AST 2312 - Overwhelming Army, The Battle Has Started

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2312 - Overwhelming Army, The Battle Has Started

"Chi Clan, you guys force us time and time again. Today, we'll settle this once and for all. There's no need for you to spread any more rumors." 

This dominating old monk was the Divine Buddha Sect's sect lord. As for whether he was the strongest existence in the Divine Buddha Sect, it was something which no one knew. However, just his status as the Divine Buddha Sect's sect lord was sufficient as a proof of strength.

Chi Yang looked at this person who should be an old man. He had no hair nor beard, and thus looked a little young. However, the words that he said made him sound like an insolent, retarded old man.

"Divine Buddha Sect, when I see you again and hear what you say, I feel that the words 'Divine Buddha Sect' are very disgusting. The Chi Clan forces you time and time again? Did we force you to wipe out our Chi Clan? Did we force you to go all the way to the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain to remove all the remnants? You're already so old, so why is it that the words you say all sound like crap? Have you been living all your years as a dog?" Chi Yang asked coldly.

Qing Shui was stunned. Although Chi Yang's character wasn't especially mild, he was still considered to be a more gentle kind of a person. Qing Shui felt that Chi Yang wasn't really the type to quarrel or scold others. However, Qing Shui discovered a new thing. A person who was extremely infuriated would be filled with the power of fury, and that power would be included in the words they said.

When a person was infuriated, their blood and energy would surge. At this moment, the power of their blood would increase by 20%. This was the same even for ordinary people. This kind of power wouldn't be factored into consideration to their overall strength. This power was a little hard to explain and was also extremely unstable. Sometimes, it could only last for one attack before the person returned to their original state.

"He's just an old dog, a shameless old dog."

"The Divine Buddha Sect had also once been an embodiment of justice, but look at what they have become now. Their ancestors who had died are probably waiting down there to teach them a lesson."

"This is what they mean when one does shameless things but yet still wants to be respected. I now know what a hypocrite is like. Looking at him makes a villain appear especially cute." Hao Tian laughed out loud.

Qing Shui didn't curse but just continued to look at that four-eyed black toad. Through his Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui noticed that this was a pure-blooded ancient demonic beast. It was very powerful with a strong blood lineage. Not only did it have a strong body, but it also excelled in sound waves and poison attack. It was also skillful in both the water and earth elements.

This four-eyed black toad was too strong. This made Qing Shui feel that this four-eyed black toad should be the Divine Buddha Sect's Guardian Beast.

"Young man, you're too impolite. Didn't your senior tell you to respect your elders?" The old man wasn't anxious and put up an appearance as if he was teaching juniors a lesson.

"Since you want to settle things, then I'll let you have your wish." Chi Yang couldn't be bothered to continue the crap talk with the old monk.

Reverend Human Buddha stared at Qing Shui with an extremely intense vicious glow in his eyes. He no longer appeared as calm as he had been in the past.

"Brother, when we start fighting later, be careful of that four-eyed toad. Don't charge on too fast and be stable. You don't have to worry about the other things." Qing Shui said softly to Chi Yang.

 "Alright! What should I do later?" Chi Yang asked.

"You can just fight that old monk then. I'll help you to confine him." Qing Shui said.


"Alright, then let's do it. Buddha Lingering Chant!" The image of a Buddha appeared before the old monk and concurrently, a faint Buddhist chant rang out in the surroundings. This was like the light rays at dawn, where a mysterious power rose in the surroundings. The will of battle for the people on the opposing side was very high, and even their strength had been raised by a lot.

"Remember the way to enter and leave the formation. Don't overdo things as they have more people on their side. Once you see the situation isn't good, enter the formation first. You'll be safe then." Qing Shui said to everyone. Those people who were seriously injured couldn't take part in the battle, but all of them stood in the formation, watching. They hoped to be able to join in the fight.

The opposing side had surrounded the entire Chi Clan. After all, they had too many people on their side. Qing Shui came out from an exit of the formation. He had already applied formations, and the one he had used was the Cone-shaped Formation. He and Chi Yang stood at the very front, together with Qing Shui's Dragon Slaying Beast, Diamond White Tiger King, and other demonic beasts. 

Qing Shui wanted to make use of his powerful defense to make an opening on the opponents' side. Therefore, the moment he headed out, he applied weakening techniques on the enemies repeatedly.

And then, he instantly killed one of the experts with a Stellar Transposition.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Qing Shui's Buddha Wisdom Seal hit the old monk. This old monk also had a very terrifying strength. Qing Shui performed his movement technique and then the Berserk Dragon Fist. The Nine Continents Mountain kept plunging down, and the Dragon Slaying Beast kept on charging forth while working together with Qing Shui.

Long Zhu`er's huge body also darted about rapidly, and there were countless demonic spiders around her.


When Qing Shui's side came out, the opponents made their moves as well. The sea of humans charged out toward Qing Shui. However, even though they had strength in numbers, there weren't many of them who fought directly. After all, there weren't that many people on Qing Shui's side.

Boom boom...

Loud clashing sounds kept ringing out and streams of brilliant glow kept exploding in the sky. The old monk and some others led the fight, and Chi Yang waved his Scarlet Flaming Saber and fought against the old monk.

Thankfully, with the strengthening effects of Qing Shui's skills in addition to Qing Shui having weakened the old monk, Chi Yang managed to be on the upper hand.

The fight went on and the opposing side suffered great casualties. The Nine Continents Mountain kept on dispersing their groups. Qing Shui didn't let the people from the Chi Clan charge out too far in case they weren't able to return to the formation in times of need. If that were to happen, there wouldn't be enough people on the Chi Clan's side to activate the Killing Formation.

After the weakening effect, many people were unable to take Qing Shui's current Berserk Dragon Fist.

Windwhisk Willow!


A terrifying sharp arrow struck the head of a member of the Chi Clan, causing the person's head to explode on the spot. A bit of chaos immediately spread around the people.

Qing Shui rapidly searched through the crowd. Most people's arrows couldn't be this fast nor would they have such terrifying power. A person with such a capability would already be considered a marksman, and there wouldn't be many of them. Otherwise, the Chi Clan would be annihilated instantly.

Qing Shui soon saw a man in golden armor; he was holding a huge bow. He appeared to be middle-aged with a tall and muscular build, and he was almost 1.5 times the height of ordinary people.

Someone from the Demonic Elephant Sect!

The people from the Demonic Elephant Sect had a tall stature, just like little giants. They had the blood lineage of huge elephants in them, rumored to be that of the Divine Elephant. If someone amongst them had really revived the true Divine Elephant's blood lineage, then the Demonic Elephant Sect would be able to rise up once again.

Right now, the man had drawn his bow, aiming toward Chi Yang who was in the midst of battle.

This wasn't all. Qing Shui saw that the four-eyed black toad's huge body suddenly bulged up, and it instantly became bigger, like a small mountain.

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui charged out directly toward the man in golden armor.

The Nine Continents Mountain put up an obstruction before the big toad. It was also blocking the view of the man in golden armor.


The huge toad opened its big mouth and swallowed up the Nine Continents Mountain. Croak croak...

And at that moment, the man in golden armor released the bow, and the sharp arrow shot out with a brilliant glow and lethal aura.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Qing Shui controlled the Divine Weapon Flying Sword with his mind, sending it out to clash with the arrow's sharp tip.


An explosion occurred. The material of that arrow was naturally not as strong as that of Qing Shui's Flying Sword. Moreover, the current Divine Weapon Flying Sword was at a very high grade. Its speed and abilities were now a lot stronger than what it was before.

Dragon-capturing Hands!

A huge dragon figure locked onto the man in golden armor. At that moment, Qing Shui had also arrived next to the man. After all, the Windwhisk Willow allowed him to move very quickly.

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