AST 2311 - Lower Three Regions' Dictator, The Divine Rain Sect

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2311 - Lower Three Regions' Dictator, The Divine Rain Sect

The Chi Clan's manor wasn't very big, but it definitely wasn't small at all. There were five main courtyards, each of them having two rows of courtyards, and each row having over 100 smaller courtyards. The two rows at the back had even more. Taking these into consideration, the Chi Clan's manor was really not small. After all, the manor was like a compound with a few houses, having ponds and pavilions, and the size of each small courtyard was about the size of 1.5 mu.

The only reason that it was considered small was that in comparison to the other clan’s manors; it was indeed more on the smaller side. 

Qing Shui and the two ladies were given a courtyard at the back. In a rich clan's manor, the deeper the location was, the higher the person's status was. The ones staying at the furthest back tended to be the clan's Old Ancestor since it was quiet.

The others were assigned places to stay as well. Not everyone got assigned a courtyard for themselves. This place had been the Chi Clan's main manor in the past and thus, the people who stayed here were all from the Chi Clan's main branch. For most of it, one family would be given a small courtyard.

The Chi Clan had had other manors in the past that was even bigger than the main manor itself. They were primarily used to house people who had guarding roles.

However, with the number of people there were now, even if everyone were to be assigned with a small courtyard each, they would still be unable to fill up one main courtyard.

Everyone felt very tired, but they also felt very excited and none of them wanted to rest. Therefore, many people gathered together to chat about the past, the present, and the future.

"It's already over for the She Clan. I wonder if the clan's head will take the initiative to deal with the Divine Buddha Sect. The Wu Clan actually wasn't that involved in the matter back then, but I have no idea why they were involved this time around. As for the Demonic Elephant Sect, I really have no idea whether they had participated back then or not." An old man sighed.

"The Divine Buddha Sect is a massive force and it’s said that they have a powerful Guardian Beast. They'll probably come for us before we even take the initiative to look for them."

"Let them come if they want to. We aren't afraid of them. We don't have many people, but Mister Qing is even more powerful compared to any Guardian Beast." A young man said excitedly.

"That's right. I wonder what's Mister Qing's background. Why is his cultivation so powerful and why does he have such terrifying abilities? If it wasn't for Mister Qing, we'll have many more casualties. Even if we managed to wipe out the She Clan like that, we would probably all be dead as well," exclaimed one other guy.

"This isn't something that needs to be considered. It's for sure!"

"I heard that Mister Qing is the adoptive father of Young Master and Young Miss," said Someone.

"Oh? You're saying that Young Master and Young Miss are both still alive?!" Someone asked in surprise.

"He's right!" At this moment, Chi Yang and his wife walked over, smiling. Right now, one-third of the people present were all from the Chi Clan's main branch while the rest had all been bestowed with the surname Chi as well. Everyone who had come back to take part in this battle were now all considered a member of the Chi Clan.

"Clan head, when are we going to fight the Divine Buddha Sect?" Someone asked agitatedly.

"We'll take it slowly. Right now, our Chi Clan has appeared in the Eight Desolates City once again. We're going to let the Eight Desolates City know that our Chi Clan is back and we're going to announce what had happened back then." Chi Yang smiled and said.

News had already spread out back when they were fighting at the She Clan's manor. For cultivators of their level, it took only a small Heavenly Technique to let their voice spread throughout the entire Eight Desolates City. Of course, the requirement was for one's abilities to reach Beihuang Fan's and Shen Huang's level.

When it was time for their meal, Chi Yang went to look for Qing Shui to join them.

Qing Shui brought the two ladies along to join Chi Yang and his wife. Third Uncle Chi, Fifth Uncle Chi and the others all ate together. Hao Tian, Zi Ye, and some members of the Chi Clan were also chatting while eating together.

"Brother, do you know of the Divine Rain Sect?" Qing Shui asked.

"The Divine Rain Sect?" Chi Yang's countenance changed and nodded.

"Is the Divine Rain Sect very strong?" Qing Shui asked, a little puzzled.

"They are the dictators of the Lower Three Regions. They detached themselves from the world and are a massive influence. Even the Divine Buddha Sect isn’t fit to polish their shoes. The Divine Rain Sect is the Guardian of the Lower Three Regions, and they are the ones who grasp the protection rule." Chi Yang said.

"Protection rule?" Qing Shui was stunned.

"It's a type of Heavenly Technique. There's a unique place in the Lower Three Regions. If there's an expert, who is much stronger than those in the Lower Three Regions, comes on a killing spree, the Divine Rain Sect can move themselves and the opponent to that unique place where both parties' strength would be constrained. This is what the Protection rule is." Chi Yang explained.

"There's such a regulation ability?" Qing Shui was very surprised.

"Mmm, otherwise, who would be able to handle those people from the Middle Three Regions and the Upper Three Regions?" Chi Yang said.

"I heard from She Dao that Wu Xingyun is the youngest disciple of an Elder in the Divine Rain Sect."

Chi Yang's countenance was a little pale, and the green veins on his hand popped up a little. He grew up in the Lower Three Regions and in the Eight Desolates City. Of course, he knew how terrifying the Divine Rain Sect was. It was an unrivaled existence in the Lower Three Regions which was like that of a god. If the Divine Rain Sect wished to wipe out the Chi Clan, it would be as easy as moving their little pinky.

"If we really killed someone from the Divine Rain Sect, then we're probably goners." Chi Yang smiled bitterly, no longer feeling as relaxed as he had been earlier.

"Alright, Brother, don't worry. It'll be fine if the Divine Rain Sect doesn't come to look for us, but it won't matter even if they were to come. However, if they are unreasonable, then we'll just beat them up as well. We've beaten up quite a number of people anyway and adding them wouldn't make much of a difference." Qing Shui started to console Chi Yang.

"Brother, I know that you're very strong, but the Divine Rain Sect is a terrifying existence here." At the mention of the Divine Rain Sect, Chi Yang felt very bitter.

"Things have already come down to this, thus, there's no use to think too much into it. Don't worry, I won't do things that I have no confidence in. I've asked an expert before. I don't know if the person was one who was from the Lower Three Regions, the Middle Three Regions, or the Upper Three Regions, but he said that I'm capable of carrying my weight around in the four lowest regions." Qing Shui smiled and said.

Chi Yang had blind confidence in Qing Shui. However, the impression that the Divine Rain Sect had in his heart was too deep. This was why he reacted like this. Thinking about it, Chi Yang knew that previously he had been too deplorable and too cowardly.

At the thought of this, with a tinge of embarrassment, he said, "Brother, I'm actually not scared of anything now. Although we've yet to fully complete our vengeance yet, it's mostly been dealt with. Even if I were to die now, I won't feel too upset. I'm just afraid that I'll get you in trouble."

"You guys can't die. Chi Ao and Chi Feng have been lonely for too many years. They still need to return home." Qing Shui smiled and said.

At the mention of Chi Ao and Chi Feng, the eyes of Chi Yang and his wife were filled with yearning. Their children were still infants back then, but now they had already grown up. Chi Yang and his wife had no idea how their children had tide through the years, but although they didn't say anything, the yearning the couple felt really drove them crazy.

The world was very big, and they hadn't expected to be able to reunite with their children one day. Heaven had really treated them well...

The next day, the Chi Clan prepared to make a move again, but they hadn't expected the enemies to be faster than them—the Divine Buddha Sect, the Demonic Elephant Sect, and the Wu Clan.

This time around, more people from the three forces came. There were over 100,000 of them and all of them were experts. They surrounded the Chi Clan's manor. With there being over 100,000 people, it meant that each of the forces had called out all of their experts. And considering how the Chi Clan only had less than 200 people on their side, the three forces were clearly out for blood...

Looking out from the Chi Clan's manor, their surroundings were filled with people. Even though they were all feeling extremely confident, they still felt a little gloomy. There were too many people on the opposing side, so many that the numbers could drown their Chi Clan.

"Chi Clan, you guys force us time and time again. Today, we'll settle this once and for all. There's no need for you to spread any more rumors," said an old man who appeared very dominating.

This old man was a monk and there was another monk standing next to him. Qing Shui recognized the second monk—the Reverend Human Buddha. However, right now, Qing Shui's attention was fully focused on what was standing next to the dominating old man. There was a big black toad with a body that seemed to be made of ferberite, emitting black light. It had a pair of blood-red eyes that exuded a bloodthirsty glow. What surprised Qing Shui the most was that this black toad had two pairs of eyes that looked exactly the same, one pair on top of the other.

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