AST 2327 A Whip, Eldest Mistress in the Divine Rain Sect

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2327 – A Whip, Eldest Mistress in the Divine Rain Sect

Eventually, Qing Shui stopped only after he could barely contend against it. He was incomparably satisfied by this result; he could hardly counter it even with his strongest defense and offense. This showed just how powerful the Divine Battle Puppet was. If he complemented it with the Battle God Halo and formations, how great would the power be?

Yuchi Ding from the Divine Rain Sect returned in less than three days and brought along the remaining items. He took out the unique and strange items for Qing Shui to choose. There was a huge variety of items though most of it was useless. However, there was a decent range of choice.

There was a whip. It looked like a pole, boring and gray in appearance. You couldn’t tell what was amazing about it by just a glance, but there was a subtle overbearing pressure to it. While subtle, it could still be felt if one paid enough attention.

“This item is already resilient and sturdy. I saw that you were alright with the puppet from before, how do you feel about this?” Yuchi Ding said with a smile.

“Let’s count this one, then. However, I didn’t find any treasures that I like among the others. I suggest you bring out the valuable stuff for the next three. You can’t possibly use all of these to make up the number!” That was what Qing Shui said, however, he knew that he had earned much from this. The Divine Battle Puppet was stronger than even ten Divine Artifacts.

Yuchi Ding laughed awkwardly before bringing out a few weapons, armors, and other stuff. Qing Shui had Chi Yang, Massacre Battle God, and Mighty Spear Battle God choose one each.

Mighty Spear Battle God and Massacre Battle God each chose a weapon while Chi Yang took a set of armor.

These were all Divine Artifacts. Their grade wasn’t as strong as one would imagine, but they should be stronger than the others. They held a mystical power and could be considered a premium batch of items.

These items could increase their combat powers by a great amount. Take Massacre Battle God and Mighty Spear Battle God for example, with an additional weapon, their attack powers were much stronger than before. How terrifying was it to be able to increase even further at this level?

Since the incident had concluded, Qing Shui suggested taking a trip down to the Divine Rain Sect. Yuchi Ding had naturally welcomed his presence and just like that, he followed him back to the Divine Rain Sect.

And while he was at it, Qing Shui didn’t feel bad taking the decent items from the Divine Rain Sect either.


This was where the Divine Rain Sect was located, within a land of a fantasy-looking forest. It was decorated with rainbow colored trees; a mystical halo could be seen surrounding each of them. There were also several fruit trees. These trees were upright and strong yet pleasant looking. They held a hint of ancient aura.

Drizzles of rain filled this place endlessly. However, it was difficult to drench your clothing in this rain, and the air was fresh. There was a clear and wide pathway in the rainforest, paved by cobblestone-like materials. However, it was wide enough for carriages to go through.

Following the pathway, they advanced forward. It was a winding route, as though it went through different worlds; every turn presented them with a different type of tree. It felt like the change of seasons.

From afar, he could see a building in the rain. The buildings here were made of multi-colored bamboos among the forest of bamboos. It was elegant and grand.

At the sight of the building, Qing Shui wondered how much deeper did it extend into. Only when they arrived did he realize that the drizzle had stopped and the sun had brightly illuminated the area. The place was bustling, crowded with people who were wearing cloudrain attire. It was well-equipped with stores and restaurants, just like a small world on its own.

“This is our Divine Rain Sect!” Yuchi Ding announced with a smile.

“This place is pretty good. Are all these people from the Divine Rain Sect? There are so many of them!” Qing Shui observed their surroundings, noting that they looked like regular folk.

“This place belongs to the Divine Rain Sect. You’ll see a lot of common people. They are the descendants of our Divine Rain Sect. This is just the external gate; they can only pass through the inner gates if they pass the assessment.”

“Oh. I’d like to take a look at the inner gates, I wonder if that’s convenient?” Qing Shui asked.

“Sure. There’s nothing inconvenient about that.” With that, Yuchi Ding led Qing Shui forward.

The bustling area was about the size of a town in his previous life, about a few dozen miles in perimeter with tens of thousands of people around. This was considered small in Nine Continents; tiny in fact.

About a few hundred miles in, and in no time at all, they reached their destination by foot.

The people here were all strong warriors. There were fewer in numbers than the people out there; however, the buildings were grander and bigger. They were also more thinly spread out.

“Custodian Yuchi!” Two Divine Rain Sect disciples saluted with their waist bent.

Yuchi Ding nodded his head and then led Qing Shui inside.

“Eldest Mistress Bu!” Qing Shui was surprised by the woman in front of him. She was none other than Eldest Mistress Bu.

She had a slim waist and perky butt. Even though she wasn’t as beautiful as Shen Huang or Beihuang Fan, the woman’s mannerism was quite unique and magnetizing. At the sight of Qing Shui, she broke into a smile. “We meet again, Mister. Hello, Custodian Yuchi!”

“You know Mister Qing!” Yuchi Ding exclaimed.

“We met once!”

“Eldest Mistress Bu is a member of the Divine Rain Sect?” Qing Shui looked at the woman who was clad in a snow-white cloudrain attire, giving her an additional, inexplicable gracefulness.

“Hm, I am!”

“I’m here to have a look at the Divine Rain Sect. Does Eldest Mistress Bu want to accompany us?” Qing Shui felt sorry towards her. After all, Wu Xingyun had passed away.

“Sure!” She looked over at Yuchi Ding before nodding her head.

“I’m very sorry!” Qing Shui whispered.

“Your words are too heavy, Mister. This is not your fault. I know that it was the work of the She Clan with intention of pinning the blame on you.” Eldest Mistress Bu shook her head.

“I heard that there seemed to be some discord between the Bu Clan and the Wu Clan.” Qing Shui smiled and added.

“Mister, the Wu Clan has been annihilated, and I don’t wish to speak further about it. Let us leave the past behind, is that alright?” She shook her head once more.

Qing Shui nodded his head. “Alright!”

Eldest Mistress Bu was just a normal disciple in the Divine Rain Sect, and her master wasn’t considered an elder here. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been engaged to Wu Xingyun. She didn’t like Wu Xingyun, but the Wu Clan was much stronger than her Bu Clan. If Wu Xingyun wasn’t Elder Ye’s disciple, then just by the fact that Eldest Mistress Bu was a part of the Divine Rain Sect would deter them from provoking the Bu Clan.

However, not only had the Wu Clan bullied the Bu Clan, but Wu Xingyun also had his master suggesting their marriage to her master. And the reason why Eldest Mistress Bu hated Wu Xingyun was because a cousin of the Bu Clan was killed off after being toyed by Wu Xingyun, and he was planning on making a move on her as well.

Wu Xingyun’s strength wasn’t that different from Eldest Mistress Bu. However, she knew of his character; he wore a human appearance but was as malicious as a beast. He could do anything and was a sick pervert. Hence, she had thought of many ways around it. When she saw Qing Shui, she felt that perhaps he would be able to help her.

That was why she had arranged Wu Tianchou’s death, yet she didn’t expect for the Wu Clan to perish in the end. Wu Xingyun was also dead, but even she didn’t expect him to be killed by members of the She Clan.

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