AST 2313 - The Terrifying Big Toad, The Means to Tackle It

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2313 - The Terrifying Big Toad, The Means to Tackle It

Dragon-capturing Hands!

When the man in golden armor was caught and noticed that he couldn't move, his countenance changed drastically. And when he saw Qing Shui appear next to him, his facial expression turned even paler.

Berserk Dragon Inch-Force Explosion!

Qing Shui struck out a simple but violent punch onto the throat of the man in golden armor.


Qing Shui's silhouette disappeared from the spot, and he returned to where he had been earlier. It was a long story, but he only took a moment, as he couldn't leave for too long. Otherwise, the place would definitely be in a state of chaos.

The opposing side also had many means. The Chi Clan had already suffered from five casualties, two dead and three injured, where one of them was seriously injured. Fortunately, all three injured parties had already returned to the formation to the Chi Clan.

The four-eyed black toad that had swallowed the Nine Continents Mountain seemed to want to digest it. It kept on releasing loud croaks, and strong gales formed in the sky, causing many people to be unable to stand with stability.

It was only now that many people knew that this huge black toad was a terrifying existence.

Qing Shui wasn't worried that the Nine Continents Mountain would be digested. It was a Supreme Treasure and the Nine Continents Mountain's weight was very terrifying. Therefore, he didn't plan on bringing it out for now. The Nine Continents Mountain which had become bigger caused the four-eyed black toad's body to bloat. It let out an agonizing cry, and its body became a lot heavier and clumsier.

After looking at the vast difference in numbers between both sides, Qing Shui brought out four huge Black Ice Divine Worms.

This was a great cost.

The moment the four Black Ice Divine Worms came out, the temperature instantly dropped by several hundred degrees. Even the clouds in the sky were frozen. Only powerful cultivators would be able to withstand this temperature. Ordinary people would die instantly.

The Black Ice Divine Worms were powerful to begin with, let alone that these four had been strengthened from the moment they were still in their eggs. Since then, they had continued to become stronger. And even though their bodies had already matured, their age was still quite young.

All these weren't important. Their powers had already matured, and their condition was at their peak as well. The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal wouldn't affect their lifespans in the outside world.

The huge Black Ice Divine Worms kept on moving about, spewing out snow-white air. These air were great toxins—the Black Ice Cold Poison. These were the Black Ice Divine Worms' essence poison, and even cultivators wouldn't be able to withstand them. Back then, Shen Huang was already very powerful, but she wasn't able to withstand the Black Ice Cold Poison either.

The Black Ice Divine Worm's toxin that Shen Huang had encountered was something that wasn't comparable with the toxins of Qing Shui's Black Ice Divine Worms. The differences were comparable to the distance between heaven and earth. The one that Shen Huang had encountered was already very terrifying, so there was no need to elaborate more on how terrifying Qing Shui's Black Ice Divine Worms were.

Death counts rose in many areas.

With the inclusion of the Black Ice Divine Worms, the situation became a lot easier to handle. There were too many people on the opposing side, but there weren't that many people who had taken part in the battle due to the restrictions of space. Therefore, at this point in time, it was a test of endurance for the Chi Clan.

Endurance wasn't an issue. It was because Qing Shui had already told the people from the Chi Clan, "If you're tired, then head back to get a rest. Come back again after you're rested."

The enemies kept on falling, and the corpses at the bottom had already piled up into a small mountain. The aura of blood filled up the place, but the ice that had frozen up the air kept the bloody scent from spreading around.

The four-eyed black toad still continued to croak. Qing Shui had already transformed the Nine Continents Mountain to its biggest state. However, he was still unable to cause the toad to burst. It seemed that it was impossible for him to kill this huge toad in that manner.

In such a situation where there were too many enemies, it would be best to first kill the person in the lead. Without the leader, the opponent's battle prowess would be greatly affected.

The Wu Clan's head had already been killed by the two ladies, and they were now fighting against the few Wu Clan's Elders or Custodian level experts.

The Demonic Elephant Sect's head was still around. He appeared to have a strong head, and his battle prowess was very strong. Hao Tian and the others were barely able to keep up against him.

Qing Shui got the Dragon Slaying Beast to head over. Right now, the Dragon Slaying Beast wasn't like how it used to be. It should be able to handle the situation right now.


A loud sound rang out, and the four-eyed black toad finally spewed out the Nine Continents Mountain. Then, its huge figure went crashing toward the Nine Continents Mountain. Its huge body was like a black mountain peak and was a lot bigger than that of the Nine Continents Mountain.

A strong gale blew all of a sudden, followed by the aura-like black fog behind it.

Poison fog!

Qing Shui had already used his Area Dominance. The people on the Chi Clan's side was bathed in a hint of snow-white silver light, blocking the black fog outside.


The Nine Continents Mountain was sent flying away. Qing Shui had no idea if the huge toad was trying to destroy the Nine Continents Mountain or just trying to vent its anger.

After sending the Nine Continents Mountain flying, the huge toad's green eyes had now turned slightly red. It now went charging toward Qing Shui, opening its large mouth. A pitch-black liquid poured out toward Qing Shui and his surroundings.

At almost the same time, the huge toad’s arm smashed out toward Qing Shui.

Flying Sword!

Qing Shui didn't dare to be too careless. This huge toad was very strange. Putting up his hand, a golden glow shone, blocking the black liquid out. When the glow came into contact with that liquid, an intense sizzling sound rang out, as if the glowing light was being melted down incessantly.


The Flying Sword cut into the four-eyed toad, but its size was too different from the huge toad's body. It wasn't even comparable to using a needle to poke an adult man. It was like using a needle that was as fine as a strand of cow's hair to poke someone, where not much damage could be dealt.


Qing Shui was stunned to see that he was sent flying by this huge toad.

Earth Thorn!

Qing Shui waved his hand and an Earth Thorn rose up from under the huge toad.


The Earth Thorn was unable to pierce through the huge toad and it shattered immediately. Qing Shui was skilled in the earth element, and he was clear about the Earth Thorn's prowess. This Earth Thorn was many times tougher than high-grade metal. Despite so, it was still not as tough as the huge toad’s physique.


The huge toad cried out angrily as if it was feeling infuriated that it had not knocked this young man to death. It opened its huge mouth, and its large tongue suddenly shot out toward Qing Shui. It was extremely smelly and the viscous liquid dripping from it was of dark gray color. The tongue was several meters long and looked very disgusting. If one were to wrapped in it, even if they weren't dead because of the poison, they would die of disgust.

Suddenly, Qing Shui recalled that he still had the "Exploding Crystals". Without a second thought, he picked up a few of them and tossed them into the large toad's mouth. Feeling that this wasn't enough, he then applied Area Dominance onto its mouth as well.

Area Dominance could negate poison and also had other effects. This four-eyed black toad was of extreme toxic nature and if the toxin was negated, Qing Shui wondered if this would deal some damage to it.

Boom boom...

A loud explosion rang out, causing the huge toad's black body to take on an even darker shade. It kept on croaking furiously as though in great pain. However, Qing Shui realized that its pain wasn't because of the Exploding Crystals but was due to the Area Dominance.

Earlier on, the Nine Continents Mountain had been eaten and gone into its stomach. This meant that the capacity of its mouth and stomach were also very big and strong. Therefore, these Exploding Crystals wouldn't have dealt any harm to it. On the other hand, the Area Dominance had managed to cause it to let out agonizing cries. The pitch black color of its body seemed to have become a little lighter.

This change left Qing Shui stunned for a moment and then he smiled happily. He charged up right to the huge toad, his hands becoming translucent like jade, emitting a holy glow.

Saintly Hands!

Berserk Dragon Fist!

Qing Shui abruptly punched out onto this huge toad's body.

Pa! Pffft!

A sound as if something had burst rang out. Qing Shui looked at the spot he had just hit and was stunned.

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