AST 2314 - Complete Victory, The Divine Buddha Portrait Is the Ancient Drawing of the Divine Realm

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2314 - Complete Victory, The Divine Buddha Portrait Is the Ancient Drawing of the Divine Realm

Pa! Pffft!

A sound as if something had burst rang out. Qing Shui looked at the spot he had hit and was stunned.

Qing Shui looked at the spot he had struck. A small part had caved in, and it was the size of 100 million cubic meters. It was in a bloody state. 

The huge toad's body was very big, but the caved in part wasn't considered small either.

The huge toad let out an agonizing cry. The wound wasn't considered big, but that heart-piercing pain was something that it couldn't bear. It was a pain that went straight down to its bones, as if the pain was going to tear it apart, like the feeling of having a bamboo skewer pierced into one's nails. Its huge body couldn't help but shiver.

It was too painful. This power made the huge toad feel scared. It was an extremely toxic creature, a demonic beast of the darkness element. Its weakness was sacred and purification power. And at this moment, Qing Shui rapidly struck out the Berserk Dragon Fist like a violent storm.

Croak croak...

Agonizing cries rang through the skies, the aftershock blowing away all the clouds. Qing Shui's punches struck the toad's flesh every single time, all aimed at the spot within a range of ten square meters. Right now, he had beaten up the huge toad's body so much that its organs were exposed.

Qing Shui had initially been prepared to use the Stellar Transposition, but he now felt that there wasn't a need for it. He had found a more effective way to fight against the huge toad. Otherwise, with just the Berserk Dragon Fist alone, he wouldn’t be able to beat up the huge toad into such a terrible state.

Croak croak!

The huge toad, which was still letting out agonizing cries, unleashed its black auras. It no longer dared to try to swallow Qing Shui. Its powerful defense that it was so proud of was so weak that it couldn't even take a single blow from this human. The other party's power was something it had the most reservations toward as if it had encountered its natural enemy. 

The huge toad's agonizing cries took the old monk by surprise, and he couldn't help but look toward it. He entered a state of tenterhooks. The huge toad was an existence that the Divine Buddha Sect relied heavily on. How could it possibly be so badly beaten up by a young man?

This moment of distraction caused him to suffer a slash on the arm; a part of his arm had been chopped off by Chi Yang! The old monk felt apprehensive. If the fight were to continue, he would definitely die. At this moment, a strand of spider thread entangled his ankle.

The old monk saw a huge spider, and he slashed out his Diamond Shovel toward the thread.

However, the result stunned him even more than before. To think that his Diamond Shovel didn’t manage to break the spider thread. During the moment of surprise, another strand of spider thread entangled his other ankle.

The old monk was scared out of his wits. He hadn't been that scared earlier because he believed that he would be able to break the spider thread. However, when he discovered that this spider thread was so sturdy, he seemed to have already predicted what his future holds. 

Chi Yang's saber kept slashing downward. He, who had been on the upper hand to begin with, was now able to easily get rid of this old monk. The latter had lost an arm, and both of his legs were restrained. If Chi Yang was still unable to take him down, then it wouldn't be justifiable.

With the leaders dying one after another and the appearance of the four Black Ice Divine Worms that were like massacre machines, many people's will was shattered and thus they started to run. Earlier on, the reason why no one had escaped was due to their pride; they didn't want to be the first one to do so. But now that there were people taking the lead, what were they still waiting for?

The battle continued on for very long and none of the leaders managed to escape. Quite a number of people ran off. After all, there were so many of them, and it was impossible for Qing Shui to pursue every single one of them. About 10% of the gangs were killed and most of them had been killed by the Black Ice Divine Worms.

Even though the Chi Clan had less than 200 people on their side, they managed to kill not less than 10,000 people. They faced over 100,000 opponents but they still won. It was really unbelievable.

Chi Clan had several tens of casualties, but this number could almost be neglected. As long as they didn't die, Qing Shui would be able to save their lives. There weren't that many who had died. All in all, this battle was a great victory for them, and this established a foundation for the Chi Clan in the Eight Desolates City.

Both the Divine Buddha Sect's sect lord and their Guardian Beast had died. The Reverend Human Buddha had also been killed by Qing Shui. The Reverend Human Buddha had used the Golden Shield Talisman to escape previously, but he wasn't as lucky this time around. The Wu Clan was dealt a great damage and regardless if they were wiped out or not, they were no longer capable of being one of the top-notch forces in the Lower Three Region.

The Demonic Elephant Sect was in a similar state. There had been a reshuffle of the forces in the Eight Desolates City. The Chi Clan had become a unique existence, and there were even people who felt that they could be a match for the Divine Rain Sect.

No one knew why someone spread this rumor. Was it just for the sake of comparison or did they actually want to make use of the Divine Rain Sect to get rid of the Chi Clan?

Qing Shui didn't give a lot of thought about this. Regardless of how others see the Divine Rain Sect, he didn't give a damn. He hoped that they wouldn't come to create trouble for him. Otherwise, he wouldn't mind flipping the Divine Rain Sect upside-down.

Chi Yang was feeling very happy now. The Chi Clan could now be said to have gotten their vengeance.

Every member of the Chi Clan offered incense and prayer to their ancestors. At this moment, all of them felt very agitated. Several decades had passed, with them thinking that their Clan was completely annihilated, not capable of having their revenge. How could they possibly not feel agitated now?

This time around Qing Shui once again was elected as a Guardian of a clan—the Chi Clan. Qing Shui wasn't the only one. The two ladies, as well as Hao Tian, had also been given the title of Honorary Elders. Qing Shui was the only one to be given the title of Honorary Guardian.

Qing Shui didn't reject this offer. In the future, the Chi Clan would be a place of lodging when he was in the Lower Three Regions or the Middle Three Regions. He could even help the Chi Clan develop, bringing them into the Middle Three Regions or even the Upper Three Regions. Even if he were to join the Divine Palace in the future or if the Divine Palace were to move over, they could help to take care of each other. 

The corpses were left to the others to clean up, burned if there was a need to. Very soon, the place returned to its peaceful state. However, the Chi Clan’s moment of peace wasn’t long. After a while, quite a number of forces came to pay them a visit. Many major forces of the Eight Desolates City came by, and for most of them, their clan's head had come personally.

Without realizing it, several days passed by. What surprised Qing Shui was that there wasn't any action taken by the Divine Rain Sect. However, quite a number of Chi Clan's branches had returned. A lot of them were from the Chi Clan of old where only the main branch had been killed.

The clan was mainly supported by the people in the main branch, but a great clan or force would still need a lot of manpower to manage their clan. Therefore, there would be many side branches, and these people had slowly returned.

The Chi Clan's businesses were also recovering slowly. Only that the main branch had fewer people now, causing the Chi Clan's manor to appear a little spacious. It would probably take very long for them to regain their original number.

It wasn't an issue for there to be fewer people. As long as they were strong, just a few people would be able to make a stand for themselves. Chi Yang and his wife had gotten a lot stronger, but they still weren't the strongest in the Eight Desolates City. This was unless Qing Shui continued to stay here to reinforce them with his control abilities.

It wouldn't be an issue for Qing Shui to stay for a short while, as Qing Shui would be staying in the Lower Three Regions for the time. But what were they going to do in the future?

Many of the things in the Divine Buddha Sect's and She Clan's treasure chambers had been brought to the Chi Clan, filling up their storage. There were quite a number of good things there. There had also been many things which they had obtained from the battle, including quite a number of good stuff.

One of them was the Divine Buddha Portrait, something which almost caused the Chi Clan’s annihilation. It was now in Qing Shui's hands.

It was a golden color drawing that was on a piece of golden beast hide. It emitted a sacred aura. Although Qing Shui had no idea how long ago this drawing had been created, there was still a very strong aura coming from it. This showed that this beast hide wasn't something simple.

The drawing was one of a big golden Buddha that had an upright posture and appeared awe-inspiring. It was as if the Buddha's body emitted a golden light. The Buddha sat down cross-legged, looking a lot like the Tathāgata [1] from Qing Shui's previous life. The Buddha sat in the air, surrounded by clouds. However, it appeared like a phantom image. Although it was a drawing, one could sense how big the Buddha was. The clouds around the Buddha seemed very small.

This was a drawing that could stabilize one's spirit and realm, like Beihuang Fan's Ancient Drawing of Divine Realm. However, the realm of this "Ancient Drawing of Divine Realm" was higher.



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