled and said, "It's none of your concern who I am, right? How much does it cost to use the teleportation array?"

"100 pieces of Grade Four Spiritual Stones." The young man smiled and said.

"I remember that it was 50 pieces of Grade Three Spiritual Stones. How has it become so expensive?" Chi Yang asked, puzzled.

"I have no idea either. The people above says to charge this amount. Our job is just to collect the payment." The young man smiled and said.

"Which clan does this teleportation array belong to? Where have we arrived at?" Qing Shui asked, puzzled.

"This is She Clan's teleportation array. This place is the Eight Desolates City." The young man said arrogantly.

"The She Clan's teleportation array? This is great. I can't be bothered to go and look for them. Let's just head to the She Clan directly." Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

Chi Yang nodded, "Alright, let's head to the She Clan first."

"Quickly pay up, don't be blabbering non-stop." The young man wasn't afraid that there were over 100 people in Qing Shui's group and said this impatiently.

Putting aside 100 over people; they wouldn't even be afraid if there were several hundreds of them. This was the Eight Desolates City and not many people could afford to offend the She Clan can. Moreover, the people who appeared in the teleportation array were people from the Lower Three Regions. Whom amongst the Lower Three Regions had the She Clan ever been scared of?

What the young man received was a bashing. Although they were here to seek revenge, they wouldn't go out to kill those people with ordinary abilities.

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