AST 2322 - Terrifying Stellar Transposition

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2322 - Terrifying Stellar Transposition

The prowess of this sword was very strong, but Qing Shui did not care too much about it. In the meantime, the Rain Sword’s aura was getting increasingly sharp, and Qing Shui felt as though he had been locked in place by it.


This sword smashed onto Qing Shui but didn't break through his defense. As a response, Qing Shui raised his hand and struck him with a Stellar Transposition.


With the reinforcement of his powerful defense, the Stellar Transposition struck the old man, and its terrifying power caused the old man to explode directly.

Without him realizing it, his Stellar Transposition had already become this terrifying. After all, it had an attacking prowess that surpassed four trillion Dao Force, and it could neglect the opponent's defense. Even if the old man gave his all to block the skill, he would still explode in vain.

This abrupt outcome froze the battlefield, causing everyone around it to fall into a state of silence. They looked over in disbelief—the old man was killed just like that! This person was a powerful Elder from the Divine Rain Sect. It was unbelievable that he had been done in so easily.

Of course, the most astonished one had to be Chi Yang. His mouth was wide open to the extent that an egg could fit inside. He still couldn't believe that his powerful and omnipotent Master had been killed just like that.

However, Chi Yang wasn't the only dumbfounded person around. The people from the Chi Clan were also extremely surprised. As for the people who had come along with the golden robed old man, others could practically see their unhinged jaws, dropped. They had always been the side to beat up others. When had they been so easily defeated by others? Moreover, the person crushed was a powerful Elder to boot. 

Qing Shui seemed as if he had done something that wasn't worth mentioning and then clapped his hands. "I'm giving you guys a chance. Scram. Otherwise, all of you can just stay here forever."

Everyone from the Divine Rain Sect wore strange expressions. They had never been scolded or bullied like this before by outsiders, especially when there were so many of them together.

At the very least, they felt that they were being bullied.

"Alright, I'll count to three. If you don't leave, then I'll just start killing!" Qing Shui said calmly.

These people were in a huge dilemma; they were very proud and if they were to leave now, they would bring humiliation to the Divine Rain Sect. However, if they didn't leave, they might really be killed.




No one knew who took the lead to escape, but when someone did, everyone else started fleeing for their lives. And before Qing Shui made the third count, all of them had escaped. Someone even shouted, "Run quickly! Go back and report this!"

"He is a devil! Elder Ye has been killed!"

"Someone dared to kill an Elder from the Divine Rain Sect!"


"To think that they won against the people from the Divine Rain Sect. Moreover, it’s a group led by an Elder," exclaimed a guy.

"This time around, the results might really be unpredictable. How great of a wave can this young man bring?"

"This is hard to say. No one can offend the Divine Rain Sect. No matter who is in the right or wrong, the Divine Rain Sect won't let this be. Otherwise, their reputation will be greatly affected."


The Divine Rain Sect left and the people from the Chi Clan were extremely happy. They managed to send the Divine Rain Sect off without suffering any losses. Moreover, the Elder who led the group had been crushed like an ant in front of their manor. If it were in the past, this Elder would have been able to wipe out the entire Chi Clan.

In the past, Chi Yang's strength had only been at one trillion Dao Force, and this Elder had been over two times stronger than him. Just comparing those facts, they realized that the disparity between the two forces was very big.

Therefore, with the Chi Clan's strength, they wouldn't be able to fend off this Elder.

But right now, an Elder of the Divine Rain Sect had been nicely wiped out by Qing Shui, an instant kill at that. This impact was immense and filled many people within the Chi Clan with confidence. Right now, even if someone were to say that Qing Shui could wipe out the Divine Rain Sect, they would believe it.

Qing Shui also knew that things had come down to a crucial moment. The next time the Divine Rain Sect came, they would definitely crush them with their elites. Only after getting through that would things be considered over, and they would be able to invite Chi Ao and Chi Feng to come around. If the Chi Clan could get the two of them to acknowledge their roots, in the future, they could definitely help the Chi Clan in getting back to their previous glory.

The Chi Clan knew that their next battle would be their hardest ever. But their confidence in Qing Shui was overwhelming!

After returning to his small courtyard, he could see the two ladies having their tea session in one of the pavilions.

Looking at this scene, Qing Shui was relieved. He could hear their waves of laughter and see them chatting; they were getting along well. They sat across each other, and there was a teapot with two cups on the stone table. It was just like a normal tea time; they were leisurely drinking tea and chatting.

Seeing Qing Shui’s arrival, both ladies blushed unconsciously. After all, the bewitching ‘accident’ last night made them feel a little at loss, but there was also an indescribable sweetness in it.

Qing Shui also felt extremely satisfied. He sat between the two ladies, took out a teacup and poured himself a drink. "What are you guys talking about? You look so happy!"

With a naughty grin on her lips, Beihuang Fan answered, "Elder Sister says that she would like to have a son!" 

"Younger Sister, you're too bad." Shen Huang chided in, obviously feeling embarrassed.

"We'll work hard on this. If we don't get one after one try, we'll try a second time. There's no hurry!" Qing Shui chuckled.

"Ahh, you rascal! You're the one who's in a hurry!" Shen Huang felt both embarrassed and angry.

"Alright, alright. I'm the one who is anxious." Qing Shui grinned.


Peaceful days followed and right then, the Chi Clan felt that they were very influential. There were not that many people who associated themselves with the Chi Clan at the moment. After all, the Chi Clan had yet to really tide through this danger. No one was willing to take the risk.

Of course, there were still people who weren't afraid of death. No one knew if these people decided to gamble on the Chi Clan being able to tide through this problem or if there were some other reasons.

Furthermore, Qing Shui had sent people to collect more information around the Eight Desolates City. He wanted to see if there were any news of the Divine Palace and the Demon Gate.

After receiving the intelligence, he realized that the two parties really did exist in the Eight Desolates City. However, they were a little rundown and could only be considered as weak forces. They weren't that significant, but Qing Shui still decided to make a trip there. If he encountered suitable people, he would try to get them on his side and strengthen his Divine Palace.

The local Demon Gate was on the same level as the Divine Palace, and they were still on opposing sides. It seemed that wherever there were Divine Palaces, Demon Gates would exist. Moreover, as long as both sides were in the same place, their power would be at the same level.

This was a kind of balance. Otherwise, one side would have destroyed the other.

From the information that the Chi Clan obtained, Qing Shui found out about the location of the Divine Palace. Luckily, it was also located in the Eight Desolates City, so the journey didn’t take that long. Seeing their manors now, Qing Shui understood the reason why the Divine Palace here was only considered a second-rate force. Even in terms of their building structure, they were still a notch lower than a force like the Chi Clan.

"Who are you?! This is the Divine Palace!" said a man as he stopped Qing Shui at the entrance.

"Go and tell your Palace Lord that a friend has come," said Qing Shui after giving it some thought.

Qing Shui had only said this casually but felt that the other party might not necessarily go to report his arrival. However, he was wrong this time as the other party replied, "Alright, please hold on for a moment."

There were only two guards guarding the entrance, and their strengths were mediocre, being only Xiantian cultivators. Although it was already considered a great deal to be able to use Xiantian cultivators as guards, this was the Eight Desolates City and it was still a far cry from existences at the She Clan’s or Wu Clan's level. They weren't even comparable to the previous Chi Clan.

That man quickly returned, with three people following behind him. The person in the lead had a violet complexion. With his thick brows, round eyes, and big nose, he appeared like a slightly ugly middle-aged man.

To think that he was a Battle God with the Violet Golden Bloodline—the Violet Battle God.

And as for the two men behind him, one of them was thin and tall with a height of about 2.5 meters. He wore loosely-fitted clothes, and the way he walked made him appear like he was slithering around. Surprisingly, Qing Shui’s eyes shone like the stars when he saw the thin, tall guy.

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