AST 2328 Ugly Woman? A Person Shouldn’t Be This Devious!

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2328 – Ugly Woman? A Person Shouldn’t Be This Devious!

Qing Shui didn’t know about what Miss Bu had done and neither did she plan to divulge the details. The Wu Clan had been annihilated and she felt it was deserved. However, she knew that in this world, if a beautiful woman couldn’t be strong enough, then they would need someone who was. This way, they would be able to live life as they willed.

Her abilities were decent, but there were many who were much stronger than her. Wu Xingyun was gone from this world, and as his fiancée, she would be affected by this even if they weren’t married yet. She reckoned that there were people who planned to make their moves on her soon…

Miss Bu’s master didn’t hold a high position in the Divine Rain Sect, and to make things worse, the Bu Clan was very reliant on her…

“Mister Qing, may I know why you’re here at our Divine Rain Sect?” Miss Bu asked with a smile.

“I’m Qing Shui, do address me by my name, Miss Bu.” Qing Shui spoke up after some thought.

“Brother Shui! You should be a few years older than me. My name is Bu Feiyan.” Miss Bu had a tendency of seizing an opportunity to gain an advantage.

Qing Shui was startled by this. Addressing him as Brother Shui reminded him of Dongfang Zhiqiu. She was a beautiful and unique woman with an imposing aura. It wasn’t long before they parted ways though. There are many people whom you’d interact with in this world, but some were mere passersby in the end. Some interactions were longer than others, and the only people who would walk with you until the end of the journey were some family members and true friends.

“What a great name. Come visit me at the Chi Clan when you’re free, I’ll be there for a while. Let me introduce my wives to you. If you need my help in the future, I’ll be sure to help in any way I can.” The reason why Qing Shui felt as if he owed her was because his name was tagged to Wu Xingyun’s death. Regardless of whether Wu Xingyun was good or evil, even if Qing Shui wasn’t the one who killed him, he still had his own reasons in wanting to compensate Bu Feiyan.

“Then, this little sister thanks Brother Shui.” With a gentle chuckle, she nodded. She had reaped many benefits today—Qing Shui was well-known now; forming relations with him would deter others from harming her.

At this moment, Yuchi Ding held out a pass for her. “Let’s go. Let’s head over to the Divine Rain Sect!”

Bu Feiyan’s heart leaped as she held onto the pass. “Thank you, Custodian Yuchi. I’ll look for you when I have time, Brother Shui!”

Qing Shui nodded and Bu Feiyan left. That silhouette of hers was beautiful as it swayed gently. There was an inexplicable subtle feeling which seemed to arouse him. It was subtle but clear.

“Why? Do you have your sights set on our Divine Rain Sect’s beauty?” Yuchi Ding laughed.

“It’s just a feeling.” Qing Shui neither admitted nor denied it.

“Your two wives are obviously much prettier than Bu Feiyan. Hehe, you really do have great luck with women.” Yuchi Ding grew casual with Qing Shui once they were better acquainted.

“I wish to meet your Sect Leader, will that be possible?” Qing Shui asked after some thought.

“The Sect Leader is in seclusion and hasn’t appeared for a while. Our Vice Sect Leader is around though, would you be interested in meeting?” Yuchi Ding replied.

“I’ll have to trouble you then!” Qing Shui knew that their Vice Sect Leader must have been the person who made the decision about everything that had happened. It was also this person who agreed to his unreasonable request and allowed Qing Shui to obtain such great items.

Qing Shui wanted to meet them; he wanted to meet the highest position in the Divine Rain Sect who saw through this incident. If their Sect Leader was in seclusion, then their decision maker must have been the Vice Sect Leader.

Traversing through the rainforest, they arrived at a unique bamboo building. It was purple in color and not that tall in height; about the same as its surrounding buildings, but it exuded an exceptional aura.

“Please head in, my Lords!”

There was a guard on the ground floor of the building. He had gone up to report their visit and came back down.

Yuchi Ding led Qing Shui into the building. There was a pleasant and faint, refreshing scent of bamboo in the air. The vastness of the building could only be seen when they entered; it looked different from its exterior.

The flooring looked similar to high-quality wooden materials from his previous life, and the walls were like wallpaper. The room was decorated with antique-looking items; there was a wooden table, several stools, and they all looked exquisite.

There was an alluring woman in the room. Qing Shui noticed her slender legs first, followed by her round butt, and her thin waist. However, he noticed her face soon. It was a terrifying face…

Scars haphazardly littered her face, from her cheeks, chin, to the area behind her ears, making her look exceptionally sinister. These scars avoided both of her eyes, making it apparent that this was deliberately inflicted by another.

Just by her figure, no one would expect her to be ugly. However, there wouldn’t be many who would have the courage to look up for an elongated period of time.

“Sit!” The woman spoke up.

Her voice was pleasant to the ears. It was a tad raspy but still nice. She had a mild temper. Qing Shui could understand that it was difficult enough for women like her to remain undistorted in the psychological sense.

“Thanks!” Qing Shui’s facial expression didn’t shift from seeing her face. He didn’t show any contempt, discrimination, or surprise. This, on the contrary, shocked the woman. This was a first.

Her face was sliced by a unique weapon, mixed with equally unique venom which penetrated through the skin. Even miracle pills wouldn’t help with the removal of scars. Otherwise, with the mystical elements of this world, she would be able to remove them at her level.

She had tried to counter the toxin as well, but seeing as it was used in conjunction with a unique weapon, it was an almost impossible feat to figure out what toxin it was.

Hence, she had given up on healing it.

“Mister Qing, you’re one who engaged in major happenings. While the Divine Rain Sect isn’t a top-tier clan, we still have quite a number of members. With these numbers, it was inevitable to have scoundrels in its midst. Even though he received his deserving punishment, I wonder if Mister Qing still isn’t willing to let it go?” The woman spoke gently.

“Your words are too severe, my Lady. I was just visiting. I hope the Divine Rain Sect will cease placing the Chi Clan in a difficult position in the future.”

“No one would dare do so with you around, what are you worried about?”

“I couldn’t possibly stay at the Chi Clan forever. It’s easy to dodge an open attack than prevent a sly move. There are some who love these scheming games like getting others to do their dirty work. Even if they could be annihilated, their deaths would have no meaning if tragedy strikes again.”

“I understand now. If you are willing to trust me, I can help you to look after the Chi Clan. I can still do that in the Lower Three Regions,” replied the woman.

“I can rest assured after hearing your words. How should I thank you for your help?” Qing Shui wondered seriously.

“There’s no need. There’s nothing I need and I don’t like accepting gifts from others.” The woman responded calmly.

“Your body has been poisoned. Why don’t I find a way to repel the poison as gratitude?” Qing Shui suggested.

“Thank you for your good intentions, but I’m used to this. There’s no need for that.” The woman shook her head, not revealing any signs of being persuaded.

Qing Shui didn’t expect the woman to be this calm. He expected her to be a lot more agitated by his offer. However, after some thought, he understood. While he was confident, she didn’t mirror the same confidence in him. Even so, he didn’t dare to guarantee that he could help before diagnosing either. Since the woman rejected him, he didn’t insist on it either. Although he would be able to identify the toxin with the use of Heavenly Vision Technique, he didn’t. One shouldn’t be this devious…

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