AST 2321 - The Divine Rain Sect Isn't Simple, Rain Sword

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2321 - The Divine Rain Sect Isn't Simple, Rain Sword

"I'm really curious. Can you tell me if the Divine Rain Sect is filled with people like you?" Qing Shui asked, puzzled.

The old man's eyes were bright and deep. The fierce flames in his eyes which seemed tangible looked very weird, albeit having the feeling of astonishing power coming from them.

"Lad, you talk too much. Do you really think that just because you can wipe out a few forces like the She Clan, you will be able to dominate over the Eight Desolates Region? What a joke. What a joke indeed. But you're still young. If you're ignorant, then so be it. Only this time, your ignorance has left you with no way out." The old man seemed to say this with great sympathy.

"I know this is something you aren't interested to hear, but you're really not my match. It's really easy for me to kill you. I wonder who will come to take over this mess after I've killed you," asked Qing Shui seriously.

"There's no need for you to worry over this. It's time for you to be on your way."

This time around, the golden-robed old man refrained from talking further. He was afraid that he would be infuriated. He didn't take out any weapons and just made a grabbing motion toward Qing Shui.

The sky changed and dark clouds covered the entire sky. The dark clouds then rapidly turned into seething thunderbolts that shot out toward Qing Shui.

Thunder Palm!

This was the Divine Rain Sect's Thunder Palm. When cultivated to the greatest height, it was able to fill the entire world with powerful thunderbolts. It could then be used to blast the opponents into smithereens.

Boom boom...

Water Screen!

Qing Shui also waved his hand and a huge Water Screen appeared in the sky above him, protecting him. At the same time, the Water Screen extended out directly toward the old man. The thunderbolts in the sky smashed on the Water Screen and then were deflected. Qing Shui had no idea how powerful the thunderbolts were, but he didn't wish to test them out.

Golden Sword!

Qing Shui charged out rapidly and at the same time, a stream of golden sword Qi pierced out toward the old man. It was the Five Elements Golden Sword and the extremely sharp Yang golden sword.

Qing Shui's spirit energy was still very powerful. Moreover, what he learned was the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique and the Five Elements Essence, thus the prowess of this golden sword was still very powerful.


The golden-robed old man's aura suddenly burst out, and the clouds in the sky rapidly gathered there. He moved slightly to dodge the golden sword. By this time, the sky was filled with lightning and thunder—a thunderstorm was about to come very soon!

Even if the thunderstorm were to be many times heavier, Qing Shui would still not feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the golden-robed old man was becoming increasingly powerful in the rain.

The Divine Rain Sect's Rain God's Gift.

It was said in the legends that in the ancient times, the Divine Rain Sect was the force of a god. However, this was merely a legend, as everyone knew that gods in the Nine Continents were just powerful humans. When one was powerful to a certain extent, they would be called gods, thanks to their powers, similar to the ones that legendary gods possessed.

When Qing Shui saw that his opponent was gaining strength, he broke into a smile and threw out an Area Dominance.

His condition was already at its peak.

The golden-robed old man's additional increment in strength was gone by half, and this made the old man feel a little gloomy. He was a bit stunned by this young man's powerful weakening abilities; however, he still didn't think much of Qing Shui. To the old man, Qing Shui's strength wasn't enough to break through his defenses.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

After performing Area Dominance, he then tossed the Buddha Wisdom Seal toward the old man.

A sacred Buddha light surrounded the old man. Although he discovered that this Buddha was just a harmless silhouette, he still put up a block instinctively. Somehow he just felt an uncomfortable feeling from it.

With the weakening effect from both the Divine Weapon Flying Sword and the Buddha Wisdom Seal, the old man's terrifying prowess lost its threat. Right now, even the Mighty Strength Battle God, Chi Yang, or the two ladies would be able to block the old man's attacks easily with their Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, let alone Qing Shui with his terrifying defense.

Berserk Dragon Fist!

Qing Shui didn't dodge and charged straight toward the old man’s fist. When both of them collided together, they were evenly matched and pushed back from the impact.

The current prowess of Qing Shui's attack under the effect the Buddha Wisdom Seal was a little stronger than Chi Yang's, but to think that the old man still had so much power after being weakened by about 50%. 

The Buddha Wisdom Seal could weaken the opponent's ability, but usually they wouldn't be aware of it. The opponent's attacking prowess wouldn’t change, but the damage dealt to others would be reduced by a little.

This old man's strength should be at 2.5 trillion Dao Force or slightly higher.

This fact astonished Qing Shui deeply. To think that an Elder in the Divine Rain Sect had such a high level of ability. How strong were those who were above the Elders in the Divine Rain Sect? What about the Sect Leader? The Guardians? The Divine Rain Sect would definitely have Guardians...

Compared to Qing Shui's astonishment, the golden-robed old man was even more surprised. He looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. He didn't know about Qing Shui's Divine Weapon Flying Sword nor did he knew the ability of Qing Shui's Buddha Wisdom Seal. Therefore, he misunderstood Qing Shui’s strength. He didn’t know that half of his battle prowess had been weakened from the start by Area Dominance.

The old man’s powerful attack was casually blocked by this young man. How could he not be surprised by this?

Qing Shui's surprise was due to Divine Rain Sect's background and powers. It was a good thing that he had become stronger after cultivating with the two ladies. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be that confident when facing this old man purely with his weakening abilities.

He was still depending on them, but at least, he was more reliable now.

After all, Qing Shui used formations and the Battle God Halo to increase his defense by about 80%. In battle, his defense had surpassed four trillion Dao Force.

These were Qing Shui's best traits, and he had actually thought it through very carefully. Considering his powerful defense, as long as he was standing there, the opponent would not dare make a reckless move. Qing Shui felt that he could hold his ground like this. This was also why he dared to lay a hand on the Divine Rain Sect.

Qing Shui's Battle God Halo and formations could provide quite a large amount of strengthening for him. The formations could only boost one of his basic abilities, but after it mutated, it was applicable for all abilities. For Example: In the past, it could increase either attacks, defense, or speed by 30%. But after its upgrade, it increased 40% of all abilities.

Formations' effects were singular and passive. They directly increased abilities in Qing Shui's body and were applicable to a certain area, similar to the Battle God Halo. Battle formations needed to be controlled by people and were very versatile, affected by the Formation Eye Stones.

The Battle God Halo and the formation that Qing Shui had on him weren't affected by Formation Eye Stones, but Qing Shui was satisfied. If the Formation Eye Stones could also increase their effects, it would be too heaven-defying. Of course, if the effects could really be increased, Qing Shui wouldn't care if this was heaven-defying or not. He would only feel happier.

Qing Shui naturally used all his defense-upgrading formations and the Battle God Halo.

Right now, the golden-robed old man was covered in an area of rain, but there was not a single drop of water on him. He had calmed down by then. He put out his hand once again, and a sword appeared from the rain. It was a sword condensed from rainwater; it was shiny, translucent, while emitting a silvery-white glow and an intense blood-thirsty aura.

"Young man, try out this Rain Essence Sword!"

After saying this, the golden-robed old man slashed with this brilliant Rain Sword toward Qing Shui. He wasn't very fast, but wherever he passed by, a large amount of rain would gather around his sword. It was as if this Rain Essence Sword had directly absorbed the heavy rain that was coming down from the sky.

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